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  1. I think it is a great idea to form an FMCA chapter for Super Cs. We have other types or brands of RVs, so hopefully you can get one started.
  2. Lippert did buy them out. If you have older and I don’t know what year was the division but parts for the older systems are only available from salvage, either RV junk yards or individuals selling parts. I had mine removed and HWH installed.
  3. They should be OK. We traveled to Arizona from Indiana with 6 sensors on the Motor Home and 4 more on our Chevy Equinox. Only problem is that I forgot to turn off the car overnight our 3rd night out. Even though I have a charge line from mh to car, the line isn’t working unless the mh is running. I have long jumper cables so not a problem.
  4. We just made a trip from central Indiana to the Phoenix area. Temps were as low as 23 at night and as high as 83 daytime. We started with 107# in all 6 tires. Starting out in the morning the TPMS indicated as low as 96#. During the day the highest was 122#. Sunny side would about 4 to 6# higher than shady side.
  5. I don’t understand why the towed vehicle would make a difference to need to adjust air pressure in the tires on the motor home. Surely the tongue weight would not be that much difference between towed vehicles. The weight of the towed vehicle does need to be considered in gross vehicle weight and the weight you are licensed.
  6. FMCA has tried several times to get discounts for batteries, but so far the manufacturers are not interested.
  7. If you cannot search for the tables for the brand of interest to you, go to a large dealer and ask them to get the tables for you. Be armed with the weight (4 corners is best) and the size of your tires. My dealer recommended that I look at Firestones. They download the table. It was easy to compare with the Michelin table I already had.
  8. Yes. I replaced my Michelins with Firestones. Both J rating, but the Firestones will support more weight at the same pressure.
  9. I really don’t remember, but the majority of those that voted were in favor of accepting RVs that are self contained. Anyway, It is done, so let’s move on and continue to improve FMCA. And for what it is worth, we all use the same sewer hose. But maybe that is too simplistic.
  10. If you can no longer RV and don’t want to continue as a FMCA member, you can write or email FMCA and request cancellation of your membership. You will be refunded any whole unused years. The return may be proportional based on the discount you received from your registration for multiple years.
  11. I think that FMCA has Medical Travel insurance you can purchase provided by Seven Corners, the same insurer that provides FMCAssist. Call 877-202-4176 and ask.
  12. It will be the 2020 Governing Board meeting before they vote to approve the change to three years maximum. The charge of the 2019 Governing Board only requires the P&P Committee to make the change, but the Since it is a Governing Board approval P&P, the Governing Board must vote on the exact change.
  13. While we can only guess because we don’t know what engine, chassis and year and model, I think that that swing is reasonable. From your description, looks as though the fan and thermostat are working well. Just the fact that the temperature does come down indicates to me that the cooling system is working as it should.
  14. Seven Corners was asked about providing our members individual coverage. They declined. Also, the Governing Board directed the P&P committee to change registrations to be a maximum of three year renewal.
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