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  1. Are you sure they are HWH? I had a 96 Itasca and I am sure the rods were stainless steel. My 2000 Discovery are Power Gear. I had to replace the right front jack several years ago and there is, or was a rebuild kit. Mine had corrosion on the hyd. rod which rendered it scrap. It was a better deal to just buy the whole thing new. Not cheap!! My problem was that the design of those jacks left an area about 3/8 in. between the seal and the end of the tube where salt and dirt could collect. Then when the jack is run up and down it tears up the seal. The newer one I got from the factory had a dust seal at the end of the tube and a grease fitting on the side to keep this area clean. Don't know why but my rear jacks came this way. They told me to apply Lithium base grease (reg. auto grease would damage the seals) to the rods when they were extended so it would deposit around the seals when retracted.
  2. I had the same problem in the front drivers side slider. I talked to the place in Fla. and they sounded very reliable but you need an appointment several mo.in advance. I did a jury-rigged fix because I could not see out to use the mirror. I drilled a couple holes approx .06 diameter at an upward angle about 1 in. from the bottom of the glass then did the same at the top. The heat (convection) vented the steam and it has worked for 2 years. Not very professional but cost "0" and had nothing to loose.
  3. OPPS senior moment. That's Trojan not Trogan Yesterday I couldn't even spell comparuter now I are a IT specialist!!
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