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    We have a new-to-us GMC Acadia 2010 to pull our 3800 pound Coachman travel trailer. The car overheats, occasionally when not trailing and frequently when we are. We live in South Florida and just completed a trip to Portland, OR so there was a bit of climbing and hot weather involved. I drained/flushed the cooling system, thermometer checked the cooling and thermostat, and checked the fans and cooling relays. All seems in order. Attached is the build list showing the options on our two-equipped. Everything seems to be there as needed. A call to GM customer service says, "you are the only one with this problem." When we visited our local GM dealership, the mechanic pointed out that the 2011 ad 2013 Acadias have much larger grills - and our car was re-styled to reduce the grill - and clearly cause the overheating He suggested either "buy a Ford" or cut holes in the grill and pointed us to this photo that, according to the mechanic, was at one time recommended by GM. Before I cut up my grill/bumper, do you have any other suggestions? The car cools OK if I stay below 35 mph and manually shift down to second or third. Thanks for the help. /Stu GMC Bumper.pdf
  2. We have signed up for a Maritime Provinces rally in June. Our RV is insured for the trip, but we are not. Since we are on Medicare, our insurance effectively stops at the border. While FMCA offers insurance to bring out "mortal remains" home to the US and to assist in medical evacuation. we are curious: What medical insurance do you purchase for use in Canada? Thank you
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