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  1. Brett, I have a 98 Coachmen w/ the 5.9 Cummins 275 hp. I bought the unit used with 51000 miles last year....unit is on a Freightliner chassis. Does this diesel require the SCA additives?...Thanks, George Martin
  2. I have a '95 Safari Sahara with Leaf springs. Two of my buddies, ex professional truck drivers have driven and commented on wind and passing trucks....I thought it was just because I'm driving a 35' loaf of bread down the road. The steer safe was installed at Perry rally and now I know what they were talking about...the coach is more stable(drove up I-95 to 74E...The ride and driver comfort was improved greatly. Now I'm looking for new shocks, figure I have the originals w/53k+ miles. My toad is a 16' open trailer modified to carry my Harley or Honda with sidecars. Now I have a 24' enclosed widebody trailer so I can carry 2 to 3 side car rigs and extras..Have not towed this yet, what can be done for wind/truck swerve to the trailer other than an anti-sway bar? Do I need an equalizer hitch w/a DP or just stay w/standard 10,000" hitch? Thanks, George
  3. Hello ... new to this and I keep seeing posts questioning overall length of RV and ability to use sites. We have a 35-foot Safari and an open trailer of 20 feet overall to haul our toys. Is there a problem hauling a toad or trailer w/the coach and entering parks, campsites, etc.? Thanks.
  4. I'm George Martin and my wife is Joanie..we're from Wilmington, NC and are getting back into the roaming lifestyle. Lived on a boat for 15yrs, now land based. Just bought a Sahara Safari 35'DP '95 model with less than 49k miles, engine was replaced 5000miles ago, the coach looks brand new. I am now retired and we are getting ready to go full time RV. Have 3 shelties and 2 parrots(af.gray and a cockatoo). Our toads are Harleys..an Ultra w/a Hannigan sidecar and a softail deluxe which is Joanie's. Looking forward to hitting the roads, rallies, and opening up a new world...DocWobblin and his Babe..
  5. 1. George 2. US Army 3. Sept.'69/July'71 4. NAM..70/71, IV corps(The Delta--all over) 5. Spec 5/E-5, 52nd Sig. 6. 100%DAV Seems like we have a bunch of old farts here!!/guys thanks for all your service. My son is carrying on, Navy Pilot, Lt.Commander, now stationed in New Orleans 95 Safari Sahara, 3 Harleys, 2 Beemers, wife and 3 shelties, 2 parrots, sounds like a zoo, soon to go full time..
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