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  1. I have not been on I-40 from Nashville to Oklahoma City in many years, but have been many times from Oklahoma City to Flagstaff. There is a city park/campground at Sayre, Ok 20 mikes east of Texas. Reasonable 50amp pull thru sites. Old town in Albuquerque maybe worth a visit, but parking for your large MH is difficult to find. Exit 107, 50 miles west of Albuquerque is Dancing Eagle Casino that has 7 pull thru full hook up sites, and they will reserve. I think the sites are $12. If full, about 10 miles west is Sky City Casino and RV park. Pricer but Good Sam park. Flagstaff has several campgrounds that are pricey. Safe travels.
  2. The change is the provider, CHUBB Group, with no change in services including same phone number. Anyone starting a claim being handled by Seven Corners will be served by Seven Corners. This is typical of changing insurance providers and was stated by the chair of the Risk Management Committee during the August Executive Board meeting. Anyone calling October 1st or after will be served by the CHUBB.
  3. You can add a charge line from the motor home to your towed.
  4. I have used about 14x16 thick wood blocks under mine there without any problem, but be sure to use blocks or pads. If you have satellite TV, the lower sites all receive well. Four of the sites on the upper level reception is blocked by trees If you use over the air, aim antenna about 15 degrees left of the gate. For the iPhone there is an app “HTV Towers” that is very good to assist in aiming Don’t forget to watch your speed. The zones change several times along Hwy32 by the time you get to the campground. Safe travels.
  5. You can use that route. When you leave do use the reverse of the one I gave you to get back to I275. Let me know after both which was best. I travel in from Indiana, so the one I gave works best for me. We will headed southwest last week in October. You are more than a month ahead of us. Safe travels.
  6. Suggest that you turn south on I275 to hwy 32 at exit 63. Hwy 32 is probably the best route to Roundbottom Rd, but be sure to follow speed limits. There is a steep down hill that is easy to go over the speed limit. The right turn onto Roundbottom road is a sharp turn. A 45 ft motor home with a towed auto can make the turn. Just take the turn slowly. Cross over a railroad track and I think the second right turn is the entrance to the grounds. Hopefully, you have gone online to FMCA.com to reserve. All sites have 50amp, but the upper level 15 sites have full hook up on concrete. The lower level is on asphalt, so don’t use your jacks. Display your FMCA ‘goose egg’ on the front to make it easier for the staff to check. All sites are back in.
  7. Really, I should have suggested that you purchase fuel before or after your stay at FMCA out on an interstate although those locations are usually a little higher price. Which route will you be taking in and out of the campground?
  8. If I remember correctly, there is a station on the south side of Hwy 32 near Roundbottom Rd where the FMCA campground is located. Unfortunately, I have never bought any fuel anywhere nearby. I live about 175 miles away, and I fill up before leaving and after returning home. But just about 2 blocks past Roundbottom road is a United Dairy station to get gas for your towed auto. Also, they sell the Homemade Brand of ice cream which I think is the best we have found all across the country. I particularly like the Strawberry Strawberry or Peachy Peach. At home I only vanilla or Butter Pecan are available, but they very good, also.
  9. I am interested in adding a TV Streaming Device to our TV. I have an unlimited internet account/provider. 1) Which device do you use? 2) How is it connected to the TV? 3) Can you use any streaming service with your device? If so which ones are you using and why?
  10. rossboyer

    Find a Fuse

    Should be under the dash.
  11. The information was included in the Secretary’s report to chapters. I think it was sent out last Wednesday. Don’t know if it is on FMCA web site or not. I was able to cut and paste from the announcement “Attention FMCA Members: Beginning October 2, 2020, FMCA will be migrating to a new internal database. During this time we will not be able to process any transactions or update any member records. Should you need information or have questions about member benefits, the website will still be available, along with FMCA representatives if you prefer to call. The system could be down until October 15, 2020, but we are hopeful we will be back up and running sooner. We thank you for your patience and will continue to provide updates as best we can during this time. “
  12. Remember that FMCA has a discount plan with Verizon or Sprint/T-Moble.
  13. Except on mine, you could not get any container above the tank. I had to use a bulb filler similar to a turkey baster with a small plastic tube on the end, so I could bend it into the fill opening.
  14. If you don’t find the tank under the step as previously suggested, try this location. I believe that the Thunder used a Magnum chassis. While my 1999 Magnum chassis was not a Thunder, my tank for the levelers was on the passenger side between the engine and the last storage bin. I will say the fill port was on top of the tank which created great difficulty getting the fluid into the tank.
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