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  1. Wayne, any idea how this will affect my signal through the Kingdome KD-3200? DirecTV says they will send an H24 to replace my D12 receiver, and it will continue to get all channels except the local ones. Steve 2006 Monaco Diplomat
  2. We have a Kingdome KD-3200 satellite dish with a DirecTV D12-100 receiver. Works fine (stationary, which is all I care about.). I'm concerned about the upcoming DirecTV changeover that may make our system obsolete, or obsolescent. Calling DirecTV is no help, apparently they haven't figured out how to handle the RV business. They offered a Genie Minilocation C51-100, which I pointed out will only work in proximity to our home, not away. Crappy service for a 30+ year customer. Request any solutions or links to solve this issue. TIA.
  3. Thanks to everyone for their input. Cummins tech support suggests not going over B20, and be sure to use it within 90 days. After that, it will clog filters. Not very useful if you park over winter like we do.
  4. There appear to be several new grades of diesel fuel (biodiesel). B20, B5, others. Can older diesel engines, especially Cummins, use these without harm? Do service intervals change when using them? I have an ISL 400 in a 2006 Monaco diplomat. How about in the Onan generators?
  5. Just had the RV water systems winterized at a repair shop, and the liquid in the system is blue, rather than the pink I'm used to seeing. Is this the new standard for protection to minus 100 degree Fahrenheit, rather than the usual minus 50 listed on pink antifreeze? They both appear to be non-toxic, GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) for human consumption. Has anyone else encountered this? I see both pink and blue used for the -100F anti-freeze. (Starbrite is one brand name.) Thanks for any advice. Yes, I will call them to ask.
  6. A search of the Subaru website for the word "towing" on Oct 5, 2016 http://www.subaru.com/customer-support.html Found the following Q&A: Q "What recommendations does Subaru have about towing my vehicle behind a motor home?" A "Please follow the recommendations outlined in the Owner's Manual if there is a need to tow a Subaru vehicle. The best way to transport your vehicle is a flatbed tow truck with ALL wheels off the ground. Always follow the precautions and recommendations outlined in the Owner's Manual if flat towing with all wheels on the ground is unavoidable in an emergency situation." We have been flat towing our 2003 Subaru Forester (5 speed manual trans) with four wheels on the ground since 2004 behind three different Class A RVs (one gas, two diesel) for many thousand miles with no problems or incidents. Falcon Roadmaster # 5250 towbar.
  7. In our 2003 Holiday Rambler Endeavor 40PBDD, there are two switches on the right control panel. One enables the "exhaust brake", one the Cruise Control (there is also a separate "set" switch for the cruise control.) Turning on the exhaust brake switch disables the cruise control. This is correct, and seems a good safety feature. In our (new to us) 2006 Monaco Diplomat 40PAQ, the cruise control switches are on the steering wheel, the exhaust brake switch on the right panel. Regardless of whether the exhaust brake switch is on or off, the cruise control will function OK until the service (foot) brake is engaged, at which time the cruise control turns off, and the exhaust brake activates. Is this normal? Is it OK to run this coach with the exhaust brake engaged and use the cruise control on the open highway? Thanks
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