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  1. Being a Rv'r for 25+ years, I have seen many different types of units, rigs, big and small. I like the post where the definition of a "trend" is what you make of it. I have had 3 type A's, 2 Type C's and 1 Pusher. I have driven Type B's by Advanced RV and yes, it is a beautiful unit. My 38ft. Zanzibar was a very roomy rv with 3 slides. To me the real "trend" is to enjoy what you have, enjoy the chance to get away and see this beautiful country of ours and most of all enjoy the company of all our wonderful FMCA members who are the "BEST"
  2. Advanced RV is having their 2nd Annual Open House this coming May 1 through May 3 in Willoughby, OH. You can meet the Advanced RV team, tour their facility, mingle with Advanced RV owners and other Class B enthusiasts, participate in workshops, and enjoy delicious meals and snacks. They will have limited dry camp at their factory grounds. There are a number of great B&B's and local hotels nearby to stay at. Advanced RV builds in my estimation the most unique and best built Class B in the market place today. Hope to see you there before the Class B Rally.
  3. Congratulations are in order for you Mike. You and your wife could not have selected a better motor home than and Advanced RV. Taking delivery today...I am very jealous for you. Be sure to say hello to Mike Neundorfer for me. I know Mike quite personally and find him to take personal interest in each and every unit he sells. I would love to see pictures of your unit and its "Name" as I know each and every motor home sold by Advanced-RV has its own personal name. My email address is jgolden.thezld@att.net.
  4. As an owner of two Treks, I couldn't agree more that the floor plans were the "best". We owned a 28 ft. and the infamous 33 ft. You might even want to look at the new Trek being built for 2015 by Monaco.
  5. Without sounding defensive, I need to allow this discussion to come back around to my original post. The discussion of good or bad, snake oil, septic, ship or RV, etc. as enjoyable as it has been was not what I intended when I made the post. The fact is there is an engineer who has developed a black and gray waste elimination system that was awarded by Popular Science to be one of the top ten inventions in 2012. This green technology as it has been declared may be an answer to the problem of waste going into the ground in such large quantities that when the time comes it may just be the right solution to protect our environmental waste problem. I know it has been engineered for testing on an RV as well as other diesel applications such as ships, trains, planes, (jet engines), commercial buses, offshore oil platforms. Whether it makes it to the motorhome market will be determined by acceptance of those of us that own motorhomes and want to continue to have the freedom to travel throughout this beautiful country without any restrictions that can come about environmentally due to the fact many different types of waste are being dumped into the ground that will bring about stricter controls. If I had a D/P that could be used as a test unit, I would willingly do it. I am that convinced it will work and if enough can be manufactured, the cost would be affordable. I am not the inventor and am not invested in this product. I just wanted to let owners of motorhomes that there is such a product available for testing and if they are interested they can find out more about the product by calling Namon at 850-484-2700. Happy travels to all and I do hope to see you an a Family Reunion or a Rally in the near future.
  6. My dad always told me when we talked about who liked one car over another, (that was before the foreign cars) my age showing..."that's why they made Fords and Chevrolets". I don't disagree with what Herman says about the natural progression of poop in the world as we now know it. What the ultimate cost for this new technology will be will be determined by the acceptance and demand and volume that will be placed on it. I say the installation drawings and the process looked fairly easy.
  7. Let me again say that I have seen this system successfully developed to where the Coast Guard has approved it for use on boats and ships. To address Herman's statement about poop and the process being slow. I have copied from the engineering portfolio the following statements. To address Manholt on the subject of boon-docking, I indicated a 3 to 5 day period of time and not an excessive period he eluded to. Bill is correct in stating his engine will run approx 500 to 550 degrees which is sufficient to eliminate waste. Obviously driving down the highway will dramatically increase the temperature which will result in a faster processing time and again no residue or smell. I hope I have provided what I know about this system. I personally am excited that finally someone has addressed the issue of what to do with waste. There will be a time when we will not have many options left with the environment continuing to deteriorate as it has been doing over the last 10 years. "The system is composed of several components. The first is the saddle that accepts waste from an existing tank or from a small equalization (EQ) tank (5 gallons or less) which receives sewage from toilets, lavatories, and the galley. The sewage is then coarsely macerated and supplied to the homogenizer where the sewage solids are dissolved into a liquid slurry. The processed sewage now acts as a fluid, and enters the injection pump where it is pressurized and sent to the injector nozzle that is located in the exhaust of the engine. The system has sensors that communicate with its microprocessor. Once the microprocessor determines there is adequate heat and waste in the EQ tank, the injector nozzle sprays a controlled mist of processed sewage into the hot exhaust gas moving through the exhaust pipe. The processed waste stream resembles diluted chocolate milk. When it is injected into the hot exhaust gas, the water fraction (98 %+) of the sewage, flash evaporates. The dissolved organics are thermally oxidized resulting in water vapor (steam) and a negligible quantity of mineral ash (minerals which were in the food consumed) that is non-toxic. Because it is a thermal process, it is a rapid start-and-stop system. The processing unit without the EQ tank is approximately 10” x 18”x 24” and weighs under 100 pounds. This small unit can eliminate approximately 300 GPD (gallons per day). The amount of waste water ultimately disposed is dependent on the available waste heat."
