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  1. DW and I were talking over the weekend about vacation - or more specifically the lack of the same this year. A hunting trip to Argentina, a corporate award trip to Florida, and soon a cruise to Australia/New Zealand will all have fallen prey to travel restrictions. We are considering a two week trip RV trip. We live in Flower Mound, TX - a suburb on the N side of Dallas/Ft Worth and would like to venture North. Thinking about fall foliage timeframe, maybe sooner depending on how excited we get. We have a 40' 5th wheel. OK - here is where you come in! Give me some ideas for a destination. We really enjoy smaller-ish campgrounds, some relief in terrain (which does not include my driving along any shear drop-offs), pine forests, remote tracks/trails we can explore driving the tow rig. River / lake views are awesome. OK - go! Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
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