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  1. My husband and I live in British Columbia, Canada and so a lot of the tax implications etc don't apply to us. However, the discussion on being a full timer is dear to our hearts. My husband currently works 3 days per week but plans to retire next June.....we bought a 2003 40ft motorhome last fall in preparation for this event. We spent Jan & Feb in Arizona this past winter and loved it. We will spend our summers mostly in Canada as there is lots we want to see from BC to New Foundland.....but our winters will be spent in the southern USA. We met some wonderful people this past winter and can't wait to see our new friends again. Everywhere we went, all the American people we came in contact with were so helpful and friendly. Rvers in general are friendly...it seems you automaticlly have one thing is common with them all...your rv and the experiences you can share. We sold our house 2 years ago and downsized into a condo so living with less stuff is partly completed. We will keep some of the furniture because we have been advised by our full timing friends that if our health goes....it might be nice to have a park model somewhere as a home base and because we do need an address to tie us to Canada when we cross the border.And we need to return here to file income tax each April. Spending 2 months in the RV showed us how comfortable we will be and what a relaxing lifestyle it is. We love meeting new people and found staying about 2 weeks in one place was enough to give us the bug to move again. Maybe that will change after we have travelled a few years. Our kids and grandkids think it's great as long as we keep in touch. With email, webcams and facebook we can let them see what we are doing. We met one couple who sold their house and worked 3 more years while living in their 5th wheel so they could top up their saving for their retirement. They were very comfortable and planned to continue full timing after retirement.
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