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  1. Why a PM? Why don't you share the info with everyone, Herman?
  2. If you get that bus fixed up you win an automatic role in the movie RV-2 ! Good Luck !
  3. We will be in Calgary/Banff area. Not going to Alaska this time.
  4. So Carl, where will you be the first week in July? Don
  5. How do you check turbo psi? Don
  6. I second spending a couple of days at The Henry Ford. It is a one of a kind museum indoors and out. We also visited the F150 Ford Truck Rouge factory. Great experience. Don
  7. Carl, it would have to be a 22 day cruise (not happening) or 22 days on an island since it is 2/22. We will be at Mardi Gras in Lafayette over that weekend and then Mardi Gras in Galveston.
  8. Happy New Year to All. We are planning something special on Feb. 2 and 22. Just the 2 of us! Don
  9. Old Sears catalog pages clogged up my pipes so I switched to Charmin. Don
  10. Cool paint job. Congrats on the new coach and welcome to the Forum. Don
  11. Welcome. Try to get away from Houston as often as you can! Don
  12. akadeadeye

    Tow dolly

    I agree. But we have a separate policy for our tow dolly with the same insurance company. State Farm. Runs about $36/yr. Don
  13. So true. We had Coach Net through Spartan when our coach was in warranty. Used them once. Good experience. Switched to Good Sam after a few years. Had two horrible experiences. Went back to Coach Net. We have been towed three times in 12 years. In each case we called the road side assistance company, then we found a tow company ourselves after asking around, knowing what to ask for, then called assistance company back and told them our tow was on the way and they had to approve them. They have in each case. If we had waited for the assistance company to call back it would have been hours later. You have to be proactive and then stand your ground! Good Sam sent a tow truck for our towed car. The truck had to have been a classic (about 25 years old). He couldn't get his winch/boom to work and I had to give him a battery boost after I fired him. Jeeze Louise! Don
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