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  1. Thanks for the information on mail forwarding, I have done quite a bit of research & feel for our situation registering in Florida, where our son lives will be the best for us. It will also cut out the SC property tax on out 40' "HOME" Ken & Nancy Stevens
  2. Hello All We are Ken, Nancy Stevens & Katie (four legged variety) FMCA #405689 We are new to FMCA but have been camp hosting in our 40' Newmar Dutch Star for the last two years. We are going to be at Hunting Island SC from April 1 to June 6, 2009 so if you are in the area come by & say HI, we love meeting new people. Ken & I just got married November 8, both of us lost our mates of over 40 yrs in 2005, Ken is retired CSM US Army & I retired from BellSouth after 33 yrs. We are going to host at John Pennekamp in Florida from October 1 to December 1, then visit relatives, wander around Florida until the weather turns warmer then head up to Oregan & Washington State, taking our time & stopping whenever the mood strikes or we see something we want to do in the area. Hope to meet some of you along the way. Safe traveling Nancy & Ken
  3. Bob, Thanks for the reply, we have also made arrangements for auto pay on everything possible, just the credit card we use all the time has to be pulled up & payment sent--of course I also do that from my computer. We are going to be Camp Host at a SC State Park from April 1 thru June 6, then will tool around for a couple of months before we go down to Florida where we will again volunteer at a State Park, this one in the Keys. We have met so many really nice folks & remain friends with quite a few that we met while volunteering. If you ever see our Dutch Star #405689 come over & say HI. Ken & Nancy Stevens F405689
  4. I would love to chat with you about this subject. We find being together 24/7 gives us more chances to discuss all the little things that would get overlooked otherwise.
  5. This is new for me, so if I goof, please let me know. We are Ken, Nancy and Katie Too and have decided to "go for it" and hit the road full-time. We have a 40-foot diesel Dutch Star fondly known as "Miss Froggy." We tow a Saturn "tad pole" and have just recently become the proud owners of a three-wheel golf cart which we named "little bit." So far we have traveled around South Carolina, Georgia and made short visits to Florida. Starting the 28th of this month, we will be traveling full-time, volunteering at state parks, and since Ken is retired military, we will have access to bases in every state. The one big drawback that we see so far is how to get our mail. We have signed up for paperless billing on most everything, but there are still going to be some things that will get mailed. Any suggestions from any of you experienced full-timers? I hope to get some photos posted soon. For now, thanks for any suggestions.
  6. We travel in a 40 diesel & tow a Saturn, have had problems getting around in campgrounds due to "old legs" have tried electric bikes but have now found what we hope is the solution to our problem. Have just purchased a gas powered golf cart that slides into the receiver on the back of our toad--Will be going to a campground this coming weekend & will give it a tryout. Does anyone have another solution to getting around without having to double tow.
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