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  1. 10/4 Carl, my chainsaw has been busy in this cool weather. Lots of firewood being stacked. Maintenance on ranch vehicles, mowers, etc. Plus, carry out from some of the local eateries to give them some support. We really feel for them right now. Tough times for them. Don
  2. Only 1 confirmed in Mason County and he actually resides in Houston. Has a Mason County address. He talked to the local County Judge and said he was over the virus this past week. So, now, 0 confirmed. We are quarantined in a zero zero environment with tons of bluebonnets and spring floral and fauna. Don
  3. Carl, Likewise, we are headed for our ranch in Mason County for a while to escape all of the HEB jeebies. Nothing but bluebonnets, cows, and sunsets. Don
  4. triglycerides? Is that a new Blue Bell flavor?? Don
  5. Carl, as long as you can get a Storms Burger and fries to go life should be fine. Don
  6. I am truly befuddled and confused with all of the closings, cancellations, shelter in place rules, etc. This is not intended to be a rant, nor a political statement by any means. I just wonder if I am missing something with all of the reactions to this Covid-19 virus versus the annual and seasonal flu. Here is an article by and about Michael Levitt, a Nobel laureate and Stanford biophysicist. The following statement was taken from the article. "But he also blames the media for causing unnecessary panic by focusing on the relentless increase in the cumulative number of cases and spotlighting celebrities who contract the virus. By contrast, the flu has sickened 36 million Americans since September and killed an estimated 22,000, according to the CDC, but those deaths are largely unreported." https://www.latimes.com/science/story/2020-03-22/coronavirus-outbreak-nobel-laureate So, why is our country at a standstill over Covid-19, with 46,548 cases and 540 deaths versus the flu with 36 million cases and 22,000 deaths? These numbers just don't make any sense to me. What am I missing? Don
  7. Exactly Herman. Ours is a 2009 Newmar Allstar 4188 with a lift and a back door. Bathroom is totally wheelchair accessible and my wife can push her wheelchair down the aisle when the slides are in. Only three of these made by Newmar at that time. However, Newmar has been making wheelchair accessible units since then in the Canyon Star and Dutch Star models. Maybe more. We met Maylon Miller in Nappannee, IN in 2010 and asked him to continue making these models. I guess he thought about it and took it to heart. Don
  8. Thanks Brett. And, thanks to the other replies. Don
  9. Going from 1,100 ft. to 8,000-9,500 feet and temps from 90's to 40's lowered my tire pressures 5 to 8 psi. Should I adjust to the pressures I usually carry? Don
  10. Thanks to all. I will test for power and see if I can extend the cylinder that way. Don
  11. Herman it is the inside step cover.
  12. Herman, i guess I wasn’t clear enough. This issue has to do with the inside steps at the front door, not the wheelchair lift. Don
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