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  1. thank you. will look at them. any others?
  2. 2002 alfa see ya. don't wqant to be changing batteries. have lots of easy access to run wiring.
  3. Looking to get a camera system. front, rear and sides. wired, not wireless. has anyone had any experience and what system do you use.
  4. my wife and i bought a 2002 alfa seeya in august of 2020. just retired and are now full time rving. now in florida for winter. will head back to pa in may for little while then west. still working out the little bugs that keep popping up, but sofar so good.
  5. looking to join escapees and use their sumpter oaks florida campground as our domicile, but looking at reviews, they were not very good. but the newest was 2017. anyone have any experience with them?
  6. we started with a mifi from fmca. southwest pa. had some problems getting set up. great tech help from fmca. worked great for 6 months, the starting acting funny. techconnect sent me a new unit. now a alcatel unit. worked good for a couple weeks. then had problems connecting. techconnect called and we were switched to a different number. worked good for a while. we are now about 40 miles northeast of tampa florida staying at different places. just plain lousy service. was told we are in a high traffic area and over 50 gb. new billing cycle, no better. at this point, we are ready to drop this service. saw their notice of complaints from 4 states. just so happens the 4 states rvers like to visit. just like some businesses, buy out a good company and screw it up. it is not fmca fault
  7. talked to jason yesterday about my alcatel device. keeps loosing signal. he talked to t-mobile, who bought out sprint. t-moble told him that when i hit 50 mg. if i am in a congested area, my signal will be cut back so they can take care of t-moble customers. i bought it from fmca for unlimited, but no longer is the case. will be looking for other options. it took 2 days to get hold of jason.
  8. thanks guys. great info. downloaded service manual. will run testing on relay. dave
  9. shawnburchett. i called, but no space for january. but they fixed me up with a spot across the street at a sister site. thank you forthr suggest.
  10. Wife and i are looking for a campground in florida for the month of jan, 2022. any suggestions. we are now just north of tampa. everything we find is closed, booked or no monthly rates. any help would be appreciated. we thought we would just boondock, but but the state lands are closed for hunting season, 37 foot alfa seeya. need 50 amp hookup if possible.
  11. i have a 2002 alfa seeya that has an intellitec bd2 battery disconnect switch. the chassis switch keeps disconnecting on it own, kills the engine and won't let me start it till it comes back on. if i try to start generator, it goes out, even though the batteries are fully charged. the coach side works fine. was going to order a new one, but they are discontinued. any suggestions?
  12. leaving monday, heading south. will be in the land o'lakes area, and looking for places to boondock. have several reservations made, but still have open dates to fill in. any suggestions?
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