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  1. I have 2004 Country Coach Allure 36 feet. It has over 175,000 miles on it. Took it back to Junction City a few years ago (2014) and asked about shocks. They said shocks were good. They could adjust them for more sports car ride (stiffer). I had them adjust the shocks and will be going back this year (5 years later). Have to have ride height checked (replaced rods). Plus alignment of both axles, steering wheel centered, and a few other things. Of course, it is Winnebago now. Hope this helps. Bob
  2. The solution was the threaded rod attached to the ride height valve was disconnected. Got new rod and installed. Problem fixed. Thanks for help.
  3. The leveling system (HWH 2000) will not remain in the travel mode. Any suggestions? I have 2004 Country Coach Allure 36 foot class A with Cummins 370. Thank you for any suggestions.
  4. Sorry to hear that. I was lucky, motor home over ten (10) years old and got life time license. I guess Montana is trying to get rid of LLC licensing. Sure sounds as if LLC may not be worth it any longer. I feel sorry for residents of Montana. Florida or South Dakota domicile may be better option, if you can. Best to you and be safe out there.
  5. Need storage for RV and car from end of August to end of October in Los Angeles area. Please provide info on safe and secure storage. Thank you.
  6. Check with Escapees also. They usually have tham at their rallies. The RV safety organization is good advice. They have roving people that visit other rallies and do weighing. Good luck.
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