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  1. I have about 1000 mi towing a 2011 Ford Taurus 4 wheels down - which Ford says can be easily towed; as does the 2011 FMCA Towing Guide. The Ford manual says put it in neutral with the key in the Accessory position - and tow away, observing a maximum speed of 65 mph. I obviously haven't got enough mileage done to have experienced any mechanical problems resulting from towing - but one thing which is very clear is that if I don't stop with some frequency and run the car for 5 minutes or so, the battery will be dead at the end of the day. Ford does say to do this "after fueling stops" or at the end of the day. Not so. I called the national Ford customer service line and wasn't able to talk with a service tech. Instead, the nice lady at the end of the line talked with one - and the suggestion which was made is that I rig an electrical feed from the coach to power a trickle charger to the battery. Well, OK, but before I do that, can someone tell me why the key is put in Acc position? What system is drawing the battery down? I read elsewhere about pulling fuses - but never which ones or why. Also, apparently some folks disconnect the battery. That really confuses me. BTW, a couple of local Ford dealers (Orlando) didn't have a clue.
  2. HELP!! I am in rural SC after having towed a 2011 Ford Taurus FWD up from Florida +/- 350 miles. I followed the Owner guide and put her in Neutral and key in Accessory (1 click CW). The car battery is now dead. I read somewhere that leaving the key in this position draws 6 amps - which would explain the dead battery. There is all kinds of miscellaneous advice out there: (1) disconnect the battery - negative side; (2) don't turn key at all; (3) turn it counterclockwise. I am on my way to see my grand kiddies and I am in over my head. Can someone just give me some authoritative advice, please? Thanks. Jim
  3. DW and I will be traveling east (Niagara Falls) to west (Fort Frances) through Ontario in June of this year (2011). As of now, our route is unset - and we won't be in any rush, so all options are open. Frankly, we are very uninformed about routing, things to see, etc.. Any suggestions others might have would be welcome and very much appreciated. One thing that I for sure want to do is get in some dry fly fishing along the way. I would most especially like to hear from others about that - including streams, suggested guide services, etc.. Many thanks. Jim Baird
  4. My wife and I plan to work north from Florida to Maine in our KSDP commencing in mid-May, making stops to see friends, family and some of the obvious high points along the way. The part of the trip which we do not look forward to is the section between Baltimore and the Connecticut coast N of New York City. I spent some time this afternoon looking at maps, RV guides, computer routing help (Google maps) - and I conclude that I need some advice and routing help. Bottom line, we will be more than happy to drive more miles to avoid the big cities; and find nice places to stay on the "circle route." Any help offered will be much appreciated. Thanks. Jim Baird
  5. Wonder whether you have ever done this? I think I get it - but anything more might help! Thanks. Jim Baird
  6. I read texnet's post with a good deal of interest ($$). I am not sure that I understand the installation. Perhaps someone will detail just exactly what gets connected to what & where. I searched Ubiquiti's site and was not able to find a "power injector" offered anywhere. Thanks. Jim Baird
  7. My wife and I will be driving the Pacific Coast Highway along the entire coast of Oregon and then want to make our way up the Olympic Peninsula spending most of our time there on that portion of Hwy 101 between Sappho and Port Townsend. I have had several people tell me that the western "arm" of 101 north of Aberdeen is pretty desolate and uninspiring - and am wondering if we shouldn't drive the eastern arm through Shelton from Aberdeen. Any comments or advice would be appreciated - both with reference to the route and things to see along the way. Thanks. Jim Baird Livingston MT (presently)
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