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  1. Hello Fellow Vets, I always thought it was hilarious that being in the Navy, the only shore duty I ever drew was thirteen months in Danang, Vietnam. From July 1965 through August 1966. Seems like a hundred years ago. May all of you have a great day & a long trouble free life.I respect each & everyone of you for answering the call of our great nation when it needed you. Sincerly, Wayne & Deborah
  2. Near the top of the fluid reservoir, there is a fluid level switch.The fluid level must touch that switch before the jacks down light will go off.My system uses dexron auto trans fluid. Your owners manual will specify what type of fluid your system uses. Also on my system that fluid level switch must be screwed out to fill the reservoir.It's a small hole without much room around it, so I use an eight ounce syringe with a six inch piece of flexible hose attached to the needle end. At least twice a year, I have to add 4-8 ounces of fluid.
  3. I've been camping for over thirty five years. I've had a hundred more instances with loud obnoxious teenage children than with the neighbors dogs. However,for those who refuse to pickup their dogs solid waste, I have a special dislike. To me nothing is more distasteful than trying to eat outside my camper while smelling animal waste. I make every attempt to treat my camping neighbor with the respect I expect from him in return.
  4. Thirty seven years ago, I lived in Wildwood,Florida. I worked at a Dean Power Oil Co. gas station. We had hundreds of windshields to clean everyday.We kept buckets of water mixed with ammonia at the pumps.This mixture & a long handle soft bristle brush removed the love bugs easily.Have a great camping day! Wayne & Deborah
  5. Six years ago Camping World installed every single thing you can imagine on my 33' Southwind to stabilize the steering & handling at a very healthy price. Nothing really did the trick. Four years ago a neighbor camper in a campground told me to install PST polyurethane bushings in my front & rear stabilizer bars. The wife & I installed them ourselves. The result was amazing.It's a pleasure to drive now. Everytime I hit the road, I am still amazed at how good it drives & handles. Have a great camping day! Wayne & Deborah P.S. This company carries polyurethane bushings for the P30 chassis. I'm sure other companies would carry them for other brands of motorhomes. http://www.suspension.com/g_m_trk_2wd.htm
  6. The wife & I like the KOA right across the Cooper River bridge in Mt.Pleasant. A ten minute drive to the old slave mart located in downtown Charleston. Might as well go have a look at the salvaged Hunley sub while you're in Charleston.You won't run out of things to do in Charleston.Have a great camping day! Wayne & Deborah
  7. If your carb is a Rochester Quadrajet & bogs when the secondaries open, the secondaries are opening too fast. It's also known that old spark plugs & plug wires can cause the problem you are experiencing.
  8. The accelerator pump only works for the primaries, not the secondaries.
  9. Depending on how your mirrors are set up,sometimes a small car passing on your right will be out of view. Many class A homes such as mine has a small glass at the floor level on the right side. This will enable you to see a car out of view in your mirrors. Sometimes it is hectic even for me while driving on the interstate through the Atlanta,Ga. bypass. Everyone is driving twenty mph over the speed limit & many have very little respect even for a large class A motorhome. Sometimes making a lane change is nearly impossible. Take your time, keep an eye on your rear view camera monitor, both sets of mirrors & your little right side window especially if you're driving in the center lane on the interstate. I don't drive in the center lane normally, but it's necessary sometimes as I need plenty of time to decipher where the next exit gets off. My better half does quite well if I,in the passenger seat, help her spot traffic when she is ready to make a lane change. Of course driving on the open interstate is much easier. Also driving on two lane scenic roads has it's on set of things to watch. Most two lane roads now have a painted line near the edge of the road. By watching that line in your lower right hand mirror you can keep the rig from dropping off the edge of the road. As with any vehicle,if the rig drops off the right side of the road, do not jerk back to the left.Stay straight and ease back on the road. I have been driving a class a since 1980 and no accidents yet. I am getting older though, so even I have to be more careful. At some point in time the wife will become the full time driver as we don't plan on giving up our travels any time soon. Have a great camping day! Wayne & Deborah
  10. My wife has driven our 33' Southwind a few times.She drives it very well I think, although I get a little nervous if I'm riding with her down a busy interstate with traffic passing on both sides. Setup at the park is fairly simple & she has watched me do it a hundred times. I'll give you a laymans list of how we setup. First of all, a pull through site is much easier than a back-in site if you are not experienced in backing your rig.Just remember to use your mirrors when driving or backing the rig.Most people at a campground will gladly assist you in backing your rig into a parking site. #1 - Get the rig parked,being careful that trees or post etc. are not in the way of your slide outs.Also make sure nothing is in the way of lowering your awning. You shouldn't have to worry too much about the position of the water and power supply as you should have ample reach from your water hose & power cord. #2 - Once you have the rig in a good overall position for all hookups,apply your parking brake & start up your leveling system.Your owners manual will explain in detail how to level the rig. #3 - Plug in to the power pole making sure the breaker switches are turned on. #4 - Hook up your water hose through a regulator if you have one & turn the water on. #5 - If there is a sewer connection at the site, hook the sewer hose to it & your rig. #6 - Lower your awning if you desire. #7 - Inside the rig,cut on the propane safety switch,start your hotwater heater,make sure the fridge is on,bleed the faucets of entrapped air. #8 - Sit down,take a breather look over your setup check list for anything you may have forgotten. Note: It is important that you read & remember your owners manuals until you are familiar with your rig. I haven't posted every single thing in detail that needs to be done,I or any others here will be happy to answer all of your questions. Have a great camping day! Wayne & Deborah
  11. In Georgia,we like Mistletoe State Park. Wayne & Deborah http://www.gastateparks.org/Mistletoe
  12. If you are fond of pretty white beaches try Huntington Beach State Park at Murrells Inlet S.C. It's located about fifteen miles south of Myrtle Beach. It's very quiet with a long beach to walk or shell hunt.
  13. Several years ago the rubber roof on my 33' Southwind did the same thing,plus the seams started to crack. Tony's RV in Lexington,S.C. removed everything on the roof (ie.) both air conditioners etc. & repaired all the problems. Once the bubbles & seams were done, they coated the entire roof with the factory approved sealant. Every thing removed was reinstalled with all new gaskets & sealant.The top looked great & I haven't had any regrets concerning having it done.The worry about possible leaks etc. has been removed from my mental list of possible problems. It took two days to accomplish & cost $1100.00.
  14. In this state you would have to register it as a water vessel,carry onboard a paddle,an anchor,life preservers,& install the proper bow & stern lighting. Not to mention finding a clean lake with no rock or stump hazards.I'm getting too old to try & paddle a 30,000 lb.vessel back to shore when the engine quits.
  15. That's a real neat motorhome, but I'm guessing it would take the resources of Donald Trump to acquire it. Thanks for posting it. I'll never own one in this life time. LOL
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