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  1. Thank you all for your input. It's been very helpful. Safe travels. Paul
  2. I really appreciate your input. Thank you. Paul
  3. Excellent point. I'm actively looking into this option. Thanks, Paul
  4. Richard, I haven't used the 6 volts due to my lack of experience with them. I have space for 2 batteries. If two 6 volts would give me more storage capacity , I'm absolutely good with that option. What brand(s) and specifications would you look for? Also, are 6 and 12 volt batteries equally at risk of permanent capacity loss if fully discharged? Thanks, Paul
  5. I have a 33' Grand Design Reflection travel trailer. It came with one Ultra Power RV24 battery. We sometimes dry camp for up to 2 days at a time. The one battery doesn't last long enough, and I would like to minimize generator use. I would like to replace this one with two new 12 volt batteries wired together. I would appreciate any thoughts and recommendations on what to buy. Thanks, Paul
  6. Rayin, that's sound advice. Thanks. Paul
  7. We put the Goodyear Endurance tires on the trailer yesterday. It's obviously too early for any meaningful report. But what I can initially say is that a friend of ours immediately noticed less flex in the side walls as I made the tight turns into our storage spot. I'm pleased with that. I also decided to have a second spare mounted given the distance on our upcoming trip. Thanks again for all of your input. Ken, I'm surprised to hear about the Michelins. Thanks for the input on the Coopers. Paul
  8. Bill, Manholt, jleamont, thank you all for your input. I appreciate it. Manholt, in answer to your question, I've got new Michelin Defenders on my Ram 2500 Diesel. They ride great. Here's hoping they hold up. Safe travels everyone. And again, thanks.
  9. We are planning a 3 1/2 month cross country with our 33' Grand Design TT. I'd like to upgrade from the Westlake tires that came with the unit. The consensus from multiple local dealers is that Goodyear Endurance are the best option at this time. Any input in this regard would be much appreciated. Thanks, Paul
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