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  1. The harness used for my 2019 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk was a Roadmaster Universal Harness 154. Works fine.
  2. According to the Jeep website Active Grille Shutters are not available on the Cherokee Trailhawk. They are standard on other trim packages such as the Upland and the Limited.
  3. I just had my 2019 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk outfitted and they used a Roadmaster harness kit for the lights. The kit used was the Roadmaster Universal Kit 154. No issues so far and the installation was done a month ago.
  4. I know there is a thread about formation of a Type B Chapter, however, is there any interest in forming a chapter for the owners of B or C coaches. I have found that when attending chapter events or rallies the discussion tend to move towards the interests of Class A owners and those interests may not pertain to Class B or C owners. I have already contacted FMCA about forming a chapter and have received the chapter formation package. The question now is the level of interest. For informational purposes I am located in the Mid Atlantic area (Central Virginia).
  5. One: David Stankovic Two: US Army Three: 20 years 10 days (June 1974 - July 1994) Four: ISG (E8) Five: Ordnance Six: Europe, Korea, Middle East (Egypt & Jordan), Md, Tx, Ky, Tx, Md, Tx, NY Have a good and safe Veteran's Day weekend.
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