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  1. IanBullock

    Theft In Truck Stop

    We have never had a theft or problem like this while parked at any Travel Center or Wal-Mart. Whether just fueling or stopping overnight, sight seeing or to catch a meal. it's a shame, those Alcoa hubcaps and nut covers although not too expensive, are not that cheap just the same.
  2. IanBullock

    Dometic awning 910BT20.000B will not retract

    Sounds like a voltage supply problem. When did you last service your house batteries?
  3. IanBullock

    Refueling At Pilot/FlyingJ

    Me too! PFJ is our go to.
  4. IanBullock

    unwanted emails-again

    I enjoy recieving all the emails from FMCA. Sometimes it's something new, sometimes not. When it's something new, I am really glad they let me know. If it's an offer I've already taken advantage of, I simply just delete it. Not a BIG deal! Keep those emails coming.. Thanks!
  5. IanBullock

    Ant Issue

    We often get ants while traveling in fact just spent time south of Atlanta last week where the sites were a mix of sandy gravel. Lots of ants! Invaded the MH in no time. We always us Hot Shot liquid ant bait stations. I just place them around the MH on the counters, floors, and within a day, most ants gone. Or dead. This product is inexpensive at less than $4 a box and readily available at any Walmart. We always carry 2 boxes with us, ready to exterminate pesky ants when needed!
  6. IanBullock

    George Washington Bridge

  7. IanBullock

    George Washington Bridge

    $68? Another reason to avoid it!
  8. IanBullock

    Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg

    Stopped by the Old Mill General Store yesterday. A little browsing, a little shopping, what a neat place. Will make a point of getting into the restaurant for dinner or lunch over the next few days. Menu sure looks good. Thanks for the tip. One thing about Pigein Forge and Gatlinburg, no shortage of restaurants to choose from!
  9. IanBullock

    Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg

    Here at the KOA Pigeon Forge for a week of sightseeing and just enjoying the local offerings. Nice RV park! Great location. Toured Old Smokey Distillery yesterday. Couldn't resist a little tasting. On the agenda for this week, a few hikes in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park to enjoy the views, falls, etc., a couple of dinner theatre evenings, taking the OberGatlinburg tram to the top to enjoy the vista. What an interesting place!
  10. IanBullock

    Owner's Presentation - Cummins Onan Generator

    Hi Mike, thanks for sharing this presentation. Very informative. Basically my inclination is to follow to the manufacturer's recommendations to the letter. I have done so so far and after many years of use have not had an issue.
  11. IanBullock


    That doesn't sound right to me. My Previous coach was a 2001 and I believe it was more around 2000 RPM. With the advent of the 6 speed transmission, it has to be lower? I know my newer 2010 on the Workhorse chassis is at about 2000 RPM at 70...
  12. IanBullock

    Newton KOA

  13. IanBullock

    Newton KOA

    We have spent many a weekend at the KOA in Newton Iowa. We have not noticed the sites to be any tighter or the roads to be any more difficult to navigate than many other KOA's that are just off the interstate.