  8. Manholt wrote: He's your friend...why don't you be the tester? Sure would be nice if you gave a tad more information. Besides that, why does it not work on a gas unit? Me thinks, Ray has the answer!! I would if I had a pusher that qualified. My last one was a 38ft. Zanzibar which I sold in December 2013. After over 25 years and 6 different motorhomes, I am wanting to downsize and am currently interested in a Type B Ocean One by Advanced RV which is a Mercedes Sprinter 3500 Series. The unit will work with a gasoline engine. It is not the participate filter that has anything to do with wanting to use a pusher. Heat is the primary driver for the success of the elimination of the black and gray water.
  9. Bill Adams wrote: "If it's the system where they pump sewage into the engine exhaust system I would think there's much to consider before anyone hooks it up to their RV. I guess you would also be required to be a full timer as there's no chance it would be a logical solution to someone parked in one location for more than a few days." That is a great question Bill...Actually, the system would work best for those who boon-dock or spend just several days in one location. The concept is for the motorhome owners to be able to allow their tanks to fill up while they are at their destination without having to hook up. Most D/P units can handle 3 to 5 days before their tanks get to the full level. Then when you get ready to leave, you start up your pusher and while you are pulling out, the system is already checking for the proper heat levels to start the process of eliminating the waste. Under normal conditions your tanks are purged well before you arrive at your next destination. Namon the engineer who is developing the system can answer many of these types of questions and I would encourage you to talk to him for your own satisfaction. I wish you happy travels as a full-timer. My wife and I were able to enjoy several years out on the road full-timing.
  10. I have a good friend who is an owner of an environmental engineering company who has developed a new green technology sewage elimination system. He is ready to proceed to the data gathering phase to determine the readiness to bring his system to the market place. He is looking for an owner that is willing to have his system installed on their 40ft. plus, 2010 or newer diesel pusher. If you are interested, call 850-484-2700 to work out arrangements with Namon. I have seen this system work successfully in a test trailer.
  11. You should go to the class B forum www.classbforum.com and post this message. I have not looked to see if there is a similar web site for class C owners. I know Good Sams has a class C forum where you can maybe get interested owners to respond. It just might be what you are looking for. I hope you find owners with enough interest to pursue the formation of a chapter that would better the interest of class B and class C owners. Good Luck and Happy Travels!!
  12. Should you decide on the Sprinter by Mercedes, consider looking at the Ocean One by Advanced RV out of Willoughby, OH. They recently have added a new type of Air suspension called VB-Airsuspension which should answer your question regarding jacks. VB-Airsuspension North America is a state-of-the-art rear suspension system designed by VB-Airsuspension a Dutch company for Sprinter vans, in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz. The new air suspension system provides a smoother, more stable ride and increased safety compared with the Sprinter stock suspension. VB-Airsuspension has installed it on more than 10,000 Sprinter vans in Europe and is covered by Sprinter warranty through their dealer network in the United States. VB-FullAir is a fully automatic, electronically-controlled air suspension system. It completely replaces the factory Sprinter rear suspension including leaf springs, anti-sway, chassis-axle alignment, and shock absorbers. Electronic control and included compressor–along with height sensors mounted behind the chassis and axle– maintains the same ride height regardless of load. And, it auto-levels the rear of the motor home up to about 6″ differential when parked. Plus, the system can manually raise the chassis for additional ground clearance (3″, restricted to low-speed vehicle operation) and lower the rear of the motor home about 3″ for easier loading. The suspension system is available as an upgrade for Advanced RV motor home owners and an option for new clients of theirs.
  13. Tom & Louise.... Your analysis is fantastic. Thank you for all your input. I just may come back to you again as additional info is needed.
  14. I definitely feel those who have provided their information should share in some type of a consulting fee, (reward). It may not be monetary but it will be a reward and as soon as there is any money to be made I will personally track them down at an area rally or one of the 2 family reunions and properly reward them. Obviously, some will get more than others based on the amount of detail they provided and Jim will get his share also because he did take the time to respond and Tom indicated he is a good guy after all.
  15. To all and especially Tom. I was not offended by any means when Jim wrote what he did. He is correct in saying to "just drive it and enjoy". But I needed to attempt to come up with some numbers for a company that wants to purchase a coach, install their product on it and bring it to the super FMCA conventions and area rallys being held up and down the country from Pensacola, FL eastward. I just did not have enough experience with a large coach to give them this projection and KNEW there were enough of you good guys out there who may have already put a "pencil" to it. With ya'lls input and especially Tom's, I now at least feel I can provide adequate enough information to provide a good ballpark number to them. Again, Thank You!
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