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  1. revrichard, I also have a Cobb Grill and love it!!
  2. Would like to stop at Gulpha Gorge, just outside of Hot Springs, AR, on our way home from Grand Isle SP, LA and wondering what the odds of getting a site for a Friday & Saturday first full week of May. They do not take reservations and we really liked the park when we were there several years ago. Or do you think our odds would be better if we tried for Sat & Sun. Just can't get there before Friday. Any thoughts or predictions? Or also plan for an alternative location, just in case? And that would be where?
  3. docj, the Bourbon Cream is the reason this whole trip came about. We stopped by Buffalo Trace a couple of years ago on a whim. Missed the tours, but went into the gift shop and I saw a bottle of the Bourbon Cream and is just sorta said, "Buy ME". So I did!!! Amazing is all I can say. Always likes a sip or two of Jack Daniels so decided to stop by their place, then added another one to the list, and another, etc. So now we're trying to trim back our stops and asking for advice on the better stops/tastings.
  4. I realize that there are two distinct trails. One in Kentucky & one in Tennessee. We would like to hit at least a part of both. We think we want Jack Daniels, Prichards & Geo Dickel in TN and Buffalo Trace, Makers Mark and Bulliet in KY. Any other suggestions on distilleries and campgrounds. We prefer state, COE & municipal parks as to commercial or private ones. Restaurant info is always helpful.
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