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  1. We are halfway through a Fort Worth - Fairbanks - Forth Worth trip and have nothing but good things to say about ReadyBrake. After a couple hours of installation at home it now takes less than a minute to hook up the cables and be ready to roll. It worked great passing through the Canadian Rockies and was even tolerant of the dreaded "frost heaves"! Nothing hooks to the electrical system so no battery drain at all. No box pushing against the seat or seat frame to install every day. Plus the cost is about half of the competition. In my opinion ReadyBrake is a prime example of the Keep It Simple System (KISS)!
  2. Moonwink is right on target when he says everyone should do their own investigaton. About 2 months prior to my GMAC coverage expiring I sent emails to every broker and company listed in FMCA. About half of them replied and I eventually cut that number to 11 brokers and companies that I provided enough data for them to provide a quote. Long story short after 45 days my decision became obvious based on coverage, price, and confidence in the company and most especially the broker. I was amazed at the range of quotes I initially received. We are talking DOUBLE from lowest to highest for the same coverage! IMO a broker is better than going direct to a company. Why, because his future business relies on keeping me happy. So if any negotiations need to be comleted while settling a claim he will be more likely to look out for my best interest. Another thing I learned was you DO NOT always get the same quote from different representatives of the same company. The company that I eventually went with through the broker also sent me a quote which was about 10% higher than the one I got through the broker. I should add that I am not a full timer, yet. I was looking for rates based on less than 150 days a year useage. I would also like to add that I could not as a veteran consider Progressive. Do a snopes search for Peter Lewis, the Progressive founder, and you will understand my position. (Does the name George Soros mean anything?) Good luck to you all in your search and feel confident that your efforts will be rewarded!
  3. Another agent that is familiar with RV insurance is Ron Jarvie out of Scottsdale. He is working up a policy for me which is considerably less expensive that my GMAC quote through Good Sam. Overland Insurance Services 480-994-9584 or 800-677-4027 ron@rvins.com
  4. ragftw

    Valve Stem Extensions

    Clay, Thanks for the input. Between you and the guys on IRV2 it looks like I will be making an order for DuallyValves. I shredded an inside dual once on another Pace Arrow and the cost to repair the wheel well was $2200. When I look at it in that context DuallyValves are a cheap investment! bob g
  5. I have braided valve stem extensions on my inside duals and can not get a pressure reading on one side. I can confirm the tire is not flat but can not check pressure nor add air. Every indicaton I have is the valve core inside the tire is stuck. The braided extension has a core with a very long spring that is probably supposed to press on the core in the tire. Is it normal to leave the core in the tire when using braided extensions? Has anyone had any luck unsticking an inside dual core without dismounting the outside tire?
  6. Does anyone have experience with the RVIbrake system? I like what I read but would appreciate some user opinions. Thanks, bob g
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