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  1. Wonderful to hear there is a Veteran's Chapter organized. Now, how do I go about joining this chapter? I was unable to attend Albuquerque rally and Oregon in August is also doubtful. However, when my wife (Joy) and I begin fulltiming (within 6 months hopefully) we will try to attend these regularly. Jimmie Teet FMCA 413237 SMSgt, USAF (Ret. Aug 1989)
  2. Hello all, Just want to warn/let everyone know what we've learned the hard way -- VuQube 1000 (and 2000) will NOT work with any DVR ... only with a receiver/tuner! We switched from DirecTV (too much hassle and fighting over bills/contract terms) and went to Dish, using multiple DVRs so we take one on the road when we travel. Although we were not told when we purchased a VuQube 1000, you need to know it won't give you anything if you try to connect one through a DVR. We just sold ours to a trucker and are researching just what system to go with now. PS: our 2000 Georgie Boy CruiseMaster has a manual dish satellite receiver built in, but I don't want to spend all day trying to align satellites manually -- -- so we're still looking for a replacement. I have been told the carryout Wineguard satellite receiver also will NOT work with a DVR receiver, so if anyone has real experience with this, we would appreciate your input as well. Jim and Joy Teet
  3. Really appreciate the references ... however, too bad these types of presentations can't be recorded and sold/rented at a reasonable cost to members who are unable to view these seminars live. I sure wouldn't mind paying $5-$? for a DVD of such items. Could there be a possibility of such an addition to FMCA programs in the future? I know there are many production companies that would take or record a master copy and willing to provide copies at a reasonable cost -- usually around $6 a copy. Or perhaps FMCA might set up a library to rent/sell DVD's of seminars in the future? Just wondering ... Jim Teet New Member #413237
  4. Hello. I just purchased a 2000 Georgie Boy Cruise Master with CAT 300 HP turbo (3126B) and Allison MD3000MH transmission. This is my first diesel pusher, so I am a real newbie, and hoping to enter full-time cruising within the next six to 12 months. I drove it home and got the engine ID # off the engine plate (6510262303 00D04 T103). However, I can't find any Ser# prefix and am wondering if there is one, and where it would be located? Also, there are two VINs on this unit - what is the second one for? I can find no paperwork showing complete maintenance records (odometer reading is 44,500 miles), and want to get all service done at a Freightliner center for 45K miles, and probably include new belts, hoses, etc. Can someone give me a reasonable expectation for the cost of this type of service? Also, the steering wheel is aligned off-center about 45 degrees, and there appears to be about 1/4-3/8 vertical play in it. Any advice on how to align the wheel and eliminate this up/down slack in the steering wheel? Thanks for your patience and suggestions everyone. Jim Teet
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