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  1. So far no snow here. I'm kind of hoping it stays that way until after we've hit the road but that's probably just wishful thinking.
  2. Hi Carl, no, not on the road just yet. We're leaving here just after Christmas on the 27th.
  3. If you pay with a major credit card, many of these have travel cancellation insurance to cover you...
  4. Our Heat Pump automatically switches over to the propane furnace at about 40 F. If the forecast indicates a chilly night, I generally switch over to the furnace before retiring. I really like having the Heat Pump option, works really well when its cooler overnight, like in South Texas or Florida in January/February.
  5. I don't necessarily have an opinion on which brand is better than another but if you go to Amazon.com and search "RV Covers", you can choose from the multitude that are listed to fit your Fifth Wheel and budget accordingly. Personally I don't use one but I do have several friends that swear by them. Most have bought thru Amazon.
  6. Find a truck wash or a spray wash near by and get as much salt off as possible? Especially underneath.
  7. We have used BB in the US and Canada over the last 15 years or so with mixed results. Sometimes they do a spectacular job, sometimes just ok. The worst wash we ever got was at the Blue Beacon Truck wash of Monee, Illinois. I complained and they sent me a free wash coupon to make up for it. The one thing I have found is that if you contact their HO on their website with a complaint, they will try to make it right. "txtiger" did you complain to the store manager or HO?
  8. A few pictures from the Remembrance Day Ceremony in our home town of Arden Ontario. Population 250. Ceremony conducted by The Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 334, Arden, Ontario. Always a huge turnout in support!
  9. We here in Canada and the United States are able to enjoy freedom and our life’s each day because of all the Veterans that fought and endangered their own life! Thank You and let’s honor these Veterans and heroes today on Remebrance Day and Veterans Day!
  10. How about this one? https://www.thetrain.com/ and another favorite.. https://www.durangotrain.com/
  11. We just use the non slip drawer and shelf liner that comes in rolls. You can get at RV stores, Amazon, etc. Comes in various colors...
  12. A few more thoughts on Toronto and Ottawa. Toronto. Driving in Toronto is challenging. Parking even worse and very expensive. If coming in from the north, you may want to park and take the TTC Subway around the city. Suggest you look at the Vaughan Metropolitan Area Station. TTC_SubwayStreetcarMap_Printable.pdf Suggested things to do and see in Toronto. CN Tower, Hockey Hall of Fame, Centre Island, Blue Jays Game, Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario, Live Theatre at Mirvish Theatre, Royal Alexandre Theatre, Prince of Wales Theatre, Ottawa Ottawa is a relatively easy city to get around. Driving in and parking should not be an issue. Suggested things to do and see in Ottawa. Parliament Hill, National Gallery of Canada, Canadian Museum of History, Canadian War Museum, Byward Market, National Arts Centre for the Performing Arts, Have fun!!
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