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  1. 'Have checked all dimensions on both old and new and with doors removed will fit thru entry door with 1/2" to spare. Not keen on idea of having wind shield removed.
  2. We are thinking of replacing our current Dometic unit with a residential unit. Has anyone experienced problems with this changeover I.E. failures due to vibration, power variations , etc. Thanks for your input.
  3. Been with GMAC for 3 years, no accidents, incidents, tickets, age bracket changes, no problem. This year, they raised me 44% with no explanation. Said it was a "revision" with the state. I called the State Office of Insurance for Louisiana.....they thought that was excessive...but by the time they review the policy, we'll be with someone else. Went from 1818 a year for RV and car (full timers) to 2590. Probably going to Geico now. They have very good rates. Was quoted 1736 per year for same coverage I have now except the total loss. They don't do total loss, only FMV. However, RV will be 5 years old in 2014 anyway, so would have lost it then. Shop around....GMAC having LOTS of bad press lately in the forums (IRV2; GS, etc) for their rate increases lately.
  4. We recently removed the mirror backsplash in our Fleetwood Southwind.Had looked at ceramic tile, glass tiles,and others. Got concerned about weight and and flexing.We also decided on the faux pressed tin from Home depot.Was very easy to do and looks great. Chose the bronze .
  5. Thanks for the update Kevin: it does sound similiar, but we aren't having the probelm with door popping open, however, do see the issue you are talking about. We installed the new latch...before we did that, we could close the door gently, without slamming it, a pull would shut it completely, now that the new latch is on, we're having to shut it "firmly" again...which I think is breaking the soft rod to start with... Going to get on the phone with Fleetwood this week and see what they suggest. Will post that result here for anyone else whose having/has the issue. Talked to our mechanic this past, and he thinks it's a adjustment issue. However, he's a 100 miles away, so not going to drive over there just for this and not due for another service until later this year. Can't have a probelm when you're in already for service, that would be too easy.
  6. Thank you for the welcome....and the hints....it actually leans toward something I suspected......We are going to call Fleetwood and see what they think. The door does not stick, it opens easily, but ever loving spouse does tend to close it hard....I've thought for a while that might be the problem. The piece that bends is very soft....pot metal is what my husband calls it.... if Fleetwood doesn't have a good idea or solution....I might try the idea of having a stronger one made somehow. It's frustrating!! The interior screen door where this piece is does attach to the outer door. I guess if this is all I have to complain about though....we're doing pretty good. HA!!
  7. Thanks for the sugesstions.....since this is our second Fleetwood and the second coach with the problem, we replaced one on the Fiesta and now 2 on the Southwind....we're going to have to do something. I may try that magnet idea first!! Thanks,
  8. Any one else out there having problems with the screen door latch on a Fleetwood? I'm on my 3rd one and at $35 a pop, it's getting old. The actuator rod I guess is what its called, is made from a cheap pot metal, it bends very easily and then snaps...rending the latch useless. Would appreciate any ideas as to whats causing this and how it could be avoided inthe first place..... Happy Camping!!
  9. Thanks for the input....I had a feeling I would need to customize something....but wanted to check first. You never know what people have found out there. We are "full timers" but fairly stationary for about the next year so I will post something at the campground we spend most of our time in and see what develops. THANKS!! Happy camping!
  10. Help!! We have a 2009 Southwind 36D with the pantry beside the refrigerator. The width is only about 5 to 6 inches....and it is so deep, that I cannot even reach the back wall....needless to say, this is extremely frustrating. Does anyone have a source for some slideouts? I have seen the basket type slide outs for home cupboards in Lowes, Home Depot etc, but they don't have very narrow ones. Someone else out there must have a suggestion or idea on this? And...nope...hubby is not a builder nor do we have those kinds of tools with us. (full timers). Would appreciate any ideas or suggestions....... Samme Buck 2009 Southwind 36D
  11. Our cat, Honor, goes everywhere with us. I have been asked about pets, answered honestly, always telling them that she stays inside the coach unless she's in her fully contained stroller. I've never been charged, or even had it suggested. I usually mention it when I get the reservation, because for a cat, that stays indoors, to us, a charge would just be gouging.... We wouldn't stay there. I understand charging for dogs, because unfortunately for every one owner that picks up and polices their animal's droppings, there are 3 that don't, leaving the owners of the campground to do it. Hence, the charges begin.
  12. We had problems with this, turned out it was a broken float. Once that was replaced and the sensors reset, problem stopped. However, since going thru that little experience with alarms, etc....we have found that unless we are on level concrete pads, it works best to manually level the jacks. We get a better level...it's just a easy.
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