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  1. Damage driving to Alaska? A group of 4 of us in motorhome lengths from 37 to 45 did the trip without any damage. The only damage was a rock chip that I got in Montana on our return. I would bet that the majority of the people who had damage were in a hurry and driving to fast. If that is the way you are going to go, then expect damage. Take your time and enjoy the views. Go very slow over the frost heaves. We plan to do the inside passage in the next couple of years. That way we get to see it from both points of view.
  2. As Brett posted, my price for the tires was what was posted on this web site, then you add in the mounting, balancing, new valve stems, and tax cost that is not discounted. Brett, are you aware of the 10/31 end date for this program? Ben
  3. I just utilized this program a few days ago. The Michelin dealer that I got my tires from said he had received a letter indicating that this program is expiring on 10/31/2011 but I don't see this reflected on the web page. I don't know specifically if the letter was from FMCA or Michelin. I assumed Michelin. http://www.fmca.com/...onnections/3455 If you are wanting to use this FMCA benefit, then you might need to act fast. Ben
  4. Cheapskate? Hardly. When I stay at a Walmart or any other place like that, it is for convenience. Also why would I want to pay the outrageous prices for a KOA when all I need is a place to park overnight. Plus, if I feel that a community is "RV Unfriendly", then I am free to choose NOT to stay there or spend money in their community. btw. If the truck stop does not care if an RV parks on "their" lot, then why should the community? What are they hurting? It's either the RV parks upset because they are not getting the revenue, or a bunch of politicians who like to control every aspect of peoples lives. The truck stop should have the "Freedom" to make the choice who they allow and for how long, on their lot.
  5. I also have a gas engine (Workhorse 8.1L) and have been a fulltimer in it for 6 years. We have gone over mountains up to 12,000 ft and made it just fine. Yes, we slow down a lot, but so do the diesels. We ran all the way to Alaska and back with 3 Newmar Mountain Aires with big diesels and did just fine. They did not slow me up at all. Like your husband we "want" a diesel. Mainly because we want a 43 footer and more cargo capacity.
  6. What everyone needs to do is contact them and let them know that we will not be stopping in their little town and spending any of our money there for fuel, food or at an RV park. We all need to avoid these types of communities.
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