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  1. Thanks Brett. And, thanks to the other replies. Don
  2. Going from 1,100 ft. to 8,000-9,500 feet and temps from 90's to 40's lowered my tire pressures 5 to 8 psi. Should I adjust to the pressures I usually carry? Don
  3. Thanks to all. I will test for power and see if I can extend the cylinder that way. Don
  4. Herman it is the inside step cover.
  5. Herman, i guess I wasn’t clear enough. This issue has to do with the inside steps at the front door, not the wheelchair lift. Don
  6. Our inside step on our motorhome won't elevate. I lifted the step manually and looked underneath the step and saw that the "piston" had become disconnected from the housing at the step wall. I found four tiny screws loose. But I couldn't get the "piston" extended in order to see if I can fasten it back. How do you release this piston, or is it fried? Don
  7. Thanks for all the replies. This gives me something to chew on. Don
  8. Manholt, Actually, I talked to Texas Custom Coach today and will be seeing them this Friday. I think they will be able to help me out. I am about 20 miles from them. Thanks for the reminder. Don
  9. To Those Who Know What They're Doing Our 2009 Newmar Allstar needs an electronic makeover. We have replaced two TVs. Now they don't work without unplugging RCA connectors and plugging in different ones depending if we need satellite or DVD. Our tuner/receiver is a Jamo. They don't make them anymore. No HDMI connections. There is a 4-plex tuner box on top of the Jamo that directs signal to the 4 TVs. Our satellite dome is a Winegard In-motion model, 9 years old, not very dependable. We have DISH. I want more state of the art equipment. Two new TVs is no problem. Tuner receiver, routing to 4 TVs so wife can watch DVD in the bedroom and I can watch satellite elsewhere, HDMI cabling? Anyone have a makeover plan? I would very much appreciate it. I have been to 3 reputable RV service shops and no one has been cabable of suggesting anything. Thanks in advance. Don
  10. Here is a link to a document created by the inventor/engineer of Comfort Drive at TRW, Mr. Ken Sherman. Don Comfort Drive.pdf
  11. Comfort Drive "Learns" the pitch and crown of the road so you don't have to constantly "tow in" your steering wheel, AND aids tremendously in crosswinds (when constant) and when 18 wheelers pass. It also automatically returns the steering back to "straight ahead" when you stop. It was developed by an engineer at TRW and is licensed only to Newmar and Newell. It is a tremendous "comfort" on long road days. It is also adjustable with a knob that goes from 1 to 5 (on mine) where 1 is the loosest feel and 5 is the firmest feel. I use 3 1/2. Don
  12. We never stop at Loves. Prices are almost always the highest. I use a credit card that gives a 5% discount on all fuel purchases. With $2.85 diesel price, that's a savings of $0.1425 per gallon. No discount I have seen can match that so I don't pay cash anymore, nor do I use my pilot/FlyingJ card. Don
  13. Check with LeMeillieur's in Kerrville. Ask for David LeMeillieur. Don
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