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  1. Some did had Olds Toronado engines mounted crosswise vs the length. I had a call a few years ago from a member in Lancing, MI that had a new one in a crate to sell. Put him in contact with chapter president of GL GMCers. Bet it didn’t last long.
  2. 40th week of 2020. There can be 53 weeks because a part week at start of year or end is counted. So should be September 28 to October 2nd if you don’t count Sunday and Saturday.
  3. rossboyer


    Probably about midway on engine near top. It is about 9” long and 3-1/2” dia. Be sure ti usa a Cat filter that is 2 micron filter. May or may not have a pump on it. If it doesn’t have a pump, I have the parts list you can order to install. Not hard to do if you have a set of socket wrenches.
  4. Mine would not fit in my Expedition bay, but a friend with a Prevost could put it in one of his bays.
  5. I have not seen recent figures, but it was 24% belonged to one or more chapters. They didn’t count for each chapter the member belonged. “P” is also used for plates which is parent.
  6. Since the ballots are mailed to an accounting firm, there probably isn’t any individual records, just total count.
  7. One avenue that can use is to email to your National VP for your area. Addresses are in FamRVing. State your opinion that is all a chapter member can do to their National Director. There was an attempt a few years ago to streamline the governance, but since it would have reduced the current delegates to Governing Board, it didn’t pass. Just like congress not been required to only receive the same benefits any other citizen receives.
  8. Maybe the Tireman will explain. I gave tried. You do what you want. I will do what is recommended for my corner weighs and tire chart from the manufacturer of my tires. Enough said.
  9. If I remember correctly, the chassis is a Magnum. They had a constant load presented by the transmission. Many would have their chassis batteries die in 1 to 3 weeks while being stored. I don’t think the Salesman switch disconnected that load.
  10. If I did the Federal recommendation, I would be grossly under inflated for the actual weight when I had all 4 corners weighed. In 25 years the only tire problem I have had was a bad valve stem. You do what you want, but I would rather be safe.
  11. The placard is not necessarily the proper pressure based on actual weight. Weigh, check charts for your tires, inflate while cold to the pressure you found on the chart. Two manufacturers have told me to add ten pounds for safety.
  12. Adjust pressure before driving at coldest temperature. IE: I use 107# for all tires. Do not decrease pressure through the day. Adjust again the next morning, cold.
  13. While it is best to download and read the whole FMCAssist policy in member benefits, I think the FMCA membership is limited to two persons. Additional coverage for dependents is stated in the policy. You do not have to be in your RV, but you must be 75 miles from home. Full timers are always 75 miles from home. Keep in mind this insurance is worldwide except for return of vehicles. It does not matter who is listed first on the FMCA membership, but both need to be listed. If multiple people own the RV, I think the 1/3 ownership condition applies. But each third would have to have separate membership number. Or 1/2 ownership would require two membership numbers.
  14. Many members don’t know all the approaches that FMCA does or has tried. The question was who to contact which I answered. If they don’t want to contact Dan Ball then try President Jon Walker at jwalker@fmca.com.
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