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  1. I've decided to go with Toyo tires. Glen's in Melbourne Fl. will install them for $2200 total. They're also going to give me my weight on all 4 corners and do a front end alignment if necessary. Current tire wear is good across the front, so I don't expect to have a front end alignment. Thanks for all the input.
  2. Firestone has a $2,000 special for 6 tires including mounting, balancing, old tire disposal, valve stem replacement and shipping to a participating dealer. 245/70R19.5 Wanli S3074. Max load range H 16ply. Single load of 4540 @ 110 lbs My current Goodyear tires run are G with a single load max of 4540 @110lbs. The Winnebago sticker recommends running at 82 lbs cold. Should I consider the Firestone tire.? It's not a Firestone, it is a Wanli tire. Has anyone ever heard of them?
  3. I'M looking to buy 6 new tires for my 2016 Winnebago Tribute 27B and a TPMS system.. The current tires have 24,000 miles and were manufactured in 2014. There isn't any sign of unusual wear or cracking, but we are taking a 6,000 mile trip to Vegas from Florida. Then onto Aspen, Iowa, Michigan and Ohio. Then back to Florida. The tires are 245/R70 19.5. Which brand and type are recommended and which TPMS system is recommended without breaking the bank on both items.
  4. Did not have front end aligned. Didn't observe any unusual wear indicating toe in or out of alignment.
  5. I've decided to tow my 2010 Cadillac SRX with all 4 wheels down. According to my Cadillac manual and the Cadillac dealership it can be towed with all 4 wheels down. Is there any advantage to add a circulating pump for the transmission while towing? Also, is there any advantage to installing an Air force command braking systems as apposed to braking mechanism used on the driver side floor?
  6. Well, I finally took my RV to St Lucie Tire and Battery. They balanced the front tires and it made a remarkable improvement. I'd say it is 80-90% better. The tread is good and the wear is normal. I also had them check the date on the tires and they were manufactured in 2014, so they are 6 years old with 21,000 miles. What's the consensus on the like expectancy of an RV tire??? If replacement is recommended, where can I get the best price?
  7. I've decided to use my 2010 Cadillac SRX FWD automatic 3.0L as my flat towable vehicle. It is on the approved FMCA list as a towable vehicle. Are there any fuses, or special sequencing of the gear shift or anything else in order to have everything properly prepared for towing? This would be anything in addition to the list of all the parts which need to be installed for flat towing? I looked at Remco and didn't see anything which would answer the question.
  8. 2008 Ford Escape 4WD Hybrid. Can it be flat toad since the Hybrid has a different automatic transmission than the FWD? I have a lead on a low mileage one.
  9. I have an opportunity to purchase a 2004 Subaru Outback AWD with an automatic transmission that is in exceptional condition with low mileage. I would like to flat tow it be hind my motorhome, but my research indicates this is not possible per Subaru. I know there are a lot of exceptional mechanics and exceptional engineers on this forum, so I figured if there is a way for this Subaru to be flat towed, someone in this forum would know to make this happen.
  10. Can a 2003 Saturn Vue AWD with 6Cyl 5speed automatic transmission be flat towed? The 2003 Saturn owners manual is not available on line.
  11. I've checked Etrailers website and the parts they recommend amount to roughly $2,500 not including installation and that takes into consideration the sale prices at Etrailer. Is there a place as a FMCA member I can get a better discount? Or for that fact, a member at any other organization?
  12. I own a 2016 Winnebago Tribute 27B. I am considering purchasing a 2013 Fiat 500 with a manual transmission. I've read where it is one of the top 5 as far as vehicles go for towing. Due to the small size and relative inexpensive cost of purchasing a Fiat 500, I would like to purchase one. What equipment do I need to purchase and install in order to have a safe setup and what are the different cost options?
  13. To answer the question. I have 30 amp in my RV.
  14. I have a 29 foot Class A motorhome with a gas engine. While visiting my children, I need to be able to use an extension cord. What is the recommended maximum length for an extension cord in addition to my current 25 ft electrical cord and still be able to use the air conditioning and other electrical accessories.?
  15. They're ready any time I want to take it in. I'm just gathering more information before I take it in. I have my motorhome covered and in storeage and it's a chore to remove and replace the cover. So I'm waiting until I'm good and ready.
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