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  1. Hope okay under this post. Our water heater suddenly started leaking last night. Felt wet carpet and discovered water in the cabinet. Turned everything off and checked outside. Water dripping from pop-off valve. 1989 Beaver Marquis. Not sure if leak in tank or just the valve. Camping world tomorrow. Thoughts on tank or valve?
  2. We have a 1989 Beaver Marquis with a CAT 3208 turbo diesel. When we lift the bed and look down at the engine there appears to be small puddles of oil possibly from a valve cover gasket leak, leaking onto the exhaust manifold and smoking from the heat. Has anyone else had this problem? How difficult is it to replace the gaskets and what is the approximate cost? Access seems like it could be an issue. Thanks. Ted
  3. We are hoping to tow our Saab convertible when we finally retire in 18 months. We went to look at a dolly last weekend and when we started to drive the car onto it, the undercarriage at the front of the car nearly scraped before we got it close to getting onto the dolly. Is there some type of dolly that works for vehicles with less clearance underneath? We know the ideal would be to find a 4 WD vehicle but really want to take our little red convertible down south with us. Thanks for your input. Ted
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