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  1. Thank you all for your insight. I was browsing the forum and came across a post with a link to Tireman's blog and we are going to go with his ingenious plan. We bought 2 of the same Michelins (thru the FMCA Michelin program), will put those on the front today, move the 2 fronts to the back and then next year buy 2 more for the front, and then in 2021 buy 2 more. That way our newest tires will always be the front steer tires. We are doing this because the michelin dealer agreed that the tires are still in good shape (except for the blown one - maybe a defective tire?) and all of our tires are the same size. Thanks again to all those who responded. Happy holidays.
  2. I called yesterday and got thru immediately.
  3. All great points. Thanks for your response.
  4. Have a 40' 2006 Tiffin Allegro Bus & do about 7500 miles a year. We bought all brand new Michelin 275/80 R22.5 XZA3 tires thru FMCA program in 2014 (manufacture date on tires is 3613). Coming home from a short weekend trip yesterday, had a random blowout on the back left INNER tire - never hit anything on the road at all but it sounded like a gunshot! Came apart and destroyed the electrical compartment that's behind the tires, wheel-well damage (insulation, leveler wiring etc.). Still don't know if we are going file an insurance claim or pay out of pocket to get the electrical box rebuilt - the husband can handle the wiring, insulation etc. What we are trying to decide is what to do about the tire. The rest of them look like they are in great shape, not cracked, they are always covered, pressure checked before every trip etc.. Do we replace just that one and run them for a couple more years? Do we buy 2 new front steer tires and put one of the old ones on the back left inner? Or do we buy 6 new tires and be done with it? From the recent posts in this forum, it looks like there is quite a bit of backlash against michelin because of the cost and premature lifespan - seems like they are not lasting like they used to perhaps? Some of you have had great results with Hankooks it seems. I also read from your posts that the BFGs (michelin-made?) are a better tire at a lower cost. If you guys were in our shoes, what would you do and if you did replace your michelin 275/80R22.5 XZA3 tires, what did u replace them with (some of the manufacturers have multiple models of the same tire size so please be specific. Thanks in advance.
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