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  1. Maybe you are not resetting the oil life monitor correctly. Check your owner's manual for instructions.
  2. Are you saying that the water heater is new? Only one year old? If so Dometic water heaters all have a 2 year warranty. If I were you I would take your Brave to a dealer and get fixed under warranty right away.
  3. Herman is 100 % correct. As per the manufacturer, we do exactly as Herman does.
  4. What type of oil do you use in your generator. Ours, which is the same as yours, calls for 15W40 to address usage when in temps of -10 to 100
  5. Carl, as well as sharing copies with neighbors we meet in RV Parks, we do exactly the same as you.
  6. Fine for you but I like my hard copy in the mail. One of the main reasons I joined in the first place.
  7. IanBullock

    Tire brands

    We have had nothing but Michelins on our current and previous MH. Have had no issues and none showed any signs of pre-mature side wall cracking. Other than a bit pricier than cheaper brands, can't say anything bad about Michelins.
  8. Yes. According to the FMCA Roadside Assistance contract page 2, (SafeRide RV Motor Club) TRIP INTERRUPTION BENEFITS In the event of a RV mechanical breakdown, Company will reimburse Member up to three hundred dollars ($300) per day for a maximum of five (5) days ($1,500 total) for lodging and meals when the customer is more than one hundred (100) miles from home and the vehicle must be kept for repairs at the li-censed repair facility. Member must submit receipts and verification of repairs to Company for benefit reimbursement. This benefit is limited to one (1) incident per any given twelve (12) month period during the term of your membership.
  9. We received our certificate as a refund for Tucson on March 24, just about a week after the cancelation of the convention. The cancellation of Tucson was announced by email and posted on Facebook on March 13. The gift certificate refund plan was announced about a week later by email and on Facebook. If you receive regular emails from RMCA, you would have received the communications above.
  10. IMHO, all the more reason to take advantage of this offer before it expires in a few days.
  11. Did everyone see this deal from FMCA posted on Facebook and Twitter this morning? Even though my membership wasn't expiring soon, I added a year to my membership right away. 1 week only - April 23 - April 30 - we are offering throwback pricing for new and existing members. Current members click here to RENEW for $50 - https://t.co/tMcZJe9Ley New members click here to JOIN for $60 - https://t.co/LbgBrpo47v #fmcaRV #rvclub #rv #rvlife https://t.co/9rbSxtjOV4 You must click the links above to take advantage of the deal. It is not offered on the FMCA regular web log in. What a deal!
  12. "txtiger", in response to your points... I am a member of FMCA because, I enjoy belonging to an association of likemineded folks, enjoying the RV lifestyle and because, 1. I really like the conventions and attend whenever possible. I enjoy socializing like most RVers. 2. I really enjoy the magazine and can't wait for it to arrive in my mailbox monthly. 3. I subscibe to FMCA Roadside Assistance and still think it's a deal and I am extremely thankful for "FMCA Travel Assist" in case something happens on the road. This all for $85 a year? What a deal!
  13. I agree with Smithy. I for one enjoy the magazine and look forward to it's arrival monthly. I also enjoy the rallies, in fact I was really looking forward to Tuscon. We Attend about one rally a year, if not FMCA then a Winnebago rally. We are members of their club too. I will gladly take and use my credit towards a future rally as offered.
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