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  1. I am back from a summer touring Alaska and western Canada. I am currently in west central Washington State. As has been amply defined in this forum and others our DirectTV viewing was cut off after traveling into British Columbia, i e no signal. I was prepared for this and shut off the Kingdome 9760/9762 satellite mounted on the rear roof of my class A motorhome. Since returning to the lower 48 I have been unable to get a satellite signal from DirectTV. I have only subscribed to standard definition broadcasts and the receiver only is installed, no HD, no DVR. The service has been paid up to date, I have confirmed with DirecTV C/S that my account is still active. My kingdome searches and finds the 101 satellite, locks on successfully, but the Kingdome controller reports signal strengths of mid 40's to sometimes low 60's. On the satellite setup, for transponder signal strength, I show transponder reception on every other transponder at 70+. I get no TV reception. DirectTV C/S tells me I can't get a signal if the Kingdome controller is only showing 40-60 signal strength, that I need 70+ and it must be Kingdome's problem. But the transponders signal fall into this range. I have set the Kingdome controller to 1-Northwest on the location grid displayed in their manual. I have recalibrated the Kingdome according to User Manual instructions with no improvement and I have changed physical location (this started in Mount Vernon WA and continues into Centralia WA) I have talked with other RVers in the same parks and many are getting a signal successfully with their Kingdome. DirectTV then goes on to say they can't help any further because I'm in an RV. They will only send a technician to a bricks and sticks house. I put a call into King Controls, (Kingdome) but they called me back while I was traveling so we didn't connect. I am hoping someone out there can help identify some possible solutions or ideas to get me back onto the DirectTV system? Cathe 2005 ALFA See Ya Gold
  2. I agree with Joel, the Hydo Hot is a great motorcoach heating system that I used in my 2005 ALFA this past two weeks extensively in Houston Texas. It keeps the water hot and the coach warmed during the 29 degree temperatures on December 4th when it snowed. It is both hot water as described earlier and forced air heating in the living areas of the coach. My coach has three zones controlled by individual thermostats. My system warms the tile floor in the bath, kitchen and commode area making those late nigh trips to the head almost enjoyable. But... I have only used it for a week this year and for a few days last year. It is in my opinion the best choice for really low temperatures if you happen to get caught somewhere that snow is not the usual occurance, or.. obviously if cold weather RVing is your thing. The accessibility of the system and a little knowledge will allow the owner to do your own required annual maintenance. I urge you to get the salesman to show you where it is located and get down to where it is to try it out. Maintenance is amply described by Roger Berke in the yahoo group link described in the earlier post. Roger is always available by phone for assistance. He also services them if he is in your area, (frequently at conventions). Aqua Hot web site also lists the certified facilities that can help. The key to the hydro hot is to recognize that it runs off your diesel supply, requires Boiler Coolant diluted to a specified specific gravity, not Antifreeze in the tank and runs best if you keep up the maintenance religiously. Again Roger Berke has diagrams, explanations and FAQ's. Good Luck Cathe
  3. I am close by and the news was filled with the events as they became known. My greatest grief is to learn that the shooter is an Army Physician (Major 0-4) with a specialty in Psychiatry who was on the team that evaluated and helped deploying and returning soldiers. The shooting occurred within the building where deploying/returning servicemembers are evaluated by physicians as one of the last steps before deployment and the first steps after return from Iraq and Afganistan. The dealth toll as of this date is 13 dead and 30 wounded. The 12 dead include, a Reservist Male Nurse from San Diego, a retired Army Physicians Assistant working as a contractor, 3 women including one servicewoman who was pregnant and going home on maternity leave and a LtCol Physicians Assistant. There were heroes this day as soldiers quickly reacted to put their lifesaving skills to work helping their comrades. The shooter was brought down but not killed by an on duty Policewomen who was a first responder and became one of the wounded. The shooter has been moved to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, to remove him from the hospital in Killeen, Texas where many of the wounded are being cared for. The President has ordered all flags at half staff for 4 days and the State of Texas has placed all flags at half staff for the same period. As Seajay always says: God Bless our service members and bring them home safely. Home shouldn't be where you lose your life after surviving Iraq and Afganistan.
  4. To Seajay and all other Veterans; I want to take a moment and raise your awareness of a tribute to women who are presently and have served this country in uniform in many roles and functions since the beginning of our history. I am a member of the organization named: Women in Military Service to America , which has a memorial at the Arlington National Cemetery. The Web Site is: http://www.womensmemorial.org/. Its purpose is: "This web site is about the Women's Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery. The Women's Memorial is a unique, living memorial honoring all military women - past, present and future - and is the only major national memorial honoring women who have served in our nation's defense during all eras and in all services. Work on the Memorial was in progress for about 11 years and it was dedicated October 18, 1997. Some 200,000 people visit the Memorial annually. We hope you'll visit, too, when you're in Washington, D.C. This memorial has been privately funded since it's inception and this memorial was recently pulled back from the brink of closure by the generous gifts of more then 200 former military and civilian women who gave money so the memorial could continue. Anyone can visit the memorial and learn of the work and sacrifice of millions of women who have served this country, many with the same distinction as our male counterparts. I hope all of you will add the Memorial to your itinerary if you travel to Washington, D.C., in the future. Any of you so inclined can go to the web site and donate using the link in the red banner at the top of the page. I still hope other women who are or have served in any capacity join us on the Veterans forum and sound off on your contributions. If you are not aware of the Womens Memorial visit the web page and visit when you are in Washington, D.C.
