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  1. I-10 and offshoots, Dallas area popped my shower stall loose from the wall.
  2. On a more constructive note, my method is to put as close to 100 psi cold in each (33,000 GVRW, six tires) as I can, actually ranging from 100 to 107, and watch the temperature readings on my TPMS. I think 100 psi significantly over-inflates the front tires, but the coach steers and brakes well and we'll see about ride next trip after the shock absorbers are replaced.
  3. This reminds me of discussions on motorcycle forums about which is the best motor oil . . . 😁
  4. Bet if you go to a local, established, trusted heavy truck tire dealer you can get your Hankooks at nearly as good a price -- right away or within days.
  5. I've never trusted Firestone since a brake job they did on the car of one of my father's coworkers almost killed him. As a matter of fact I dont' trust any chain store from Firestone through Wally World.
  6. I've used Michelin as replacement tires on all the passenger vehicles we've owned in the last quarter-century, expcept one, where I opted to Toyos, a brand I'd been pleased with a decade earler. I was disappointed with the Toyos, though they weren't bad. Pricy or not, I'll continue to put Michelins on our cars (asssuming, at our "experienced" ages, we need to buy more) -- tried and true, if admittedly probably overpriced. But thanks to y'all, I fully intend to put Hankooks on Mother Superior within the year.
  7. The cooland temperature guage -- new, one of three in one gauge with fuel and oil pressure -- failed. A highly competent major truck and RV facility here, Empire Truck Sales (and service) determined that the fault was with the wiring between the new sender they put in and the new gauge. REV refused to divulge any informaiton to them over the phone. I phoned REV myself, trying to add owner pressure, and was quickly and firmly rebuffed. Empire then e-emailed. The response was that massive amounts of technical data for the 2002-2006 years, including all wiring schematics, had disappeared during REV's purchase of Monaco. (This wasn't discussed, but I assume for Holiday Rambler as well.) In the process of discussing how to deal with the failure of the cocolant gauge, Empire mentioned that the wiring was part of a complex centralized system and just disconnecting the wiring would probably make the system go haywire. I then feared that some future failure might "haywire" something that would disable the engine and/or transmission and could not be tracked down. Empire also told me they'd replaced an entire wiring harness one time at the cost of $15,000. That's what prompted me to go looking elsewhere -- a preemptive move -- and stumble on the Berkshires. The Berkshire's floor plan appealed to us more than a 2007 onward Cayman. But, agreeing with Manholdt about the cost of making the change, we've decided to roll the dice and accept a distant maybe of having to spend up to $15,000 on a new harness over a certain loss of at least that much buying/selling. Empire, bending their rules about not doing anything non-stock because they are a dealer for Cummins, did a beautiful job of installilng, in parallel with the original, a separate coolant gauge that matches the air pressure and boost gauges. All is well -- for the moment.
  8. Based on my one direct experience, I'd avoid Texas RV Supeerstore in Willow, TX, outside Dallas. The salesman was cooperative and straight-forward, the closing agent was pleasant, efficient, and helpful, but the manager did his best to welch on his word about a make-good. It took me months to wear him down.
  9. Have nothing of technical information to add, but I emphatize with hassell as I had to climb through the thankfully unlocked dirver's window three times on the way home from purchase of Mother Superior because the door, which apparentley the dealer had never locked, would not unlock. I used the bottom half of the roof ladder as a stepladder. Whatever was the problem my coach guy fixed it. No remote involved.
  10. Thanks to all. The recommending dealership is well established and well respected, but y'all have added confidence.
  11. Have a 2006 Monaco Cayman 35, GRVW 33,000. It is shod with Goodyear 670s in 255/70 R22.5, all six years old. I like their performance. Road noise doesn't rise to conscious level, no wandering, only the slightest wind push from passing semis (have a steering stabilizer). Good tread, no cracks in the side walls, but I assume at their prudent replacement age. A heavy truck tire/chassis shop recommends Hankooks. Pretty good price, $2,845 out the door with glass beads. A mostly auto discount tire store quoted $3,141 for six of the same Goodyears, tires and tax only -- no mounting or balancing. I consider that a benchmark, not a price to consider. Any advice about Hankoooks or other empassioned recommendations?
  12. Thankee. I got hot and bothered with their Berkshire floorplan, didn't know anything at all about the quality/refinement level, then decided it would cost me too much to make the change. We're reasonably happy with Mother Superior, our 06 Cayman 36. Going to roll the dice on the total lack of technical support from REV.
  13. When did BH take over Georgetown, please?
  14. For general inforamtion re loose wood screws: the toothpick trick. Insert a round toothpick into the hole, break it off flush, and reinstall the screw. Except with very large screws, one toothpick will do the trick. Have no idea if this will apply to the sagging cabinet, with which significant weight and straight-out pull is involved, but works great for cabinet doors, etc.
  15. More than I knew -- thanks. We like our Cayman 36, but it's a 2006 and I'm told (and experiencing) that from 2002 to 2006 support for them disappeared when massive amounts of documentation got lost in a transfer of ownership. Our source told us 2008 to 2010 is the sweet spot, before DEF came along. We're having resource problems that I expecct will get worse as time goes by. At present we have a new coolant temperature gauge and a new sender (from two different events) and the gauge still doesn't work. Our highly capable heavy truck and diesel RV shop can't get wiring information out of REV. I'm probably going to have to mount a Joe Mudflaps underdash temp gauge and find someone to run a whole new wire from sender to gauge. So we're considering alternatives to keeping the Cayman -- alternatives that we entry level folk can afford. The one that caught our eye is a 37 if memory serves.
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