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  1. Seeing if I can post reply
  2. Test ipad Do not merge It merged
  3. Try pist Testing
  4. Is it possible that one of the fixtures is reverse wired? Not all fixtures or RVs are consistent in colors to indicate positive or negative wire. Suggest you use a meter to check polarity of each fixture and connection.
  5. I just received a quote to install on my new Chevrolet Equinox due my 2019 being totaled. Air Force One with air brake control, break away, charge line with regulator, battery relay, RoadMaster adapter with hidden crossmember and LED lights and wiring was $4,500. Nothing for the motor home was included because I have all that.
  6. Possibly, I can give you some information. I did check the blog site listed on the registration form, and it doesn’t have any posts. Usually there are some tours, but please keep in mind that several manufacturers have not returned to giving tours. They have 3-1/2 days of seminars and most are in an air conditioned building. There is to be a lunch and breakfast provided. There are not many restaurants close bye if you are so inclined. There is golf cart trams to shuttle you from location to location, but they travel the main streets, not into rv site areas. There are about 200 registered RVs with 300 projected. If they do as they have in the past, one evening is chapter night where in the afternoon they will have a chapter fair to introduce chapters to you. Many chapters infinite you to come to their evening meal in shelter buildings across the grounds. No, you don’t have to be a member of a chapter to attend. There may be an ice cream social one afternoon. There should be a vender building or two to browse. The grounds are fairly compact, but walking is normally the way to get from building to building. Upon arrival you will receive a program book and a calendar update of events and seminars. Three nights of entertainment are scheduled inside. I saw that you are from Illinois. The Great Lakes area doesn’t include Illinois, but you are very welcome to attend. I think that one Illinois chapter attends every year when GLAMARAMA is in Goshen. I belong to the Hoosier Cruisers Chapter which would welcome you to be a member. I don’t think they are charging dues this year. There is a May rally coming up, but I think it is past registration deadline. They have a rally every month during May to October. Tend to follow the weather starting in southern Indiana and moving north each month for 4 months and then back south. I do know that the August rally will be 11-14 at the RV Hall of Fame which is a new location for the Cruisers to rally. Hopefully, This information will help you. If you need more, please send a personal message. I will respond. Enjoy GLAMARAMA and safe travels.
  7. Chevrolet recommends to not connect into their vehicles lighting system. You might contact Dan's Service Center in Elkhart, Indiana at 574-262-4638 or info@dans-hitch.com. They have done work for me in the past and are going to install Air Force One, RoadMaster tow adapter, charge line with regulator, LED lights, brake away, and all wiring inside my 2022 Chevrolet Equinox. They are currently scheduling 6 weeks out. I have talked to some residents in Elkhart, and the concur with my experience that Dan's is a very reliable firm and do great work.
  8. I prefer adding a charge line. Since doing so, I have not had any problems.
  9. I would add a charge line from RV to auto. Suggest that use #10 wire with a 20amp circuit breaker on both ends. #12 wire is rated at 20amp, but I prefer to go one gage larger.
  10. Small keyboards and fat fingers. It happens to me all the time.
  11. I use the rolls of mats from Walmart. Cut to length, put a drop of hot melt glue in the four corners and press down. If they are extra long, add another drop near the center edge. The hot melt will peal off when you want to remove the mat.
  12. From age 59 to age 65, greatest monthly expense was medical insurance. We got a raise when we went on medicare. We took Social Security at age 62. At that time, the break even point was age 78. Our home still had an equity loan. We use that as an emergency fund, so our investments stayed intact. I have 2 retirement checks a month and my wife has one. We are old enough that we have to withdraw from our IRAs. We buy a new car about every 6 or 7 years at zero interest. We have traded in and bought 2 used motor homes. Current one is a 2006 Fleetwood Expedition. Probably will be our last, since we will be 81 this year. Since 1999 we have traveled about 400,000 miles in the motor home. Hopefully, this helps you.
  13. I retired at age 59. While paying our medical insurance until age 65 was costly, I will never regret early retirement. We have traveled almost 400,000 miles since I retired. Now 23 years later due to some health issues, we can no longer travel as we did. But the great experiences during those years and travels will never be forgotten. Retire ASAP.
  14. Please post Manufacturer, model and supplier. Thank you.
  15. No, but location, location, location. T-Mobile is non-existent here. AT&T is marginal, but Verizon is acceptable.
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