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  1. Thank you for your quick answer to our questions. We actually jump off from Waco Texas and plan on I40 into Albuquerque with a couple of scenic stops along the way. You have reassured me about the inclines and the border security issue. Your comment about the exhaust brake is important. We're in a 30' Class C. Our friends are in the 40 footer.
  2. I have a similar problem with my Class C Winnebago. I'm taking ours to the dealer along with a printout from a website that sells the slides. Go to Shelves that Slide at http://shelvesthatslide.com. Perhaps they have something for you.
  3. Two motor coaches are heading west for the Albuquerque rally. Neither of us has driven I40 to Albuquerque nor I10 back to the East. One of our drivers doesn't have a lot of experience with his 40 footer. Does anyone know what we should expect? Is it very curvy and mountainous along I40 in Arizona and New Mexico? What about the drive up to Vegas? How about snow or ice? We've also read that I10 along the border can be somewhat chancy for motor homes even though it is a U.S. interstate. We are looking forward to the rally but would appreciate any feedback someone can give us. Thank you.
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