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  1. But Wayne, Loves is usually much higher than other fuel stops so I question how "real" the discounts are to us.
  2. I agree. I used our TDS EFS card on a recent trip several times. At TA's I saved about 12 cents a gallon but that is about what I save using a VISA card I have which gives 5% charge back on fuel. Another time I used it at a Flying J and got penalized a dollar with no discount because they are not on the list. They need to sign up a lot more fueling places. These 25 to 30 cent discounts I heard about haven't come my way yet. I have no experience with the TCS card.
  3. Jim, I don't blame him at all. My guess is he has already had a run in or two with the CEO at WGO and has decided to take life easy. Good for him. I just hope this new WGO guy who is replacing him doesn't kill the proverbial goose that lays golden Aire, Star and Essex eggs. And, I hope Matt's departure isn't signalling that WGO is already compromising on the Newmar quality. Don
  4. "Brian Hazelton will assume the role as President, Newmar Corporation effective August 27, 2021, with the existing Newmar leadership team, continuing fully intact. Following his retirement, Miller will continue as a strategic advisor. Hazelton will transition to Newmar after most recently serving as the Senior Vice President, Winnebago-brand RVs. A five-year veteran of Winnebago Industries, Hazelton has helped guide a transformation of the Winnebago motorhome business through new product development efforts, building strong dealer relationships and driving service excellence." Don
  5. Roland. Your post has been up for over 23 hours with no response. I suspect it’s because a few people got their hands slapped for bringing this subject up in another post in the last couple of days. The excuse the “moderator “ used to close the thread was that it was too political to state the facts of what is going on down here. I have property near the border and I can tell you that it’s worse than I have ever seen it. I no longer feel safe visiting any border town. Plus, I hear a significant number of illegal migrants have Covid-19. I had a Border Patrol agent tell me personally that the people coming across for the last couple of years are mostly drug smugglers or cartel members, not just people seeking a better life. Americans who live outside of this area just don’t understand how bad it is. There it is. And not one political overtone! Corpus might be OK but I wouldn’t chance any Rio Grande Valley location. Don
  6. Carl, You are correct. The torque box has rotated causing the rods to separate from the bushing on one side and pushing in to the bushing on the other side. This caused the rear axle to shift a bit. They caught it in time. No one can tell me how this happened. Ray, Yes they have all the parts needed and will drop the axle and replace torque box and other related parts over the next couple of days. Glad we caught it when we did. Thanks for the feedback. I have learned a lot over the last 24-36 hours! Don
  7. Here are pictures they provided. Don
  8. We are at the Spartan factory in Charlotte, MI. They did an inspection and found an issue with the HBT torque box and said it needed to be replaced Anyone have any experience with this? it is a time consuming and expensive repair. Thanks in advance I don't yet even know what a torque box is. Don
  9. Carl, we are in Mackinaw City, MI. Went to Mackinac Island yesterday and sipped some suds on The Big Porch at the Grand Hotel! Don
  10. Ditto here Eric. Michael and Dave are customer friendly and their crew do a great job. We also had body and paint work done, and there is no way we can tell where it was painted. I have been going there for 3 years now and wouldn't go anywhere else. Don
  11. Must have been the chicken soup!😎
  12. So how does one change their password on FMCA? (asking for a friend)😎 Don
  13. If you get your BBQ seasoning at a hardware store................you might be a redneck! Don
  14. We tried to run both once in a state park on 30 amp but we were at the end of a loop and voltage was about 112 or less, so it didn't work out. Breakers would throw and generator would start, etc. We do have a built in surge protector and EMS.
  15. So, what I hear most of you saying is that the Soft Start devices are a waste of time and money?
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