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  1. Med Assist is why I joined. I already had a superior roadside assistance program. I have no knowledge about the tire program. I have benefitted from the forum, but I doubt it's much of a draw for people who haven't experienced it. I have absolutely no interest in rallies or conventions, but then I'm unusually solitary -- the nickname fits. Noting that print newspapers are folding, abandoning their presses and buying into the printing facilities of larger newspapers to be printed, and turning more and more to on-line publication (some of that driven by a factor irrelevant here, being unable to compete in print with on-line news sources for timeliness), it seems to me that dropping the printed magazine, however pleasant is see it, feel it, smell it, turn pages, and read anywhere in the house including the "library," makes sense. So does membership through dealers. Maybe so does reducing membership costs. There's a toll bridge down here that's relatively recently built. It's been struggling to make its bond payments. Low use. So they have twice raised the toll to raise revenue. Twice use dropped even more and decreased revenue. Maybe there's a lesson there. My rice bowl's never been big enough for me to brush personally with high finance, so what do I know?
  2. Manholdt -- I owe you an apology. I've been thinking that your "UH" was a version of "Duh." My episodes of being thick as a brick, in my declining years, are stretching into seasons. I only just now realized you were compressing UrbanHermit. That red glow in the east isn't an early sunrise -- it's my red face.
  3. Bill -- thank you. I'll try that. Cudos for helpfulness.
  4. Thank you -- a possibility but I don't think so. Roof and thermostat are both Dometic and there aren't any obvious signs of replacement. Awhle back the AC got disabled by a low-hanging branch breaking an electrical connnection on the roof, or so my coach mechanic told me; maybe he didn't get all the wires reconnected, but that wouldn't explain the LP system not coming on. I think if it isn't an issue of high ambient temperature, it's likely to be a defective thermostatat
  5. I must not have phrased my question properly. The coach has an LP furnace and a rooftop cooling unit which may be straight AC or a heat pump. I don't know which. The rooftop unit cools through a Dometic thermostat that offers "Cool," "Furn," and "HP" modes. The furnace does not come on, nor does the rooftop unit heat, in "Furn" and "HP" modes. The Coleman thermostat in the bedroom is conventional On/Off, fan Auto/Run, and temperature slide unit obviously not connected to the LP furnace. The lowest interior ambient air temperature at which I've attempted to activate the LP furnace or the possible heat pump is 80 degrees. Question is, is this too high to have the thermostat send the proper signal to either unit, or might there more likely be an equipment problem.
  6. My limited experience is that state and Corps parks/campsites are generally booked solid months in advance, but not always, at least in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia. We've had luck reserving less than a week in advance in state parks, particularly, in those states. Florida is a problem from Pensacola east and south. Our preference of out-of-the-way, very rural campgrounds with only basic amenities is probably helping us find berths.
  7. Private pilots have had nasty surprises after skipping cowl-up engine inspections when a bird nest caught fire after takeoff . . . at least we won't crash.
  8. Recently a friend with a 2012 Thor commented on how quiet Mother Superior's AC units are compared to his. MS has Dometic low profile, ducted. I think he's got Coleman. Best I can do for anecdotal information.
  9. Circa 2006 Dometic low-profile roof unit with fancy Dometic thermostat that displays multiple modes -- Cool, Furnace, HP -- works on cool but won't turn on the LP furnace or the heat pump cycle (if there is one). Lowest I've gotten the coach interior by AC is 80 degrees. Anybody know if the thermostat requires a cooler ambient temperature to activate at least an LP furnace? (I'm not nuts -- trying to get it covered under a maintenance contract.)
  10. Bought, seasoned, and have used a Char-Griller. Bigger and heavier than I had intended but well built. Very pleased with it, particularly the slide-out charcoal/ash drawer that makes cleaning for bay stowage a cinch. Let the coals burn out overnight and in the morning pull the drawer out, dump the ash in the fire ring, wash and brush-scrub the bottom of the drawer and the cooking grills, and put it up clean.
  11. Just scanned this thread again, saw some responses I hadn't seen before -- thanks to y'all too. "Pooh" -- Pooh the Winnie -- is serving time at the garage while its owner hunts around auto mechanics' websites for information that will let her narrow the field of possibilities before she starts burning mechanic time shooting in the dark. Since we have Mother Superior, the Cayman 36 DP to spend money on, I'm fine with that. And speaking of: I'm an experienced boater, a Bluewater Boatyarder. We speak of "boat units." Discussing costs in terms of boat units isn't nearly as painful as using general terms for money. A boat unit is $1,000. Since RVs are boats on wheels, I propose the use of the term "RV units." Same $1,000. Example: " I had to replace the refrigerator, but it only cost a little over two RV units."
  12. Believe I'd spend two dollars for a crystal ball like yours.
  13. "does sound like a possibility of a defective sensor that only indicates itself when it wants to." That was my thought. 74,000 +/- runs beautifully the rest of the time. Gauge has always shown good oil pressure, about midway on the ok band. Haven't checked oil level since the last change, which was around 2,000 ago, but oil consumption has never been an issue. Before replacing the fuel pump (and the tank, unnecessarily), the engine would lose power but in a different manner -- irregular, splutters, surges, and accompanied by sledgehammer shifts. Turned out that the rubber lines between pump and metal lines were deteriorating inside. We'd found extremely fine black sediment and grey fuel in the filter that a very knowledgeable garage owner misdiagnosed as a delaminating fuel tank, but all this went away with the new pump and new rubber lines, and two new fuel filters. This last two occurrences of limp mode, weak power but steady, unvaried pull and sound, are something different. Didn't know about Godzilla, but it sounds excellent.
  14. Dunno. Shop owner/manager read it to me from a hand-held whatever, then started reading a litany of possible causes.
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