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  1. We are looking at used diesel pushers. We have an opportunity to buy a 2004 Damon Ultra Sport that is in exceptional condition. Just want to know if anyone knows anything about these motorhomes and their opinion on them. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks for your help!
  2. I am in the process of buying a 2010 Georgetown Forest River Motor Home (Model 378TS). I just wanted to know if any of you own this type Class A and what your opinion is. It seems like a great motor home but would like some feedback from current owners or those considering purchasing this type of RV. This manufacturer seems to be one of the leading coaches in the marketplace. I have not been a Motor home owner in about 10 years. Things have obviously changed during that time period. So information would be appreciated. Thanks for your replies.
  3. Hi; I just bought an RV and I'm looking to purchase a satellite system. I currently have Dish Network at home. I was at an RV Parts Store and picked up a brochure on Trackvision Slimline Series. I'm looking for something that works while I'm moving down the road. Has anyone purchased one of these ... and how happy are you with the results? What other systems would you recommend and why? Obviously, Cost is a factor and the TracVision System is pretty expensive... is it worth it? Thanks for your comments and help. James
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