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  1. I read somewhere that hogs can double their population every 8 months. You would have to kill something like 2/3 of them to stay even with their current population. Impossible. I have trail cams on our ranch in the Hill Country of Texas. They can show up most any time of day but are mostly nocturnal. I have several pictures that show as many as 30-40 hogs in a group. They come and go from ranch to ranch tearing up fencing where they cross and crops along the way. Other wildlife usually will not associate with them. I have personally seen deer at one of our feeders and when hogs come in the deer leave. They must be pretty repulsive for a deer to leave corn on the ground and trot off. But, their hams and backstraps are good to eat. Enjoy your day and kill a hog! There are only two types of landowners in Texas. One who has hogs and one who is about to have hogs! Don
  2. Jim, I think a call would be better. They seem pretty old school when we were there. Who knows? There is a great trout fishing stream on their ranch land next to the park. They allowed me to fish there. It was mid May, and snowing when I walked over there to wet a hook. Don
  3. You bet. We have stayed at Bauers Canyon Ranch RV Park in Glendale, UT several times. Very nice family run place with about 20 sites. Very friendly people and very convenient to Bryce and Zion. We highly recommend this park. Don
  4. All good comments and many good suggestions. As a businessman and past president of several trade organizations I have learned that a Board of Directors basically knows very little about what the membership wants, especially in a large membership organization like FMCA. 70,000 members is HUGE. Listen to the percentages. If only 20% belong to a chapter, don't spend any money supporting chapters. Let the chapters support themselves. If a significant percentage don't go to rallies or conventions, don't support them beyond the support of the attendees. I resent paying my dues when I know a significant portion of them goes toward programs I will never use. A far better system, it would seem to me, is to price basic membership dues with options to add other subscriptions. Even if the $25 for FMCAssist goes to $35 on a choice basis I am sure those that want it will still subscribe at the higher figure. Thought should be given to adding even more "discount" programs. With 70,000 members FMCA HAS to be enticing to partner with to numerous RV and Travel related companies. The more the merrier. This is what will grow membership IMHO. "You want that lithium battery/solar panel combo package for $4,900? How about joining FMCA for $45/year and get it from our lithium/solar panel partner for $4,120?" This kind of incentive driven membership program is what will halt the bleeding and will grow the organization membership to 100,000. For heaven's sake folks, there are more RVs being manufactured per day than ever before. Think outside the box and sign them up with give away memberships on ANY new coach or trailer for a year and beat the bushes for discount partners such as mentioned above. There are potentially dozens. After a short while RV owners will figure out they can't afford NOT to be a member of FMCA. As they say, "re-imagine the organization". The old ways are gone!! Give them choices they WANT. Don't make them pay for benefits they DON'T WANT. It is insanity to continue doing the same thing month in and month out and expecting different results. On the contrary, they will be the same results as you are experiencing now. Loss in members. THIS CAN BE TURNED AROUND!! But not by faith alone or cheering on the sidelines. Radical changes need to be made. NOW. Just my 2 cents. Don
  5. You bet I am!! But very jealous that I'm still in Texas in August and a lot of my friends are in Colorado! We have all but given up on getting to CO this year although we may sneak up there in late September and maybe to Davis Mountains and Lajitas, TX. It depends on RV park availability and completing a bunch of things I have going on here. We're planning a trip to Banff and Vancouver next Spring but that, too, may be put on hold because of campground availability there and along the way. Hey, I'm not getting any younger. This virus stuff needs to be contained so we can all get on with traveling. Are you going to Telluride? Don
  6. I have to agree with Richard. We have never had a problem in the West. We have had numerous problems in the East, along with attitude problems with Eastern RV Parks and Campgrounds. Just too many people there.
  7. Blanksam Sounds like a nice trip. I would recommend IH-70 right through Denver and the mountains. It is gorgeous scenery. There are some steep grades but nothing you can't handle in your Open Road. It would be nice to detour off of IH-70 on Hwy 191 in Utah to see Arches National Park, Canyonlands NP, Capitol Reef NP, drive Hwy 12 over the Hogback Highway then see Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park before heading north to Salt Lake. I can't help you with the best route to Glacier. We plan to go there ourselves next spring on our way to Banff, Alberta. Don
  8. Thanks to all. Rather embarrassing to let this get in this condition. I will see how it charges and holds a charge. Thank you all for your comments. Don
  9. akadeadeye


    I am usually very good about checking my liquid cell house batteries the first of every month. This spring/summer I somehow let it go 3 months. I checked them today and 3 of the four needed just a little water. The fourth was completely dry. All three cells were well below the plates if not all the way dry. These are Interstate batteries about 2 years old. I have never seen any water level below the plates before. Is this battery toast? Faulty battery? Don
  10. 10/4 Carl, my chainsaw has been busy in this cool weather. Lots of firewood being stacked. Maintenance on ranch vehicles, mowers, etc. Plus, carry out from some of the local eateries to give them some support. We really feel for them right now. Tough times for them. Don
  11. Only 1 confirmed in Mason County and he actually resides in Houston. Has a Mason County address. He talked to the local County Judge and said he was over the virus this past week. So, now, 0 confirmed. We are quarantined in a zero zero environment with tons of bluebonnets and spring floral and fauna. Don
  12. Carl, Likewise, we are headed for our ranch in Mason County for a while to escape all of the HEB jeebies. Nothing but bluebonnets, cows, and sunsets. Don
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