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  1. About the article "Winterizing Your Pets" by Terri Blazell -- there was a pic of a small black dog (Min Pin?) with a winter coat. We'd like to find an identical coat for our Chihuahua. If you know of a source, please e-mail me at davemittan@yahoo.com Thanks!
  2. I agree with Tom. Extended service plans are designed to make money for someone else. Take a look at the "Action Line" type columns in Motorhome or Good Sam's magazine - there are always many complaints about how people have been bitterly disappointed in their ESP. Winnebago makes good products. You should be fine.
  3. I can't find it on Trailer Life's 2009 Campground Navigator, or Microsoft's 2009 Streets & Trips. It's not shown on RVparkreviews.com, either. Do you have a street address?
  4. We're "dog people" so we really appreciate your efforts / collage. (We like cats too, BTW) Dave
  5. Glad you read my blog-think the screw was left over from construction of motorcoach!!

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