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  1. X-2, but we were in our RV. I think that Ruby's is the only facility close that has RV sites and rooms in their lodge.
  2. Good to have exact information. Now the owners vehicle insurance needs to be checked to see if there is towing included.
  3. You both are probably correct. I know the RV has to be "towable". Check you insurance. Surely there is a towing coverage. May not be as much as you would like, but could offset some of the expense.
  4. Do you have optional Roadside Assistance purchased. If so, yes; if not no. It isn’t included in your membership.
  5. There are two methods. One is to have a 20amp breaker in the motor home feeding a #12 or #10 wire to the +12 pin on the rear receptacle. Also, a 20 amp breaker in the towed vehicle connected to battery and the +12 pin on the towed. Suggest you use the big 7 pin connectors on the motor home and the towed. Via Amazon you can purchase a 7 pin to 7 pin cable to connect together. That cable has larger conductors than the small round towed connection normally used. We found that the small connection would collect sand and water which would short the +12 pin to the brake or tail lights and would not clear until the water dries out which takes 24-36 hours. The other method is similarly wired, but a charge controller is added to the circuit. I don’t remember the manufacturer or part number, but if you call Dan’s Service Center in Elkhart, Indiana, they can tell you or supply one to you. Dan’s is recognized as being one of the best installers. He recommends using a charge controller vs using just a wired charge line to add safety to both vehicles. PS: Most newer auto manufacturers (GM is one) state to not wire into the existing tail and brake lights due to feedback into towed’s system. I used an Led kit from Roadmaster on our 3 Equinox toweds.
  6. Not sure this will work, but I copied it from a Google search. To login and make administrative settings to your Moxee Hotspot, you must be connected via Wi-Fi to your Moxee Hotspot. At least it is worth a try. Open your browser and navigate to ... The default username: admin and the password: 12$XXX where XXX is the last three of the Moxee Hotspot IMEI (found on the label in the battery compartment)
  7. I would look for a miss wired cables on the batteries or one of the positive cables is grounded via cut in the wire insulation.
  8. Since you have blocked your location in your profile, I can not tell where to get your inverter repaired. But you call Xantrex and get a Return Material Authorization number RMA. If you are near the state of Washington, I am told there is a location to ship it to or drop off. If near Elkhart, Indiana there is a location there, also. But absolutely no walk in or shipped to without the RMA number.
  9. Yes, custom glass solutions. Rvglassparts.com. They will give you free one year of FMCA membership.
  10. You should not have any trouble. Suggest you visit north rim while you are north. Great views through giant windows of the lodge dining room. Not as many people or crowds to deal with, but the south rim has an excellent trading post of Native American Indian art at fair prices, not cheap though. we camped in 38 ft motor home near page and drove auto to the north rim. North rim campground was full and unless they have been enlarge the sites, sites were smaller than you will need.
  11. No. I replaced ours after 10 years with original frim FREIGHTLINER. Even found them on sale. You do need to return old batteries to them to get back core charge.
  12. I have towed a 2016, 2019 and 2022 Equinoxs all with automatic transmission. Just be sure to add a charge line to keep battery charged while towing.
  13. Went that route one year and had seven inches of snow in El Paso. You just need to keep weather apps on your phone and check for conditions ahead. You may have to layover a day somewhere along the route. Just stay safe.
  14. I have had two sets of Goodyear tires, but they were on motor homes. Both sets started cupping on the outside edge at 40,000 mikes. I have switch to Bridgestone, Michelin and Firestone without any problems. I think Continentals would be a good solution.
  15. Don’t have enough information about the make and model of your water heater, but check to see if 120 volts between the terminals on the heating element. If the voltage is there, then the element is bad and needs to be replaced.
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