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  1. That is exactly my thought with exception of the continentals are -75 less each tire. My shop can get all three. Conti Michelin and Goodyear’s. The Goodyear’s 569 compare to conti program is 475 tire. I like the continentals too.
  2. Herman. Yeah they won’t. Good price on the cost on the conti right now.
  3. I’m replacing 6- 275/70r22.5. I’m interested in the Continentals. My local dealer can get them but will not go thru the program. I know it may be a pain to maybe call in or something but does any one know what technically is involved to use program. I’d rather keep my business local for return services but if not possible they will lose out on my business at 4K +. I went on continental web site and searched dealers. None close or a place I would leave my coach for any period of time. Anyone who has used program, any advise is appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Anyone know where to locate flexible piping that hold the glass in the shower surround? Mine is cracking and old and would like to replace it. The glass and frames are perfect. I searched everywhere and came up with nothing. Any help would be great.
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