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  1. Love my '06 Providence but would like to transition into a new 32-35 foot rig with a King Bed. I haven't found anything that fits the bill. Bath and a half is a joke in 35-40 feet of coach... King beds in most of them render the "walk around" useless. Wouldn't it be great to have someone who actually spends time on the road in a motorhome design these things? Does anyone know of a company who could do a quality modification to bedroom to accommodate a King?
  2. I would be interested in the success of your effort. My Providence has gotten so bad, I can hardly see out the windows. And it's ALL of them!
  3. It's too bad that we have to bear the brunt of poor workmanship. My 07 Providence has the problem on ALL windows. If it were just one or two, I could say hey, that's the way it goes. I'd pay for replacements and move on. But every window in this coach has fogged, creating a safety hazard due to poor visibility in trying to see the mirrors. My dealer and Fleetwood refuse to do anything about it. I'm not looking for 100% from them but something that shows a little goodwill would have gone a long way to keep my business. Anyone have success going up against "Goliath" on this issue?
  4. I'm in the market for tires for my Providence... anyone have any experience with Hankook Tires? Hankook is a Korean manufacturer, # 7 in the world and the tires I'm considering (275/70R22.5) are built in Akron, Ohio. Just saw that Hankook is the OEM supplier for Daimler Trucks and Freightliner Trucks as well. Have Goodyears on it now, considering Michelin's because of the FMCA program but Hankook's are looking good at $2,900. for 6 mounted and balanced. Anybody running them currently or have any feedback?
  5. Whatever you do, read the fine print. I had high expectations for Good Sam's CSP but that halo has tarnished due to the decline of the Awning Control Unit on my coach. The plan says all coach electrical components (except the usual light bulbs, wires, fiber optics, etc.) are covered but CSP states the wind sensor is the culprit, not the control unit. Ironically, the wind sensor is part of the control unit; neither piece can be purchased separately! Shame on Good Sam CSP!
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