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  1. Yes, get out a magnifying glass and look on the 120v plug end. Probably, it is 5 watts. The one supplied is 15 watts if I remember correctly. Since we are not traveling across the country anymore, the 60gb hotspot on our phones is enough to stream while at a chapter rally. At home we have Verizon wifi network that is unlimited and runs 30-50gb. So we canceled and returned equipment.
  2. Herman is correct. It happened to mine. I installed a new battery and charged it to 100%. Then I used one of those little white cube chargers that came with an old cell phone. That charger's output was just enough to maintain without overheating to damage battery, so I could then leave it on charge 24/7.
  3. This is true, but remember that WD-40 is really a cleaner and doesn’t privide lubrication. Since HWH states that you can use Automatic transmission fluid in their hydraulic system, you could after cleaning us it sparingly to lubricant.
  4. I have my jacks down. Will not be using motor home until next May. So 7 months all together.
  5. So, is the problem that the top doesn’t fit between the seaty to make the bed? Another post stated that the top should fit on cleats If the cleats are missing orneed to be extended, buy enough 1x2 pine at a big box store. Cut to length and screw it to the seats allowing for the top to drop level.
  6. Do you have the table top? If so, you might try Rockler, a woodworker supplier. They have stores all across the country. Don't think they would have the strip that mounts to wall. The top has a matching strip to hang the top on the wall. A folding or a leg that unscrews from top should be available at Rockler.
  7. There was some discussion about discontinuing that service a few years ago, because there were fewer than 15 a year. Also, the service was provided by an outside firm. I do not know the status, but tomorrow call FMCA and ask for membership services and ask.
  8. It is not unusual for there to be a difference, especially if the odometer has been repaired.
  9. We are able to use our iPhone’s Personal hot spots with RoKu without any problem.
  10. Since you will have WiFi, you might want to consider a TV that has ROKU streaming service. It us free, but they link to other services that charge. We disconnected DirecTV and added ROKU. Since we have Amazon Prime, we linked that at no added charge. Wife wanted PBS which we added for $5.00/mo. We added Netflix for $14.00/mo. So for $14 for Prime, $14 for Netflix and $5 for PBS the total is &33/mo which is much less than the $85/mo for DirecTV.
  11. Bulging batteries are usually caused by users leaving the unit on charge 24/7 which is warned not to do. I had that happen. Removed battery to get part number and ordered one online. Replaced battery with new one, charged to 100%, removed high amp charger and switched to low amp charger that came with an old cell phone. I was able then to leave on charge 24/7 without any further problem.
  12. Kwikee dry lub is what I have and use. Just didn't remember the name, and it raining outside to hard to get from the motor home.
  13. Actually,WD40 is a cleaner. After it is used, a migrating grease is recommended. I think you find the spray that is marketed by a step manufacturer is that. The lithium grease should work well.
  14. Suggest you download Roadmaster’s videos and instructions. They are very complete with great pictures to walk you through the process. I have never done a Jeep, but I understand that a Jeep setup is easier than my Chevrolet Equinox. I have used Roadmaster’s instructions for Chevrolet Metro and 2 Equinox. Not one hickup in their instructions.
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