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  1. We have been towed twice and each time they pulled one axle. Don
  2. There is also an eastern entrance. We stayed near the west entrance. Don
  3. Gunnison to Montrose was a nightmare last August. Heavy duty road construction through Blue Creek canyon with narrow dirt/mud twisty lanes, construction equipment, lane barriers, you name it. I wouldn't have wanted to do it when I first started driving my 42' MH. Don
  4. You will find Bauers Canyon Ranch the best option. Small park, friendly owners, clean and centrally located. If you want a resort with all the amenities, this is not the place. We have stayed there 3 times visiting Bryce, Zion, North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Cedar Breaks. We highly recommend the place. One time in Mid May it snowed overnight (2 inches) but was gone the next day. Don
  5. I usually turn the "kill switch" knob. They would have to locate it to start it, I believe. Nope, I never leave keys anywhere in sight. Don
  6. You have probably done this, but when this happens to me I light a burner on the stove to be sure propane is being distributed in the line. After that burner lights, I check the frig on propane and it's fine. One time, even this did not work. I then checked the propane tank to be sure it was turned on. It wasn't. Duh!!
  7. akadeadeye

    TPMS question

    Exhaust pipe is on opposite side of the coach. It has been quite a while since I weighed the 4 corners. I will do so again in case I am packing different than before. I did assure that I used the psi's from Michelin on all four drive tires based on the heaviest axle end weight. The same for the steer tires across that axle. And, I did add 10%. I will do the "switch sensor test". That makes sense. And, I will do the TPMS System Test you provided a link to. Thank you Tireman. Thank you elkhartjim. Merry Christmas to all................ Don
  8. akadeadeye

    TPMS question

    Tireman, As an aside, on a recent trip in August my TST TPMS was showing my left side inside dually (on my motorhome) with 130 pressure and 190 degrees. The other tires on the same axle were about 110 and 140 degrees. Is something wrong with my tire or is something wrong with the sensor? The ambient temp was about 100 degrees outside. Based on 4 corner weights I run (cold) 105 on the steer tires, and 92 on the drive tires. Don
  9. Check this out. You didn't mention a smell but the drain line break in this video could be similar to your issue. I hope it helps.
  10. Nothing about Love's is cheap.
  11. I have a Non-Commercial, Class B license in Texas. My motorhome is 37,000 lbs. I took a written test, an air brake test, and a driving test one task of which was to back up 100 feet. Whoopie! I would have been more impressed if I had to back up 100 feet, avoiding 5 dogs, a pick-up truck parked too close to the RV park road, and swing it into a 16 ft. wide spot between two enormous cypress trees, all while ignoring the 7 people waving their arms and trying to get me to do what they say.😆 I don't know if the requirement does much good but I suppose it might. I do know there are hundreds of people driving a rig like mine who don't have the Class B, Non-Commercial. I do hope they do an air brake test occasionally. Don
  12. Why a PM? Why don't you share the info with everyone, Herman?
  13. If you get that bus fixed up you win an automatic role in the movie RV-2 ! Good Luck !
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