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  1. Ronald, You said its hard to find, you are right. Where did you find one? Thanks, Ron
  2. doesn't matter. I did trip the circuit breaker off then on. If I have to get on top of the coach, I can't do that. how else can I check the voltage?
  3. Its model Air V # is 6BRV0011LA, It is ducked
  4. The unit will not come on, Compressor doesn't try to start. The green "ON" light is flashing on and off. The fan works OK. only. any ideas?
  5. I wonder if a "Hybrid 1000.2 LNB" could be installed on the Traveler and work? Any Ideas?
  6. How does the I-Pass work with towing your car?
  7. Rocky is right.. The Shut off valve/Regulator are located behind a cover in the basement. I had to slide the sliding shelf out to make room for me to crawl in to attach the "Stay a while". A pain of a place to locate the valve. Ron
  8. Do you have to have a EZ pass sticker on both the coach and the toad? thanks, Ron
  9. Last year that happened to me on my 08 Tuscany. Really quite scary. I called MCD they sent me new updated design brackets free of charge. I think it wasn't installed right the beginning as it would bounce around quite a bit. With the new brackets its solid as a rock. Now a happy camper. Ron
  10. Thanks, Herman I'm looking forward to it. Ron
  11. Hi all, Looking for advice about US Hwy 412 from Springdale, Ark. to Hwy 65. Is it a good route for a 40' Motorhome? Or should I stay on Hwy 69 to Interstate 44 to Springfield then down on 65? Thanks for the advice, Ron
  12. I Just got it. only used it in my car so far. Its sure different from the Garmin guys. I think the learning curve is a little steep. I wouldn't use it in a car/pickup as its quite large. It should be good in the motor home. BUT I think once I get it all figured out it will be nice. It was easier then the Garmin to load poi's into it. I'll need more time to see if I will keep it or not. Ron
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