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  1. danorske

    HWY 84 Espanola to Chama

    Why leave Pagosa Springs?
  2. danorske

    Dish TV

    I wonder if a "Hybrid 1000.2 LNB" could be installed on the Traveler and work? Any Ideas?
  3. danorske

    Norcold Refrigerator Lawsuit Settlement

    WOW I only got a measly $27.00.
  4. danorske

    Paying The Tolls

    How does the I-Pass work with towing your car?
  5. danorske

    Extend A Stay

    Rocky is right.. The Shut off valve/Regulator are located behind a cover in the basement. I had to slide the sliding shelf out to make room for me to crawl in to attach the "Stay a while". A pain of a place to locate the valve. Ron
  6. Do you have to have a EZ pass sticker on both the coach and the toad? thanks, Ron
  7. Last year that happened to me on my 08 Tuscany. Really quite scary. I called MCD they sent me new updated design brackets free of charge. I think it wasn't installed right the beginning as it would bounce around quite a bit. With the new brackets its solid as a rock. Now a happy camper. Ron
  8. danorske

    Going from Austin, TX to Branson, MO

    Thanks, Herman I'm looking forward to it. Ron
  9. Hi all, Looking for advice about US Hwy 412 from Springdale, Ark. to Hwy 65. Is it a good route for a 40' Motorhome? Or should I stay on Hwy 69 to Interstate 44 to Springfield then down on 65? Thanks for the advice, Ron
  10. danorske

    RVND7720 GPS Trade-in Offer

    I Just got it. only used it in my car so far. Its sure different from the Garmin guys. I think the learning curve is a little steep. I wouldn't use it in a car/pickup as its quite large. It should be good in the motor home. BUT I think once I get it all figured out it will be nice. It was easier then the Garmin to load poi's into it. I'll need more time to see if I will keep it or not. Ron
  11. danorske

    Norcold R-010 Reset?

    Yea, with a new one.
  12. danorske

    Wi-Fi Booster and Antenna

    Thanks Brett. That what I was wanting. Just some idea on how to do it. Some times my imagination simply fails me. Ron
  13. danorske

    Wi-Fi Booster and Antenna

    I was thinking more in the line of the antenna attached to your Motor Home. Ron
  14. danorske

    Wi-Fi Booster and Antenna

    Brett, How about a picture? Ron