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  1. Brett, I sincerely thank you for your work as moderator and your dedication to FMCA. I wanted to be done with this subject, and didn't even look at the forums yesterday. Unfortunately, I decided to check in this morning. I cannot let your above statement stand without responding. I ABSOLUTLEY DID NOT MOVE THIS DISCUSSION AND THE CURRENT TITLE WAS NOT GENERATED BY ME! If you will go to my post above, you will see that I objected to the changing of the title and moving of the discussion. The topic I started was titled "Verizon data plan", and was located in the Internet To Go forum. I do not know who made the changes, but IT WAS NOT ME. Furthermore, I did not use any expeltives in any of my posts. I want to be done with this, but I worry what other untruths will be said here. I would humbly suggest that if a topic is moved in good faith, a message should be left in the original location indicating such move. Thank you.
  2. I am about ready to give up on this, but.... The topic I started last Friday on the Verizon data plan, in this "RV Internet" forum was moved (or merged, as Brett says) to the General Forum. The description for the General Forum is "If you can't find a place for your motorhoming-related comment elsewhere on the forums, then this is the place to post it." Seems like this is the more appropriate place????
  3. BINGO x 2!!! Throw in the Verizon Data Plan fiasco, and I think there will be a lot of members becoming former members.
  4. Brett, Perhaps you are right. There are possibly 5 posts in the NEWER topic that were not in my older topic. (I wasn't online the entire day, so it is hard for me to tell, at this point) So, PERHAPS they merged the older topic in with the newer topic, because they liked the title of the newer topic better. Hopefully the folks posting in the NEWER topic will read it through to become more familiar with what has happened. I appreciate your information. The FMCA management should appreciate your unfailing support.
  5. For those that have not been following this discussion: I started this topic over on the "RV Internet to Go/Staying in Touch" forum, after an existing topic there was closed to further discussion. Today, they moved this discussion to this forum (with no notice or link), and renamed it. I take exception to the renaming, as it is misleading at the very least. We will most likely never be told all of the facts, but it is very likely that Verizon pulled out of this agreement due to FMCA selling memberships and data plans to anyone who called, whether they owned a motorhome or RV or not. If it was really a "test plan" or "soft launch" why sell the plans to non-members calling in, before it was even offered to the vast majority of their loyal membership? It would have been a GREAT benefit for legitimate FMCA members. I am very disappointed in the actions of the FMCA, and my membership of 35 years is likely coming to an end.
  6. Elkhartjim, you posted while I was typing. Thanks for that information!!!! I am not a blind supporter of Verizon, even though I have been a customer pretty much as long as they have been in the cellular business. I think the new title to MY TOPIC is misleading, at the very best. I resent the moving and renaming of this topic. FMCA doesn't seem to know when to stop digging.
  7. Brett, I am not talking about posts missing. I am talking about an entire TOPIC of 4 pages REMOVED from this very forum. You posted in the topic a time or two. Now the entire TOPIC is gone. The link I provided worked this morning. I don't care about a list of my posts. The TOPIC IS GONE, so others cannot read or comment. I see that DeeCee confirms what I am saying. Others will chime in, IF THIS TOPIC is not closed or deleted. This reflects very poorly on the FMCA. Please understand, I have no gripe with you personally.
  8. Brett, The entire topic has been removed from the forum. Here is a link to where it used to be: http://community.fmca.com/topic/10974-verizon-data-plan/ I sincerely hope I am wrong about this, but it is not on MY computer.
  9. I just went to check on the topic I started a few days ago on the Verizon Data Plan. I started that topic after the other topic had been closed. Now I find that the second topic has been removed from the forum. Here is a link to where the topic USED to be: http://community.fmca.com/topic/10974-verizon-data-plan/ I am very disappointed in this organization. They will get no more money from me.
  10. Herman, I wish I had your confidence that it will be worked out. I would say the chances of that are slim and none. Us lowly members will never know the terms of the agreement between FMCA and Verizon. We can be pretty darn certain that this agreement was predicated on FMCA (as a non-profit organization) selling data plans to members. And to be a member, you MUST own a motorcoach. Did FMCA make a good faith effort to comply with that? NO! I personally know someone who joined and signed up for the data plan, but does not own a motorcoach. This is done. I will get over it. I have had data service from Verizon for about as many years as it has been available. I would have liked to have had this excellent deal, but FMCA's greed and/or incompetence ruined it for their legitimate members.
  11. Thanks Larry. And your position at FMCA is what, exactly? That might be a good thing to put in your signature. Of course, FMCA is blameless in this. It is that evil Verizon to blame. (That was sarcasm) I am only about 99.5% sure that Verizon pulled the plug because FMCA was selling memberships and data plans to anyone who called in with a credit card number. Will FMCA ever admit that they messed up big time? Probably not. This is disgraceful. But, I see that there are a few FMCA fanboys aboard who can see that FMCA does nothing wrong. "Just wait, everything will be fine." What I see, is my membership of 35 years coming to an end. They have nothing of substance to offer me any longer. This disgraceful display of incompetent management just sealed the deal.
  12. I just now received this email from Chris Smith. I assume it is a canned response from submitting my info online a few days ago. Anyone else get this? Dear Thomas, Thank you for your interest in our newest FMCA member benefit, unlimited “on the go” internet access at a member-only price. Response has been overwhelming! We have your request and will be contacting you next week. Thanks for your patience. Regards, Chris Smith Executive Director / CFO
  13. Bill, I think you are right about Verizon pulling the plug. In fact, I wonder if Verizon didn't already pull the plug, once FMCA started selling the plan to anyone with a pulse and $104. I figure there is about a 60% chance this thing is already dead. I hope I am wrong. It would have been a great benefit, and a reason for me to maintain my FMCA membership.
  14. I think we are in agreement. I did not mean that these are "normal circumstances". Quite the opposite actually. This data plan is obviously a very desirable benefit. Again, the point remains that if this was supposed to be a "soft launch", why were they signing up new members and putting them on the data plan, ahead of existing loyal, long term members? It just seems completely obvious to me that you should take care of existing members first. I guess FMCA management doesn't see it that way. If this was an intentional decision to increase membership, I don't think they were counting on the backlash they will receive from existing members. I have had mobile internet from Verizon, in various forms, for many years. Missing out on this deal is NOT the end of the world for me. I just don't like being screwed by an organization I have been a member of for 35 years. As an aside, I just read all the pages of the current topic on allowing towables into FMCA. It gave me a lot to think about. Mostly about what am I getting out of my membership? The answer is, not much. I renew year after year, mostly from habit, and partly because of the magazine. I might be better off spending that $50 on 20 gallons of diesel fuel.
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