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  1. im in missourri and just seen a guy pull in with a tow car behind his class a he unhooked his car and must have not set brakes on car when unhooked the car rolled down a hill and crashed at bottom. he was not in it but learned a lesson about towing. the car has 900 miles on it sad for him. definitely a lesson learned for everyone in this rv park
  2. got a issue similar to all this discussion about dash ac problems. I have a 2008 tiffin phaeton with about 70000 miles the dash ac is not cooling I put 2 lbs of r134 in it and leaked out over night. so now im in a fix. going on trip and no ac in dash !! ANY ONE OUT THERE HAVE A SUGGESTION Iknow I can run roofac but don't really want to for lots miles. im in texas so its hot. does anyone know the ac systems on this particular motorhome I would appreciate any info
  3. Brought my 2008 Tiffin Phaeton home today and just trying learn some things about it. My TV would not even come on at all. I have no satellite hooked up just trying to get power to them. Any ideas out there ?
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