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  1. We are taking 2 weeks in the summer to head to Yellowstone Park. Stopping to see the Badlands, Mt Rushmore, Cody Wyoming. We begin the trip in PA. Any suggestions on roads to use and roads to stay away from and campgrounds to use. Have a 40' Phaeton with a tow vehicle. This will be first big trip. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. We use direct tv and had a problem recently. We did not use our direct tv for about a month and when we turned it on there was no tv service. I called them and was told that if we do not use it for a certain time period, it does not update. If it does not update then the service is turned off. It must be plugged in and used in order for the updates to continue. He told me if it happens again, I must call and ask them to turn it back on. Just a fact of having a satelite dish I guess. It happens in our home with our one receiver in the spare bedroom. If it's not used, I have to re-program it. Hope this helps.
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