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  1. I use the FMCA app on my iPhone or iPad to get to the Forums, but if I select Membership, I am shown my membership number, date I joined and date my membership ends. What does yours show? PS: Dues renewal is $50/year. You may renew for up to 3 years from the current year.
  2. The Eastern Area rally, GEAR, has been canceled. The announcement just came out a few minutes ago. Anyone registered will receive a full refund.
  3. I have stated before the President if the provider of FMCA Roadside Assistance said in a seminar there are 2,000 answering services that all if us use. If you don’t think you are hearing what you think you should, hang up and call again to get someone else.
  4. For my motor home I have onle installed one side window by the driver. Since half of the window is a slider, half is outside and half inside. The outside one is about 1 inch to keep the screen level with the other half. none of the sceens are on when driving so they are not a problem.
  5. You originally referred to taking your RoKu with you. Since I first replied I have removed and cancelled DirecTV. We are using RoKu for all our tvs. Each has their own RoKu device. They all use the same account, so there isn’t an additional charge. Also, I have replaced the sound bar with the $99.00 RoKu sound bar. Much easier ti use and eliminated one remote. At home, I have not added a sound bar to the living room tv. The 60 inch tv has very good sound, so the $39.00 RoKu device is adequate. All tv locations have local over the air digital, RoKu and dvd player. I did add an unlimited Verizon internet service for the home for $60.00+/month. We have 35gb for our cell phones. We use their hotspot feature when we are in the motor home. A 4 day weekend rally usage is 2-3gb. We pay for streaming service for Netflix and PBS for $18.00+/month. Since we have Amazon Prime, we have Amazon Prime Streaming at no additional cost. So other than purchasing the RoKu devices, our cost per month is a little less than DirecTV charge we had.
  6. I have used FMCA Roadside Assist twice. Both times were for lock out. First was on New Years eve for motor home. Took about 1.5 hours to get to me and 20 minutes to unlock. I thought response at 6:00pm on New Years eve was reasonable. Second was for dead battery on towed auto. To unlock required battery to unlock keyless entry. Response was less than an hour.
  7. I think you will find that FMCA is closed for the holiday weekend. Please try again on Tuesday.
  8. Mine didn’t use tape. I did my own installation, but procedure may have changed. Another person held the shade in position and I placed the magnets on the inside making sure the screen was tight. The kit to install included a cleaner to be sure glass was ultra clean. I marked the position of all the magnets then removed one at a time. Using supplied quick setting glue placed the magnet back in position. I continued the process until all magnets were glued on. Magne Shade may have templates for your RV. They had my windshield but not the side window. I cut heavy brown craft paper to create a template and mailed to them. The screens were a perfect fit The only problem I have had was that I knocked one of the magnets off the side slide window. They had given me a spare. Glued it on and have been using for at lest 5 years since. While they may seem to be expensive, they are well worth the price. Sun screens in the inside do very little to reduce the heat load. Once the sunlight passes through the windshield, the light is changed to heat and doesn’t pass back out.
  9. Many auto manufacturers state to not use the shields in front of the grill. They do not want the air flow restricted. I have found that mud guards mounted right behind the rear wheels and a full guard across the rear to be best. While the mud guards behind the wheels should be very near the road, the rear one should be about 6” above the road.
  10. Yes, Magna Shade. We have used one for about 10-12 years. Easy to setup without a ladder. They include a telescopic rod to push the top edge up to the highest magnets.
  11. I think that is what I stated needed to be done. Yes, manufacturers do not make easy access to be able to repair. Thank you for stating what fixed your problem.
  12. Mine us ab RF197. There are suffix letters that indicate the finish. Black, stainless steel etc.
  13. I think because of weight, you are required to have lights. Our state only allows small utility trailers to be towed without lights and only in daylight hours.
  14. I think the OP is referring to a Brake Buddy or similar. If so, the answer would be no, because you still need the wiring for lights. Suggest you look on Roadmaster’s wb site and look at the various wiring diagrams which will answer your questions.
  15. I totally agree. We have had our residential refrigerator for 5 or 6 years. We will never go back, either.
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