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  1. 2004 Safari Simba Black Tank Flush

    Are you sure that there is a back flush on your tank? Our first one was on a 2006 coach.
  2. Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    Will try to get there.
  3. Staying With Windows 7

    While there is a learning curve, I like Windows 10, and I keep it updated frequently. Usually not on the release date, but probably within a week. The exception is if it is a security update.
  4. Inverter turning off

    On my coach when on shore power and I turn on the inverter, the inverter will take over when I unplug. But if I turn the generator on and the off the inverter will not take over. I have to manually turn the inverter on.
  5. Replacement Air Filter?

    If I remember correctly, air filters have a shelf life of three years. I had a spare I kept in my storage and found that it was four years old. When I had other services done, I wanted the air filter replaced and wanted a new one. They called their supplier because didn’t know about shelf life. Supplier said absolutely correct and sent one built just three months ago. Mine is the type that is a full replacement made by Racor.
  6. Norcold Settlement Check

    The $1,275 is based on the cost to replace with a residential refrigerator plus parts to install which I did myself.
  7. Best Emergency Assistance Insurance?

    MASA is probably the best, but also the most expensive. FMCAssist is also worldwide except return of RV is limited to Canada, Mexico and USA.
  8. Norcold Settlement Check

    We got our 2nd check also. Not as much, but there are to be two more for a total of $1,275.
  9. Best Emergency Assistance Insurance?

    There sre a few misnomers in the above posts. FMCAssist is medical repatriation insurance provided by Seven Corners that is included in you FMCA yearly dues. FMCA Roadside Assistance is for breakdowns of your RV. There is a separate charge of $69/year for this and is provided by the parent company VAS. VAS provides this service for many different organizations like FMCA. VAS had provided Coach Net and Good Sam several years ago. Going to the FMCA web site and carefully reviewing Member Benefits should clear up any hearsay. By the way Sky Med is not an insurance and they can change their services at anytime last I heard it was owned by four individuals and operated out of SCOTTSDALE, AZ.
  10. Now you know how good FMCA Roadside is at $69.00/year.
  11. FMCA Roadside Rescue question

    The last I heard ws two business days, but that may have improved in past year since I went to the seminar at Chandler, AZ.
  12. Fleetwood ignition key copy

    Many Fleetwood products use Chevrolet C-Series truck ingnition switches, so almost anyone can copy your key.
  13. Loose mirror on Thor Aria Motorhome

    On a previous motor home, I had to use bolts all the way through. Added stainless steel plates on the inside and outside because the mirror was cracking the fiberglass.
  14. Loose mirror on Thor Aria Motorhome

    When you say loose, is it loose where attached to coach or is it pivoting on the arm if that is the style you have?
  15. Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    Back to Herman’s invitation. Will try to get there. Thank you. Ross PS: I think the forum was way to big. Once wondering off the original topic, a new topic should be started. One can always go back if a comment is pertinent to the original topic.