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  1. Just refilled with LP Gas. 24.5 Gallon in 6 days and 22 hours. It is getting costly not to winterize the coach. I have dropped the temperature to 50 degrees, the measurements of the temperature different places is giving a max drop of 6 degrees compared to the setting on the thermostat. I should be good to go with a setting of 40-45 degrees too.
  2. Thanks for all your responses. I have kept the thermostat at 65 degrees in the coach for now, the utility compartment have a heater and it is currently on when the temperature dropped to 15 degrees this morning. Even with all the Christmas shopping preparation is it still fun to sit in our new motorhome in the drive way :-). I bought 2 of these Target Remote thermometer and have one in the utility bay and one inside the coach. the reach is long enough to have one station inside the house at my computer desk and another outside in the coach. I can move the remote units around to test different temperatures. The utility bay is this morning at 66 degrees with the heater engaged. My measurements so far is that I went through 22 gallons of LP gas in 12 days with thermostat at 68 degrees. With an average outside temperature of around 40 degrees. My biggest concern is the waterline for the ice maker (outside of the refrigerator, behind the access panel) and the rear of the washer/dryer since the circulation in the enclosed closet is low and could drop the temperature. But I will use my remote thermometer to test these places too. I really like the idea with the small water containers different places it would give an early warning since the hoses are pressurized and freeze at lower temperatures. I got another small problem with the slide outs. I was trying to pull them in (reduce space to be heated and surface area), but the awning on top is now covered with 1/2 inch of ice. I guess I need to wait for a warm day to melt the ice or knock it off from the roof :-). The good part about Atlanta is it will be 53 degrees Thursday so everything should be back to normal. Up north this temperature would be expected next time in April. If you want to can you follow our Driveway here. I'm pretty sure my neighbors really love me for parking the Motorhome (and all the other cars) in front of the house. But it is only temporary when it is this cold.
  3. I will be using our coach multiple times during the winter, going to warm places. We live in Atlanta and currently have a couple of cold days (lowest 20 degrees at night), but normally never get freezing more than a few days or during the night. Is it OK to leave the coach like this with the holding tanks empty and no external water. I have turned the electric water heater and heater in holding tank compartment on. What temperature would you set the thermostat for? How low can I go? Do anyone have experience with the consumption of LP Gas at lower temperatures?
  4. The newer flat screen have very good sound. I'm not sure where the sound actually exit, but the quality is much better than the Sony 24" that was replaced (much more full sound with bass). The new TV still allow to connect to the surround sound in the coach. I would not pay extra for speakers in front. It also takes a lot of room. The 4 inches cut from the bottom of the cabinet makes a huge difference. It took a day to finish rebuilding the cabinet (except staining the bottom of the sides that is still not done).
  5. I found out that the power when switching from External Power to Inverter or Inverter to Generator is not clean enough for the computer to keep on running. I will have to add a UPS to the setup too. But there is plenty of more space to work with and I will weld a frame for hanging it from the coach frame above like the computer. Even with the UPS will I still be 15 pounds less than the original 24" Sony CRT. With Windows 7 Ultimate is Media Center included too. this is a really nice feature for playing music and video stored on the computer. A simple remote is enough to navigate in the application. I also took the VCR out and have a TV receiver card in the computer too. With the right software is the computer able to record TV too. I have more high resolution pictures here.
  6. Yes, the TV has 4 HDMI inputs. I have a computer with HDMI out carrying both sound and picture in a single cable. I have a Snapstream Firefly remote (for the computer) and a Adesso Keyboard when typing is required. Snapstream Firefly Adesso Keyboard Also upgraded DVD to upscaling versions with HDMI. Pioneer DV420V-K Region Free DVD
  7. I really took this as inspiration for the TV upgrade of our newly aquired 2004 Beaver Santiam. With the 24" CRT up front and a 20" CRT in the back, with analog receivers, there was a lot to be gained. In the front I both replaced the TVs and cut 4 inches of the bottom of the front cabinet (makes a difference when you are 6'2"). I built a custom mount with hinges, which allows to the back when the TV is taken out of the mounting. With the stand can the TV also be taken outside when viewing the race in the sun or while grilling :-). Before and after pictures: With all the extra space (and weight saved) was there also room to add a desktop computer behind the screen. The rear 20" TV was also replaced with a 26" LED-LCD, this was really easy with a swivel mount inside the cabinet. Now there is a huge amount of extra storage too. The total weight saving in the front is approximately 30 pound and 40 in the rear.
  8. Complete new to RV'ing, but just bought our first motorhome. I was so surprised of the nice act by Wal-Mart to let RV'er overnight in their parking lot for free. Please tell these people that they are potentially hurting every RV'er out there with a stupid law suit. Don't open your door at night when parking at your own risk. If you want security go to a paid camp ground.
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