  5. 10/2/09 Update: The final cause written up on the invoice: "Cylinder Block Conn Rod Bolt/Capscrew Misassembled" "#4 Rod Cap Bolt fell out and was found in the Oil pan. The Rod broke the block" The list of damage goes on for a paragraph. I will paraphase the worst items identified: " Head, turbo, upper and lower gasket sets, Cam damaged, 2 tappets, 2 pushtubes, 3 injectors, .... Lube pump, oil cooler, various soft plugs, nuts and bolts. Cummins invoiced itself $11,649 Parts + $5490 Labor. Thank God for warranties!!!
  6. Hi Gentlemen, The description by Tom Butler fits closer to the pictures that I was shown from the Cummins internal catalog. I am going to ask the shop supervisor if he can print me the pictures. Thanks Brett, I Will Double check on the recall with them, but I suspect there was enough damage internally that many parts have been replaced. I am going to ask about additional warranty or extended warranty on this new engine. It is fully covered under the 5 year warranty. So my costs are only the additional items I asked them to do for me while the engine was out of the coach body. I did have them replace the air filter while it was out ( 2 years since the change but checked at each maintenance) and I asked them to specifically look at each belt and hose and replace anything that looked the least bit worn. In my latest phone call the supervisor is telling me the ALFA will be ready to go Friday, October 2. I am so ready to leave Las Vegas!!! Cathe
  7. Hi all. I have looked all over the Internet for a blown-up picture of the Cummins ISL 400 HP Turbo Diesel engine, and am probably not using the best search parameters. The ALFA threw a piston rod through the engine block in southern Utah on my first trip as a full-timer. Long story short, got her to Cummins in Las Vegas, where they tore it apart and found that a "screw" -- "one of two" -- had fallen out of something that connects the rod to the crankshaft. The tech showed me the Cummins online catalog of parts, but he went so fast I missed half of it. It doesn't appear as if there was anything I could have done to prevent it. He said in nine years he has seen two similar events. But I would like to find a picture of this part for my own education. They have ordered a "short block" and are rebuilding the engine. Your help is appreciated.
  8. Yes, Doc Mike there are Nurses out here!! One: Cathe Spangler Two: USN-USNR Three: Time in Service: 30 years, 6/1971 to 3/2001: list of duty stations USN: Oakland, Midway Island, Charleston SC, Balboa, NAS Miramar, Guam, NAS Lemoore; USNR: Fleet Hospital 9, 4th Med BN, Medical Logistics-4th Supply BN, 4th FSSG, Camp Pendleton Four: Ensign to Captain Five: Nurse Corps Officer (2900) Charge Nurse to Senior Nurse Executive Six: Serving to Care, Caring to Serve all warriors regardless of branch of service who walked or flew in the lands of Viet Nam, Somalia, and every small conflict in before 9/11.
  9. Brett, I have followed many of your very informative pieces, but I need some more information on the PEAK TORQUE RPM you refer to many times. Can you elaborate on it more for the uninitiated?
  10. I have read several manuals about how to DIY maintenance on Roof Air systems, but my coach has basement air. I have not been able to find a manufacturers manual, among the many other manuals I have found both in the coach and on the Internet. I figure the maintenance needs are the same but I am not clear on where everything is in relation to the whole coach. Anybody have close familiarity with basement systems and their maintenace processes? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I have struggled with this question for sometime. I have two small dogs and two cats at home. I have seen many cats in RVs of many sizes while traveling. How do people get a cat initiated to a rig, and how do you live with them in a rig? What about litter boxes, how do you exercise them, how do you deal with them when they run and hide when the motor starts? I have been able to entice one of my two cats to come into the motorhome while parked in front of the house, but she doesn't stay very long. I have many questions about taking them with me on the road. Perhaps, some of the experienced pet owners can shed some light on the how to's of cats in the RV lifestyle.
  12. Just had an interesting thought... for the 2bcsnowbirds... I have met a few Canadians in and around Yuma and Lake Havasu last year when I spent a few weeks. Lovely people and interesting. Canada has some beautiful places to explore. Do you have any knowledge of Americans traveling the reverse direction to establish domicile in Canada? Americans go to Mexico to live, so why not Canada. What do you think an American would find if they did take that step?
  13. I second this recommendation for the web site: http://www.rvparkreviews.com/. Be careful with the syntax when you enter the name into a search engine. You occasionally end up on a worthless page that has a similar name.
  14. Top... have you heard about the Military Campground web site and software program "Military Campgrounds Directory". Try this web site by Retired military for military: http://www.militarycampgrounds.us/. Complete reviews, and many forums on that site too that might interest you?
  15. ITResC@gmx.com

    Alfa See Ya Gold

    My next home will be this lightly used 2005 Alfa starting in August 2009. Actually I haven't taken a lot of photos of her, I had to look hard to find them.
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