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  1. Back to the question about plasma tvs...plasma uses a LOT of electricity, and get very hot. Enough that I would worry about things being damaged near a larger one (think delamination, that kind of thing). Personally, I prefer the display of most plasma over most non-plasma, but the huge elect & heat problems keep me from putting it in the RV. I have one mounted on the wall in the stick house, though.
  2. I bought a 2004 FourWinds FunMover 39C a few months ago. The dealer said it had heaters on the black/grey/fresh tanks. Now that I have it home, and am starting to think about our annual holiday drive through zero degree weather, I'm starting to doubt what he told me. (It wouldn't have been a deal-breaker if he had said no heaters.) I want to check for myself. Does anybody know that they have heaters installed? I'm wondering what signs there might be...I haven't yet gone looking for more wires than just the level guages, but if someone has seem heaters before, I'd like to hear what they were like, as well as whether they worked. Thanks! Mike
  3. Sounds to me like you have a wiring problem...either behind the control panel (assuming the switches for all 4 slides and jacks are next to each other) or in the mechanical compartment below. When we picked up our MH (2004, we got it in June 2010), the dealer was having trouble with the slide. They replaced the solenoid that controlled the movement, and called it fixed. A few weeks later (on the road, of course) it started refusing to retract just like at the dealer. I went down and looked at the shiny new solenoid, trying see if it 'burned out' again. There was a wire running from one of the hydraulic pump's switches (sensors? not sure what it really is) that had a junction it; it was a disconnect. Well, I jiggled that junction, and low and behold the slide worked great again. A week or two later, same symptom, and again nudging the junction seemed to fix it. So, I found a way to orient the wire so that the junction wasn't swinging out in space, and haven't any problems since.
  4. I recently ran across these somewhere else: Tandem Tow Looks pretty nice. Trying to find them again to list here, I ran across a dealer for them: Discount Trailers Mike
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