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  1. Somewhat. Although I dealt with a local dealer that quoted a very good price, I did use the FMCA program as a comparison. Unfortunately the dealer has since closed up shop. Maybe his prices were just too good?
  2. Just put the 3rd set of Michelins on my MH. Bought it in 2010, had 2008 dated Michelins on it. I don't like to run past 7 years. Both sets of Michelin tires removed appeared to be in perfect condition other than a little wear. no cracking anywhere. This is our 2nd MH on Michelins. No problems to date.
  3. Over the last 25 years I've had to call on roadside assistance 5 times. Mostly GS although one time it was FMCA roadside. Each time the service was fairly speedy and only once did I have to pay for a part. With the tire changing and/or towing involved I've more than saved a few bucks on my annual fees. Wouldn't travel without it.
  4. You must be fully vaccinated and use the app ArriveCan to provide all needed documentation before arriving at the border. We crossed at I81 from northern New York to Ontario at Lansdown, Ontario. Go to https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid/travel-restrictions/covid-vaccinated-travellers-entering-canada for more info. As far as returning to the U S., I you are an american citizen I believe all you need is a passport.
  5. Refer to the tire pressure placard on the inside of the drivers side door. if you don't have a drivers door, it will be on the wall under the drivers side window. This placard will detail the correct tire pressures for the front and rear axel assuming you have the correct size tires on your MH which I believe are 245/70R 19.5G . It will be sufficient for the max axle loads your coach is capable of and is still probably more than you actually need. 110 lbs is definitely too much.
  6. These ones. Magnetic, and wireless.
  7. If you can afford to retire now. then do it! Don't kid yourself, although you enjoy your career, it is simply a job with a means to an end. At 62 you only have so many years to get out, travel, and enjoy yourself before health issues will put an end to it. I spent 30 years in a very senior mgmt position within a global company. and although it was a great career, it didn't define me, it was simply a job which allowed me the freedom to retire at 59. Having now being retired for 5 years the only regret I have is that I didn't do it sooner. I worked alongside many a colleague that worked until they were 70 plus due to the same fears about retirement that you have expressed. All without exception later said that they wished that they had retired sooner....
  8. Join GoodSam club at GoodSam.com. As a member sign into GoodSam.com. On the menu select "Find a park", then select "Find a park" again, then select Florida in the state/province box, select search. 580 RV parks in Florida will be listed by location. There are search filters to narrow your search. Many will have monthly rates. Cheaper inland, more expensive nearer the coast.
  9. Have used FMCA and GoodSam Roadside Assistance service over the years. From my experience, one was as good as the other. Both worked just fine for us. No complaints!
  10. There are many RV's that have 12 volt fluorescent light fixtures like the one below. Quite common.
  11. Check the cars owner's manual under recreational towing. It will detail as to whether or not it can be towed 4 wheels down.
  12. Happy New Years! Here's to a better 2022! 🥳🎆🍻🥳✨
  13. Even here in the Great White North, I do not use a cover. My 2010 Winnebago Suncruiser still looks as good as the day we bought her.
  14. Check out BuyTruckWheels.com. Click here to take you to their selection of lug nut covers: Chrome ABS Plastic & Stainless Steel Lug Nut Covers – Buy Truck Wheels I think yours are 33 mm. Although I had to use Google to do the conversion from inches to mms, LOL. They also have a selection of lug nuts. Click on "Accessories" on the menu bar to see what's available.
  15. Regarding your existing antenna getting too hard to crank up and rotate...have you lubricated it yearly as per the manufacturer's recommendations? If not, check your manual and lube both the crank up gears and swivel area as directed. You'll be amazed at the difference. As per your question on omni directional antennas, they are far inferior to the Wineguard "batwings" as you call them. I mean the work ok if you are close to the source but they don't have the reach for distant signals.
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