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  1. The towing company was sent to us by Coach Net. Both Coach Net and the owner of the company have been very supportive and all costs have been covered by the towing company. Freightliner is inspecting the chassis and a nearby Tiffin dealer's body shop will inspect the coach. My biggest concern is those unseen items than can pop up after driving down the road a ways.
  2. I recently had the unfortunate experience of watch our 2015 Allegro Bus being towed down a bumpy road at an excessively high rate of speed. Not only was the tow truck damaged but I have no idea how to determine the extent of the damage to our coach. That is the subject of this post, how do I inspect the coach to determine the extent of the damage. Even then, should I be concerned with unseen damage that is sure to rear it's ugly head as soon as I sign off on the repairs. To put this into perspective, our motorhome was towed in a manner which cause the towing mechanism on the tow truck to bend to the extent that the left front tire was dragging on the pavement. This allowed the apparatus to beat and pound on the chassis in the front of the coach. Entrance steps mangled, generator slide mechanism is tweaked and no longer fits in end cap. The suspension in the rear of the coach has both shock absorbers pulled totally apart and the air level control valve ripped off the frame rail. Forces were so great that the pocket doors inside the coach had the 4 2" screws ripped out of the door and the door split. Shelf pins in pantry torn out and closet contents knocked off shelves and hangers off rod. Does anyone have any suggestions on how this coach should be inspected? Should I be asking for an extended warranty to be purchased? Thanks George Gardner 2015 Allegro Bus 37AP 2006 Jeep TJ Rubicon
  3. It is a hard wired model but with time delays built into it I was told I could not install it on the output of the transfer switch because it would give the generator fits. Maybe I need to ask the tech department that specific question so I will let you know what I find out. Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. We installed a new surround sound amp and blyray DVD player in the front of the coach. This allows us to run the HDMI cables directly to the amp and then use another HDMI to the TV. For regular TV antenna use we ran the existing coax cable to the TV connector and then use a fiber optics cable to the amp for the audio signal. Seems to work just fine. As far as the rear of the coach is concerned, we just use the existing coax cable to the rear for the satellite feed an installed another sat rec in the rear and a 2nd dvd player. Not the ideal situation but who needs all this stuff anyway - we are usually just to busy enjoying the sights and sounds around us but once in awhile it is just plain nasty outside. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  5. The surge protector on our 2003 Monaco Windsor smoked when I took it to Camping World to have the generator serviced. They removed the device and checked out the coach before proceeding but now I am faced with replacing it. I was told installing my the new unit I purchased for protecting the coach from faulty park power will not replace this unit because it is installed before the transfer switch on the shore power line. This would not vover the generator side. The original unit must have been installed on the ouput of the transfer switch. I have not located a replacement unit for this surge protector - does anyone have a source? Thanks George. 2003 Monaco Windsor 34PST
  6. It's sad but a fact of life - no VCR installed but I agree with the suggestion of using the coposite video to feed an amp but I would not have the digital surround sound. If my existing amp doesn't support digital audio coax input or digital optical inputs I'm going to upgrade the reciever and use it to not only distribute the video but process the audio as well. Thanks so much for your input and I will let you know how it works out.
  7. Thanks for the input. I was thinking about installing a 2nd receiver in the bedroom and trying to get a RG6 coax through the overhead to supply the signal and then just use a short HDMI for that signal. This would allow me to use the existing coax cable to feed other video signals from the from back to the rear TV. I think I will have to purchase a new home theater amp for the from which will allow me to feed HDMI inputs from the sat reciever and blue ray DVD and then feed those video inputs to the front TV using an HDMI cable and then use the adapter you talked about above to feed the video to the rear using the existing video contoller. I guess I just needed that last piece of the puzzle. I'll let you know how it all turns out.
  8. We recently upgraded our satellite system on our motorhome to a high definition model with a high definition flat screen TV. The system and TV work great but have caused a lot more problems. 1) HD satellite receiver doesn't have coax video outputs so the old video distribution panel doesn't allow me to send the video/audio signals to all the other equipment in the coach. How have others dealt with these issues? I'd like to have my surround sound working, DVD working and be able to watch TV in the bedroom should I so desire. Please let me know the equipment used and a source where I might buy it. We installed this in a 2003 Monaco Windsor. Thanks coarsegoldgg
  9. Funny that nobody had a comment on this problem seeing as how I have met 3 people in the last week with the same problem. Here's what we did in case any of you are faced with the same issue. We had the radiator repair which takes care of it. At the same time we mixed up Dawn dish detergent in hot water and fush out the cooling system the best we could before it reinstalled. After installation we filled the entire system with Dawn soapy water and ran it for about 20 minutes and then drained it. Refilled with new soapy water and drove it down the highway to get up to temperature and then drained it another time. Each time less and less crud came out. We then filled the system with coolant and will drive it for a week or so and then drain it out yet again. Hopefully we will eventually get it all out. The nice thing is the crud collect in the overflow tank each time. Maybe I'll try overfilling it to remove the stuff without draining the entire system.
  10. We recently had a similiar problem on our 2003 Windsor and Monaco told us it was most likely the "low air sensor" on the emergancy brake switch. We were not able to confirm because it stopped doing it after a couple of days while we were in the wilds of Alaska. Good luck. coarsegoldgg
  11. Our transmission cooler burst inside our radiator and filled the coolant with transmission fluid. The radiator is being repaired but nobody seems to know what to do to flush the rest of the system. We have a 370hp Cummins/Allison transmission drive train. Is there something that can be done prior to reinstalling the radiator and then after installation to make sure the system is clean before we add coolant again? Thanks George Stuck in Canada
  12. Finally got information on appropriate external cooler but unfortunately couldn't find one in Yukon. Could take up to 2 weeks or more to get one and then we would have to figure out how to get it through customs. Bottom line, radiator is being removed and sent off for repair. Still waiting for suggestions on how to purge the system of all the oil. Looks like nothing went into the transmission and the oil that went into the antifreeze collected up top in the overflow container for the most part. The shop is proposing flushing the engine with water and then putting baking soda in after reinstalling radiator - run at temp for 20 minutes and flush again, repeating 3 times and then fill with water and run for several days before draining again and filling with antifreeze. Any comments? George
  13. Received a reply fromMonaco and they say an external cooler is a doable option and referred me to their parts department. They couldn't give me any information on size or mounting options and the shop I'm at doesn't want to do th job without guidance. I've contacted the referenced supplier and I'm waiting for their reply. Also, what do I need to do to flush this mess out of the cooling system? Any suggestions? George
  14. These are great suggestions and I will let you know what I find out. It appears that no coolent entered the transmission but there is a ton on transmission fluid in the radiator. The current facility that I'm at wants to just repair the radiator and put it all back just as it was from the factory. Problem is I just went through this whole process 3 months ago and installed a brand new radiator. There has to be a better way! I've written Monaco and hope to hear from them this morning but I'll try to get the shop to call them also. Thanks George
  15. We had the radiator replaced on our 2003 Monaco Windsor after 41,000 miles in May of this year and now have a leak between the transmission cooler and the engine coolant. The repair shop is saying fix the radiator again while others are saying install an exteranl radiator cooler. Does anyone have any experiance with this problem?
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