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  1. We had a 2021 Colorado, no issues and over 10000 miles towing. We also had the Roadmaster battery Cut-off switch and used the Air Force One brake system. Your ignition will be off, but key in accessory mode. Also, when you go get to your destination, we found it much easier to shift back out of neutral if engine was off. Not near as hard of engagement back into 2 wheel drive. Switching back to a 5er so just sold to Colorado for same as we paid for it 18 months ago! Just watch you first few corners in your mirror to see pickup tires turning directions and back tires rolling. Saw someone trying to leave the park with E-brake still on, got him stopped before he did any real damage.
  2. Little Bighorn Battlefield if you haven't done that at Crow Agency, Montana, just off I-90 and room to park a coach and toad. Devils Tower in Wyoming can also be routed without too much detour if you are taking I-90. When you get to Rapid City area, don't miss Custer State Park and do the Needles Highway for incredible views of Mount Rushmore.
  3. We just found a spot for January at Sweetwater RV Resort for $850 for month and electric included. It is in Zephyrhills about 20 min North of Tampa. It is a Sun Outdoors Campground. We had called about a different Sun Outdoor park that happened to be full but the lady helped find a campground for us. They have people that will help you find campgrounds available and you can book it right with them on phone. (Like a travel agent)
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