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  1. Toyos ate not made by Michelin or in the FMCA discount,
  2. Actually, I think the decline started when the Executive Board decided to not continue paying Brett Wolfe as moderator. He decided to not continue as chairman of the Technical Review committee for articles in the magazine. He now supporting another forum.
  3. I don’t think the “powers to be” read this forum or really care about us.
  4. You first call 911 to handle your emergency. If that facility or wants to have transported somewhere else that is when you need to call FMCAssust. A friend passed in Florida there home is in Indiana. He had specified his body was to be to IU medical system. Prep for that is more expensive than normal embalming or cremation. FMCAssist took care of it, transported remains to IU in Indiana. When I U was done they cremated and delivered to his wife back home. Also, the paid for air flight for there son to Florida to drive and paid expenses to return motor home back to Indiana. FMCAssist is probably the best included benefit that would have cost you more than $120+ a year.
  5. Check breakers on the generator. Turn them off and back on to be sure they are in the ON position. While most RV systems give the generator priority, some do not. If you are plugged into shore power, you may need to unplug to allow the transfer unit to switch to generator. Also, the transfer unit may be stuck in the shore power position. You might try hitting the transfer unit with a rubber mallet, gently to see if a contact was stuck and jars loose. Unless you are very familiar with electrical testing, I recommend you do not open the transfer unit.
  6. Call FMCAssist and ask. Do you have a printed copy of you contract to read? But I think the limit is two people.
  7. Try finding a shop that services school buses. They can get stainless steel exhaust parts to replace your exhaust. They did my Harney Coach Renegade on a Magnum chassis.
  8. After you login, select the Membership tab/button. You should see an option to renew.
  9. I had successful results three times with FMCA Roadside Assistance. For every negative posting, there are several positives that never get reported which is true with all roadside assistance providers.
  10. I added a shelf using matching wood and stain. Also, I bought the 12vdc converter to adapt my CPAP, and installed a 12vdc outlet for it. Most auto parts stores will have them. We had 12vdc power below the bed. This setup eliminates about 15% loss in efficiency of the RV inverter. I have operated mine with the humidifier for 3 days without drawing the house batteries too low.
  11. I think that Colter Bay is a wise choice. It is one of the few NP campgrounds that has full hookups. If I remember correctly, 30 amp. From there you can drive into Yellowstone or the Tetons. Suggest you take the float trip from Colter Bay to midway to Jackson. Choose the last one of the day to see the most wildlife. You ride on a large rubber raft with a guide that does all the work. Also, there a back road from Jackson north that is between the river and the Tetons. Again late in the day is best for wildlife. That is where we have seen the most moose anywhere in the country.
  12. rossboyer


    I have Porter Cable, also. I installed another chuck directly to tank pressure of 150# and use 50ft 1/4 air hose. To top off the large motor home tires, pressure is needed.
  13. We had a 2006 for 16 years and drove 122,000 miles. Feel free to contact me. I would be happy to answer questions.
  14. Contact RV Cams in Louisiana. I did a replaced mine with color. I don't known about your other specs though.
  15. When Harney Coach Works, Beaver and Safari was purchased by Monaco, they immediately shut down Harney and moved their panel assembly to the Harney facility due to EPA problems in Coburn. We were charter members in the Harney Coach Wranglers FMCA chapter. Because no more Harney Coaches were being built, the chapter died out. We sold our Harney motor home in 2008 about the same time Fleetwood's parent holding company bought out Monaco. Ours was a 38 ft class A diesel pusher. Another manufacturer started building a super C on a large truck chassis with the name Renegade.
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