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  1. Thanks, Herman. Will follow-up with FMCA and relay our experience to them. We contacted every dealer FMCA recommended through their tire buying process to no avail including the Continental Rep who was non-responsive. We totally agree FMCA membership services should be made aware of our experience. It's unfortunate but appears to be a Continental thing. Other local FMCA members/aquaintences have had much more success buying Michelin Tires.
  2. The Continental Tire Buying Program was a huge membership benefit failure. Followed the exact procedure on the FMCA site, was recommended to specific tire shops with no success and finally was recommended to the "Continental Rep" who never returned our call. Heard this works really well for Michelin Tires but Continental failed big time! FMCA needs to readdress this business relationship before touting it as a benefit.
  3. Regarding FREE KOA Membership, if you have an existing KOA Value Kard membership you need to let it expire before you can take advantage of this FMCA benefit. It's for NEW Value Kard Members ONLY as stated on the disclaimer that comes on the FMCA/KOA offer card that has the PIN number. Losing some points, but, no big deal as KOA is not a campground of choice more of convenience when passing through. If anyone has been able to extend an existing KOA Value Kard Membership with a FMCA free year without letting their account expire please let me know how you did it. Thanks!
  4. Hermanmullins-thanks for the welcome! What a great stay we had at Musicland-so much fun! Yes, in answer to your question, the upper levels were pullins. We have a Class B coach that measures 26’ with our motorcycle rack on the back and they assisted us backing in so with our sliding door open we could have a fantastic elevated view of the woods sitting on our couch. Their employees that direct coaches to sites do an incredible job. Been there twice and wouldn’t hesitate to go again.
  5. Last summer we stayed for a week at Musicland Kampground "Bransons Best Location" in the center of the entertainment district. Many theatres, restaurants and stores were within walking distance. The campground is a multi level terraced, attractive, shaded, gated location and they are experts at directing you to and helping you park at your site. Highly recommend this park for its location, attractive appearance, friendly helpful staff and military discount. http://www.musiclandkampground.com/
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