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  1. 2019 Newmar London Aire: My windshield wiper arms were not torqued properly so when I was in some rain and turned on the wipers the arms became stripped. I have new arms to replace the stripped ones but the driver side bolt/nut access is a problem due to the curvature of the Coach Cap blocking access to the plastic nut cover. The passenger side is easy because the cap is straight and I can flip open the plastic bolt cover. The driver side is difficult as the cap is curving which will not allow me to flip open the plastic cover. I can reach it with a regular wrench but cannot get it with the torque wrench. Any ideas that I am not thinking about?
  2. keigm

    Best RV GPS App

    How do you put your RV in your signature?
  3. I’m just checking on what has been the best RV GPS App you have used so you can avoid getting into trouble with low over-passes and bad roads with your RV.
  4. Thanks, see you in Tucson.
  5. Apologize in advance for this question. We recently purchased a 2019 Newmar London Aire. It has a Gross Weight of approximately 55,000 lbs. We will be going to the FMCA Convention in Tucson next March and will get the coach weighed accurately but until then I need some advice on what tire pressures I should be using until then. We are part time and have the coach moderately loaded up. I would guess our current gross weight is approximately 51K. I know I will need a little margin of safety for our guestamates. Thank you in advance for you advice.
  6. We are looking at traveling to the San Diego area and have a 45’ Class A. Any recommendations on where to stay for a couple of weeks this January?
  7. I had it plugged in 1st with the silver leaf changed from 30 amps to 20 amps since our plug-in was a 20amp plug. I was told it was better to use the Schumacher as it was less likely to throw the GFI. Both systems work when there is power and not when there isn’t. All the breakers were thrown off with the Schumacher on thinking if power was ever lost the batteries would just sit with no draw. I learned that wasn’t the case. Everything is up and going now and all seems to be ok. Thanks for your expertise. Learning how best to take care of these new toys is an education. What seems like to best answer is some sort of remote monitoring system where you can check on it occasionally.
  8. Thanks. Turning the Silver Leaf down to 15 (actually 20, since it was a 20 amp switch) is what I did. I was told it is safer to use a tender so I did that. The Schumacher charger/tender seems to be turned on by setting up std or AGM. All seems to work well with power and goes to **** w/o power. I am not aware of “Rozie” though. Being able to monitor the batteries would be the ticket. I bet Rozie is only on the KA and NA. I have heard of some feature like that and only on those 2 coaches.
  9. I have no idea what could be drawing it down. Thanks for the input. There is a house kill switch but obviously doesn’t kill everything.
  10. Just picked up our 2019 all electric Newmar London Aire and left town for a 2 week cruise. Prior to going I purchased a Schumacher charger/tender (15amp/3amp) and set it for AGM to keep our 8 AGM batteries at charge. It was in the maintenance phase prior to leaving but completely dead on return. I got it moved to a 30 amp plug in spot and after approximately 16 hours it was only at 62%. I will go back and check on it in a few hours and put it back inside and re hook it up to the Schumacher charger/tender to see if it will maintain it. What happened was the owner of the community storage unplugged it and did not reset it to AGM and all the batteries went dead even though I had all the breakers off and the battery disconnect disconnected too. I wonder how much damage was done to the batteries and if they should be de-sulfated and if so how do you do it.
  11. The Best place is on Airport Road “Ruidoso Motor Coach Ranch”. It is Class A only and nice views... Nice hosts.
  12. We are looking to take our 45’ MH to Yellowstone National Park in the Fall of 2020. I know it is too large to park inside Yellowstone so we will be making reservations at Grizzly RV Park in West Yellowstone. We haven’t made the reservations yet and there will be 2 other MH’s same size traveling with us. I would like to learn from some of you who have made the trip and hear your recommendations. Thank you in advance.
  13. Thanks for the info. I think if you are on the road more than 50% of the time you can change to domicile to places like SD, TX, or any other place for that matter. I had heard overall SD is the least expensive but just checking around.
  14. I’ve been trying to figure out the best domicile to claim. We are not Full timers but close. We still want to maintain our home but will be in our RV somewhere between 50-75% of the time traveling around the US. It seems the 3 best places to take advantage of their state laws (legally) are Texas, South Dakota, and Florida. I would like to get some feedback from those with more experience than myself. We have just retired and ready to experience the US. Our state of NM is seriously considering raising just about every tax that one can imagine. It will not be the most afordable place to be retired in.
  15. It is a 50 amp all electric coach. 2800 watt inverter 10,000 watt generator. Residential refrigerator.
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