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  1. thank you for your assistance....much appreciated...
  2. thank you...and i hope i get more suggestions...I have been to camping world and the carpets they had were of poor quality. I do want the steps covers to look nice...and of course more important to clean off the bottom of shoes....thanks again
  3. I just posted and received a reply to my email...I click on the link and i do not see where i can reply to those that gave me suggestions...so....I sign in and it does not take me back to the post and i do not see a section re my personal posts to make it easy for me. The other organizations I belong to....take me from the email link to my post and if I have to sign in it takes me where I was... I am now looking for my post so I can reply.....So this is (maybe) one reason some people do not reply...maybe they try like I am and see it is not smooth flowing. I also do agree some people are not polite enough to say thank you... I will continue to look for my post so I can reply....take care.
  4. I want to replace the carpet on the outside steps of the coach. I have not been able to find anything thats decent. What is the best thing I can do?...I want to leave as much dirt outside of the coach. Thank you
  5. I am steaming.....someone else told me it is true...... As per your statement classifieds might be considered in the future....I would like to know what common sense person thinks that an advertiser would not advertise to such a targeted audience just because someone might sell their used tow bar or similar product. All you really are doing is hurting the members. If this is a "club" then members should feel like it is their club......and not be treated as second class after advertisers.....please.... We as a group ( "club") offer an advertiser that seeks rv business a very cost effective way of reaching such a large targeted audience as opposed to much of their advertising dollars that just go out to the public and only a percentage are RV people. The occasional sale of an item by a member is not going to effect the advertisers business...I cannot think any advertiser would pull their ads and lose all the exposure other than perhaps to be known in a negative way by our members. I would like administration to think of us first.....thank you, Allen aka Gadget
  6. If it is true that we cannot advertise our own used product for sale? If so that is terrible and i will have more to say about that. How about toads.....and related items? is that somewhere to be found on FMCA? please advise...thank you I am looking for a vehicle....it would be nice if someone is selling their toad and advertises it here.... If it is here...please advise as to where...Thank you
  7. IMPORTANT! you stated that your units are 13,500k and i think the same model number as mine Mine are 651516.301 co and i was told they are the 515's and are 15,000k are you sure yours are 13,500K
  8. I have 2 new Penguins and also after 30 days was not happy...I am new to the RV world and did not know what to expect....I have the 15K models and the noise/vibration/resonation does not allow me to sleep. I had to buy a fan for the bedroom. I am also not satisfied with the cooling. I had it down to 72 and it feels damp. I traveled 1500 miles the day after the install....when i got to my destination and about a month or less i called Dometic....they told me not to worry they are under warranty and if they have to be replaced they will change them. They gave me an authorized dealer to go to . When i turned on the units they appeared fine for a while....so i kept talking to the technician to keep him there....i said it will happen.....and finally there it went loud and resonating is the way i describe it....He said it should not be like that. However the problem i am having now is that Dometic told them that when they get the units back if they do not find the replacement justified then they will charge the dealer for the 2 new units. Now...the authorized dealer is hesitant....He said to me....if i change them and Dometic charges him back....then he want to charge me..... I am not a happy camper....I do not like this scenerio. good luck with your situation....hope all works out well for you
  9. Hello I have been given so much help from various forums that I wanted to return the favor. I am in a campground with no wifi and from poor to no cell phone signal. I cannot survive like this...I need to pay bills etc. ( and I need my phone not only to communicate like a phone is supposed to but I tether my phone to my laptop to get online and for that I even need a stronger signal than just for talking. I did lots of research ( I am called gadget because I have a fondness for gadgets and I write articles on gadgets (products) that work. I only write about products I own or would want to own....so research is a big thing for me. After extensive checking I found a company (I am not employed by them) called Wilson Electronics. They have been around a long time and enjoy a great reputation. I have one of their cell phone signal booster kits ... and it works. I went from no bars or one bar sometimes (rare) 2 bars to 4 and 5 and even 6 on my phone. What a pleasure calls now like a landline and very important to me is that the signal is now strong enough to drive my laptop ... I am writing this now tethered to my cell phone ... what a joy. It works on all phones except Nextel. In fact a few friends stopped by yesterday ... of course they had to make calls and they could not because they were in my area where there is little signal. I told them to come into the motorhome, where I had the signal booster. Their iPhone using AT&T, which was not able to complete a call outside my motorhome, worked flawlessly when it got near the signal booster. The same thing happened to the person with their Blackberry using Verizon. I found the answer ... and now I am a happy camper. Just thought I would pass this on ... since most everyone I know in their travels are somewhere where their phone will not provide the service they need. Also you can talk to their tech support ... great people ... they know their products and are glad to help ... and they do not sell direct ... and still provide everyone with the information they need. Good luck ... and enjoy.
  10. Hello, I have a 2004 Newmar Dutch Star. I had 2 new Dometic Penguin 15k units installed and they are way too noisy. I did bring it to a different authorized Dometic dealer to check it out...they did agree that they were making too much noise. Dometic told them that they would change them out but they will still be the same...that it is that way since they had to change from the older freon to the newer gas and compressor. They are new and I do not want to mess around on the roof more than I have to. Does anyone know of this problem? They are new and still have 3 year warranty, and just to change new for new if they would be the same...oh well hope some of you are aware of this... Thank you.
  11. Hello. From the little iI know about safes....many of the inexpensive ones are not insulated well enough to protect what is inside from the high heat of a fire. Papers inside can turn to tinder. I think the safe will say something about fire proof. However any safe will be better than no safe. Just my uneducated bit of knowledge or lack thereof. Take care...enjoy....and be safe.
  12. Hello, Mosquitoes are out... I have a 38ft Newmar Dutch Star with a large automatic awning. Is there a netting product that uses the awning? or is it better to use a separate screen room/tent? If so what brands or models...thank you
  13. I am new ... first time at this site and I want to subscribe to this thread ... so I am trying to figure out how to.
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