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  1. Must have been the chicken soup!😎
  2. So how does one change their password on FMCA? (asking for a friend)😎 Don
  3. If you get your BBQ seasoning at a hardware store................you might be a redneck! Don
  4. We tried to run both once in a state park on 30 amp but we were at the end of a loop and voltage was about 112 or less, so it didn't work out. Breakers would throw and generator would start, etc. We do have a built in surge protector and EMS.
  5. So, what I hear most of you saying is that the Soft Start devices are a waste of time and money?
  6. bm02tj, Thanks for the reply. My understanding is the problem with 2-15,000btu ac units and 30 amp plug-in is that while one unit can kick on and run, using about 12 amps, if the other unit is needed and then kicks on, the start-up amperage kicks the total to above 30 amps and throws a breaker. Whereas, with a soft start unit, the start-up amperage is diminished to a point the second unit can start up without the initial spike in amps and then both can run in the 25 amp range. Is this correct? Don
  7. We're going to be in areas of the country early summer where there are mostly state parks with 30 amp service. We need 50 amp to run both ACs. What are your thoughts/experiences with these Soft/Easy Start devices. Are they worth it? Do they work as advertised? Which brand do you recommend or which brand to stay away from? Thanks. Don
  8. Carl, do you have a separate bank account for the TSD debits? I am getting a TSD account this week. Don
  9. He can. I snow skied with Carl 52 years ago in Colorado, often. He taught me how to ski. He always wanted to teach me how to ski jump, being the Norwegian Jumper he was but I was always reluctant since I don't like to break bones and bleed. One trip to Aspen we were on the top of a mountain and a blizzard developed. Carl said "we need to haul a$$" and get off this mountain. So we did. Me following him of course. Suddenly he decided to take a "short cut" through the woods. I lost sight of him then suddenly found myself 10 feet in the air having skied off a small cliff. I "jumped", landed on my butt, covered in snow, and there was Carl, smiling. He said "see, jumping is great fun". He knew exactly where that jump was and to this day I don't know how he knew where to turn through the woods considering we were nearly blinded by the blizzard blowing snow horizontally. Thanks Carl, I remember it as though it was yesterday. Sorry to the OP for this off-subject post. Make your destination reservations NOW! And, have a good trip, slowly. Just remember, when you look around at our beautiful country you're seeing things those people in that jet flying above you are not seeing. Don Don
  10. Brought to you by none other than "A n a l o g C a r l" 😎 I, too, have a Trucker's Atlas but it is a little too big to hold in one hand while tooling down the Interstate wishing my Delightful Wife would wake up and help!
  11. Last time we went through Houston eastbound and down on I-10 in our MH, towing, we stayed in the HOV lane versus TxTG and I was sure to be there when going through the checkpoints. But, we got to one checkpoint where there were only two TxTg lanes and no lane labeled HOV. We went through of course, but about 5 weeks later I got a bill for $36! Don
  12. "Hold my beer and watch this!" Don
  13. This all makes my head woozzie. I think I'll have a couple of shots around 5 o'clock! Don
  14. Don't get me started. There are bourbon distilleries all over Texas. Spirits, yes. Bourbon, yes. But, if Congress says it, it must be correct!!!!! Yeah, right! Don
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