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  1. We just use the non slip drawer and shelf liner that comes in rolls. You can get at RV stores, Amazon, etc. Comes in various colors...
  2. A few more thoughts on Toronto and Ottawa. Toronto. Driving in Toronto is challenging. Parking even worse and very expensive. If coming in from the north, you may want to park and take the TTC Subway around the city. Suggest you look at the Vaughan Metropolitan Area Station. TTC_SubwayStreetcarMap_Printable.pdf Suggested things to do and see in Toronto. CN Tower, Hockey Hall of Fame, Centre Island, Blue Jays Game, Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario, Live Theatre at Mirvish Theatre, Royal Alexandre Theatre, Prince of Wales Theatre, Ottawa Ottawa is a relatively easy city to get around. Driving in and parking should not be an issue. Suggested things to do and see in Ottawa. Parliament Hill, National Gallery of Canada, Canadian Museum of History, Canadian War Museum, Byward Market, National Arts Centre for the Performing Arts, Have fun!!
  3. Camping Transit in Lévis is the perfect spot to tour Quebec city from. I would highly recommend it. https://campingtransit.com/ Just South of Ottawa is Poplar Grove Campground. I have not stayed there but have heard good things about them. http://www.ottawaspoplargrovecamp.com/ Toronto is a challenging city to get around. would suggest you look at the Toronto North/Cookstown KOA. Its just north of the city and once the rush hour traffic has subsided its not too far into the city. https://koa.com/campgrounds/toronto-north/
  4. I disagree with your assertion. Winnebago's customer service is second to none. Their annual sales of $2 billion compared to Newmar's of $300 million also speak to their product quality and customer satisfaction.
  5. Having spent many days clearing and burning brush we have found that the best and most economical fire starter, in dry or wet weather, is a Presto Log. At a cost of around $16 for a case of 6 at Home Depot, once started these logs burn for 2-3 hours and will ignite any bush, wet or dry, that you lay on top of them. Way cheaper than using oil, diesel, bags of chips. We always carry one in the MH. Great for starting a camp fire too!
  6. A very subjective topic. Answers will likely depend on what brand loyalty folks have developed over the years...
  7. I just got off the phone with Jon Walker. He was apologetic and explained that having outsourced it to a 3rd party provider (as most development is these days), they didn't realise that the launch didn't including Canada. In fact until they got my email, they didn't know. He went on to say that he understands that the Canadian version would be out later this fall. He also said that if he had known this would not have happened. Sounds to me that he took my comments in the spirit intended and I appreciated him calling.
  8. I read the announcement from Jon Walker yesterday about the new FMCA App. Much to my disappointment I soon learned that it wasn't available to the Canadian members. I mean, seriously? With all the talk about becoming a member driven organisation, how does alienating the entire Canadian membership base help?
  9. Over the years I have utilized both FMCA and GoodSam roadside assistance. In the half dozen or more incidents, mostly for tire related issues, both have performed satisfactorily and got me on my way, as expected. No complaints from me...
  10. I would definitely exchange at a bank or ATM, would not advise using US currency at stores. You could use your CC's though and the CC company will give you a fair exchange, plus their fee which is generally another 2-3%
  11. If Tequila is your drink, I would bring a 40 ouncer each (1.14 litres of alcoholic spirit) to get you thru. Spirits tend to be much higher in price than in the US.
  12. And duty, which often makes it more expensive than the booze in the province your entering...
  13. Per person. You can bring up to 1.5 litres of wine or 1.14 litres of alcoholic spirits or up to 8.5 litres of beer (about 24 cans) each.
  14. Yes but to get to those stations you have to drive into Lk Havasu City and its over 20 miles off I40. A 40 plus mile detour. That alone chews up a good portion of your savings. Like $16.00.or more. By my calculation on a 100 gallons I'm saving $15.75 @ 5% , $5.00 for GoodSam, and the $16 in extra fuel by not driving into town, a total of $36.75.. Now I know i would have got 5% off at the other stations too but still a good $25 saving for me. And no hour detour! And city traffic! Like I said, whatever works for you. I'll stick with my plan.
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