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  1. IanBullock

    Merry Christmas

    Great job! ☃️🎄🎅
  2. IanBullock

    Heating Class A Coach While Driving

    "Driving with the propane tank on is illegal in some states and provinces?" Illegal in Canada? Not to my knowledge. Never heard of it being illegal in any state either. Our propane is always on when traveling. Except in tunnels that require it to be off.
  3. Seems to me that there's no debate here. All a matter of what you think your personal safety is worth. if lap belts were just as safe as the current shoulder/lap belt combination then we'd all have nothing more than lap belts in every car and MH still. if it were me, I would definitely go safety first over cost here.
  4. IanBullock

    Insurance coverage on toads

    I would expect that much like any after market upgrades, you would have to register them with the insurance company and request additional coverage.
  5. IanBullock

    Truck washes for our coaches

    Yes. Generally a high pressure soap and water wash and usually a good wash with the coach and toad clean. Dont get me wrong, when at home I wash my MH using and long handle brush like you. Blue Beacon is our choice when on the road.. And yes, I would very much like a "wash-bot" too!
  6. IanBullock

    Truck washes for our coaches

    This is a very important point. We actually had this happen once and our fridge didn't run right for a few days following until it dried out. I have since fashioned a plastic shield that I place behind the lowet vent cover whenever we stop for a wash. We turn the fridge off as a precaution until I remove it after the wash. Has worked well
  7. IanBullock

    Truck washes for our coaches

    Here is the link to Blue Beacon's website. They also have an app for Android and iPhone. https://bluebeacon.com/ They have something like 300+ locations. We have used them frequently to wash the MH and toad over the last dozen years or so,
  8. IanBullock

    splitter for cigarette lighter

    Try amazon. Search 12 volt splitter.
  9. IanBullock

    Brake Buddy Locks Toad Wheels

    As per Bill, I have only had this happen once over the past 15 years of Brake Buddy Classic use when I forgot to purge the hydraulic pressure before towing. Use the test button on the Brake Buddy to pump the brakes to do. 5 times should do it.
  10. IanBullock

    And so it begins.....Hybernation

    Herman, you are soooooo right! Due to family obligations we're here until New Years and then heading to Florida later in January. Better late than never..
  11. IanBullock

    And so it begins.....Hybernation

    Here in the Great White North, we've already had a taste of Winter! 3 inches of snow, just last week....
  12. IanBullock

    FMCA Roadside Assistance

    Dkontz6234, Sorry to hear of your experience. I too had a need just over a month back to call on FMCA Roadside Assistance for help with a tire issue. My experience was the complete opposite of yours. On the initial call they promptly took my info, called me back about 20 minutes later saying the tire service provider was on their way. Within about 2 hours from my call the tire was fixed and I was back on my way. Prior to FMCA Roadside Assistance I had GoodSam. About 5 years back I had a tire issue just outside of Washington DC on a rush hour interstate. After waiting over 6 hours for assistance, a friend traveling with me was able to put on the spare. Don't think GS ever showed up. To me all Roadside Assistance providers are similar. Sometimes it works well, others, not so much. Still think that FMCA Roadside Assistance at $69/year is one of the best values out there.
  13. IanBullock

    Winterizing Access panels question

    Have you tried velcro? I often use velcro to hold up pictures and such. It works very well and is easy to remove if need be. Should work on your panel. Just by the peel off adhesive backed velcro and stick to onexside to your panel and the other to the wall.
  14. IanBullock

    Theft In Truck Stop

    We have never had a theft or problem like this while parked at any Travel Center or Wal-Mart. Whether just fueling or stopping overnight, sight seeing or to catch a meal. it's a shame, those Alcoa hubcaps and nut covers although not too expensive, are not that cheap just the same.
  15. IanBullock

    Dometic awning 910BT20.000B will not retract

    Sounds like a voltage supply problem. When did you last service your house batteries?