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  1. Having read the above problems with the Pilot/Flying J process of using the Frequent Fueler Advantage card I don't feel like the lone ranger. I too pulled into the truck lanes for diesel fuel and had quite a go around with the Pilot/Flying J establishment. I was told to leave my Discover card with the clerk and was asked how much I wanted. I told her that I wanted to fill up. She said how much will that be. I said I don't know as yet. Just leave the pump open until I finish filling the tank. She said that I had to give her a dollar amt. in order for her to turn the pump on. I told her $100.00 knowing that this was insufficient for my needs, but I didn't want to go higher not really knowing how much it would be. After fueling I went back inside to get my discount and was told that there is no discount allowed until I have used 500 gallons. Then the computer would recognize me and then allow the discount. I tried to explain to her just what was explained to at the Perry Rally, but again to no avail. Also, the above post noted that Pilot/Flying J has the highest fuel cost to the public by anywhere from 2 cents to 9 cents per gallon. Bottom line is I personally don't care if I never see another P/FJ. I would just as soon support the little guy. Thanks for this opportunity to express my self concerning an issue that was presented one way at the Perry Rally, but P/FJ was not aware of it.
  2. Dave Letzinger, drafted in Oct. of 66'. Trained at Fort Leonard, Mo. U.S.Army. Arrived at Fort Bragg, N.C. Jan. 67'. Assigned to Logistics Married at the time for 5 years, I was older than most everyone there. Recieved orders for Vietnam to arrive August 18th, 1967. Spent my tour at Cu Chi. Served one year to the day. Made E-5, Buck Sergeant. Served with the 25th Infantry Div., 25th Medical Batt. Charlie Co. Rotated back to the world on August 18th, 1968. Received an early out by 57 days. A BIG WELCOME HOME TO ALL VETS.
  3. Great question. Perfect answer. I just purchased my Winny and it was explained to me the same manner as above. I to would have wondered what the proper method would be to start and stop the ginny. I finally got around to reading the manual that of course had the answer. But, it was good that it was pointed out to me prior to running the ginny.
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