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  1. So, is there an additive one can add to the DEF to keep it from freezing? Seems to me that since DEF is required by the feds, someone would have developed a product like this already.
  2. kickaha

    Snow load

    We have 3 slides, one of which is a full wall slide. The only propane use is our range for cooking so we’ll be ok there. Our main heat source is the diesel fueled furnace but we also have an electric fireplace that does put out heat plus a portable electric heater from out TT days. I imagine I’ll need to re-fuel more than once during the winter. The basement is heated plus we have an Aqua Hot water system that I think will add additional heat to help keep the gray & black tanks from freezing. We do have a heated water hose. We will be in Golden, CO all winter. Weather charts seem to say that the temperature won’t be all that cold, but there will be snow. Slide toppers will be an issue (just replaced them a couple of months ago) and snow weight. Maybe garbage bags filled with styrofoam peanuts for the slide toppers and jacks ( as mentioned by RSBILLEDWARDS) if the snow gets too deep?
  3. kickaha

    Snow load

    We are full time in our Itasca Ellipse 42QD. That said, this will be our first winter where snow will be a consideration. I’m worried about the weight of snow on the slides. How do others deal with this, other than packing up and heading south. Can’t do that since I am working in snow country this year.
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