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  1. Thanks tireman9, I appreciate your input. probably going to take a chance on 275/70R22.5 Continental HSR2 SA. I couldn't find any positive info on the 275/70/22.5 MultiZ.
  2. Trying to get good information on these MultiZ tires has been exhausting. I'm looking to replace all 6 tires on my Newmar Dutch Star 02 since my current tires are at 6 years. I've been happy with my current XZA2 energy tires and was hoping to find the same tire again, but it seems the Michelin RV Tire Guide is only recommending the 275/70/22.5 MultiZ as the replacement. The only reason I'm hesitating on the MultiZ is my research shows this tire has poor fuel efficiency. Does anyone have experience with this new MultiZ tire and can you share your experiences with it?
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