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  1. bucks2, I agree with your pitch on training. Being an ex-rescue squad member and First Aid teacher I know that getting both the basic training and refreshers are important. And RVers who put on highway miles and those who do remote camping do have very high potential of needing those skills either for themselves or others. Good point bucks2!
  2. I am a believer of adequate First aid kits. You do need materials to stop bleeding and the knowledge to do heart chest compressions and re-start breathing... especially if you camp in areas that are some distance from medical facilities. Excellent first aid kitas are available from REI, the sporting goods store. We have 3 of the Adventure Fundamental kits. They are very complete and One for each car and the RV. They do have first aid books in case you need a quick refresher ;-0 See: http://www.rei.com/category/4500543 I also agree with adding Quickclot. REI sells it in their stores. I did not see it in their on-line store... But Amazon sells it
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