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  1. RV/Truck washing stations

    Another option is Blue Beacon Truck washes. about 100+ locations across the US and Canada. To find a location near you or on your travels, go to http://www.bluebeacon.com/ for more info or download the Blue Beacon Truck Washes app from Google Play or I tunes. Most are located right off the interstate. Our unit is 38 feet, with our toad about 62 ft. no issue getting both washed, usually runs about $50. They generally do a good job.
  2. 1st MH Road Trip w/ mileage

    Yup, been there, done that! We used to travel and sightsee 20 years ago just like Clark Griswold! On vacation we'd spend 2 or 3 weeks cramming in as much as possible. As it turns out, missed a lot of the really fun and interesting stuff! Much prefer a slower pace, way more fun!
  3. 1st MH Road Trip w/ mileage

    I should have mentioned that we never do more than 250 - 300 miles a day. Leaves lots of time to stop and never a missed reservation. Bill, 650 miles in a day? That's way too much for me and the Mrs.!
  4. 1st MH Road Trip w/ mileage

    From our very first adventure to present day, I have always found that planning for and reserving overnight stops in advance ensures a stress free and enjoyable journey. We seldom "Wing It". Whether its a quick overnighter at Wal-Mart or a stop at a KOA, knowing in advance our destination each day really puts us at ease and we spend more time exploring the country along the way. To us "Winging It" is reserving at a KOA or Good Sam park the night before.....
  5. Have you contacted Winnebago in Forest City directly for assistance?
  6. Lost SOME Power in Motor Home

    Glad it turned out to be something simple!
  7. Lost SOME Power in Motor Home

    Sounds to me like you lost your 12 volt DC power? Is your battery disconnect switch off? Did the breaker to your converter trip?
  8. RVing related websites

    Other than the FMCA forum, I like the Winnebagolife site. https://winnebagolife.com/ it has many feature articles and videos focused on RV Life, travel and destinations.
  9. RV site near Omaha Nebraska

    Another option could be the KOA just west of Omaha. West Omaha / NE Lincoln KOA, 14610 Highway 6, Gretna, NE. 402-332-3010

    here is the link: https://koa.com/campgrounds/san-francisco/

    While sightseeing in San Fran we have stayed at the San Francisco North / Petaluma KOA. Its not cheap but as I recall nice enough. and only a short drive into downtown... For your 5 nights, with a KOA card discount, would be $423.70 + sales tax.
  12. Leveling blocks

    Hadn't heard that one..now that's funny!😄
  13. Galveston TX RV parks/resorts

    Carl, sounds right to me! After all when your used to wintering in the land of ice and snow, 65 degrees plus feels downright tropical! Can't wait to escape next winter. Thanks for all the tips and info, have reached out to several parks and am in the process of booking. You know I actually thought it was too early to book, but you guys are right, parks are already filling up. I wouldn't have know this if I wasn't actively reviewing the forum! Thanks all!
  14. Any Canadian Benefits?

    Herman, you're right, the difference in the dollar would impact the Canadian selling prices. Whether Continental or Michelin, would call for specific Cdn prices reflective of a similar FMCA discount as in the US. I would not expect the US price in Canada unless our dollar climbs back to par...(not expecting that anytime soon...) Carl also makes a valid point. I expect this has been a factor all along which is why we need FMCA to leverage the US membership numbers in the negotiation.
  15. Galveston TX RV parks/resorts

    Looks pretty good, light jacket, hoodie weather. A big improvement on the snow and blow in the north! Thanks for this,