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  1. I've had Coach Net for about 5 years and unfortunately have had our 1996 Newmar towed twice. Both times they were excellent, and the tow trucks were large and the drivers were experienced. My only complaint is that every year on your renewal date, you get a new customer # !!! For us old timers that like to keep records in the RV current, it requires a source of "white out". Damian Neeld Carmel, IN
  2. Despite the owner's manual saying "do not tow behind a motorhome", an individual swears he has towed his Pilot 4 wheels flat for years with no issues! Roadmaster makes tow brackets for the vehicle and has a detailed step by step installation manual. Who's right? Anyone have any experience towing this vehicle 4 wheels flat???
  3. We spent a small fortune outfitting our Newmar Kountry Star deisel to accomodate my son's power wheelchair. We have a mid-entry coach, so we had the main door replaced and widened, and added an ARM LIFT. We now how no need for the lift and have removed it. If anyone has a need for it, or would like to discuss what all is involved in adding a lift of this type to your coach, I'd be more than happy to discuss it. We live in Indy, so the close proximity to Elkhart made this possible. If you have a front entry coach you have some serious modification issues, and would probably need to add a "Braun" type lift. They are located in Indiana as well so they are a good resource if you're starting to investigate this process. I also modified two different vans with lifts, and still have a perfectly good Atlas lift that is used for lifting a power chair into the back of a van. We used it in an Astro Van and it worked great. I'm not sure of the forum rules, but if permissable, you can contact me through the forum or offline at dneeld@fullerengr.com. I remember the frustration of trying to find resources and get answers, so I'd be more than happy to help out if you have a need. Sincerely, Damian Neeld
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