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  1. They will not “recover” which means if not close to a road or if down in a ravine, they do not tow it out. Many others have this same limit. New Years eve, my door lock failed, called, stated it would be 75 minutes before the locksmith could be here. At 70 minutes locksmith called. Stated he was at a service station filling up with fuel and it would be another 20 minutes. Took about 15 minutes to get in. No charge to me.
  2. rossboyer

    New to FMCA Forums

    Welcome. Glad you are here.
  3. rossboyer

    Single Phase Electrical in Coaches, Why?

    Try rv electric newsletter written by Mike Sokol. Read back issues. You can get to his web site via rv travel web site also.
  4. rossboyer

    Single Phase Electrical in Coaches, Why?

    We need more information about your motorhome. Is it a 30 amp or 50 amp service? If you are unsure, 30 amp has a 3 prong power plug and 50 amp has 4 prong.
  5. rossboyer

    Residential Refrigerator

    You will frequently need shore power. I have dry camped overnight while on a long trip, but never have we done more than that.
  6. rossboyer

    Newby Again

    We were getting comments from non-members touting how bad FMCA is vs another organization with opinions treated as fact that were totally erroneous. I am very much in favor of non-members not being able to post, but I am also very much in favor of them being able to read the technical information that is much better here than on some other sites.
  7. rossboyer

    New to FMCA

    Safe travels to you.
  8. Only if you want to fill at Pilot/Flying-Js
  9. I just saw online that Samsung is selling a counter depth refrigerator with two doors and drawer freezer. Prices are in the range of $1,299 which is just about the same as the RF197 that many of us installed to replace our rv refrigerators a few years ago. The specifications look to be the same as the RF197. Those of you that are looking to replace what you have might see if this unit would fit your needs. Our RF197 has served us for a little over 4 years and operates on our Xantrex MSW inverter while we travel across country. We did not add more batteries, but we do not dry camp.
  10. rossboyer

    washer dryer detergent

    We use Tide, but be careful to use much less than you would use in a top loader.
  11. rossboyer

    RV storage doors

    3M makes an adhesive (glue) that will withstand 550+ degrees that many rv manufacturers use to adhere panels to the frames. Sure beats the steel screws that were use in the aluminum frames for all my bin doors. Had to replace all due to galvanic action. That is why I know about the 3M glue.
  12. rossboyer

    Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    We will return to Indiana the first week in April. No, benefit for Melanie, but she does get out some to enjoy quilting and friends.
  13. rossboyer

    Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    I enjoyed the joke. We are getting everything checked and loaded to head to Happy Trails RV Resort in Surprise, AZ next Monday, October 29th. If anyone will be in that area, please look us up. Would love to visit.
  14. rossboyer

    Cell Boosters

    They vary somewhat based on installation. Most are an outdoor antenna, coax to a two way repeating amplifier, and coax to an indoor antenna. There does need to be some distance between the two antennas for good reception.
  15. rossboyer

    Cell Boosters

    I bought a complete Wilson system with outdoor antenna that I mounted 25 feet above ground. No improvement. Checked around all sides of our home and the best signal I had was -110db. Wilson told me if I didn’t have -87db or better(lower the number, the better) to return the system. I did but was charged 10% restocking fee by the supplier.