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  1. I went to a chapter rally last weekend and towed my 2019 Equinox LS. Mileage did not accumulate while towing. The directions in the owners manual were exactly correct to prepare for towing all wheels on the ground. We
  2. I don’t think that the discount is still available. It was $5 or $10 off your new or renewed membership. Anyone can purchase at a SAM’s Club, but if you are not a member there is a surcharge. I am a member. I use it for diesel and auto fuel which is usually lower cost compared to other suppliers in the area. But I don’t use a SAM’S Club charge card. I use PENFED card that gives a 5% rebate each month. The SAM’S Club card would give the same 5% rebate, but it is given in February for the previous year.
  3. I installed a switch on my 2011 Equinox, but I cannot on my new 2019.
  4. I haven’t towed my new 2019 Equinox. I will this next weekend. I have been told that the odometer will not accumulate miles. My 2011 Equinox did not accumulate miles.
  5. We are just setting up our 2019 Equinox, but according to the tech bulletin, the mileage does not accumulate. I installed Roadmaster adapter. 64 screws to take out and replace. Had to drill 6 holes. I am not fast, but careful. Working now to install the Air Force One supplemental braking system. Hardest task is wiring the tail and brake lights. Getting the wire routed from the front to the rear isn’t easy. Don’t forget that you need to have a charge line from motor home to Equinox.
  6. I an not familiar with a 12R22.5 size tire. But so far I am happy with the Firestones. I am not traveling as much as I use to do. About 10-12 years ago we were traveling 22,000-24,000 miles a year. Now, about 12,000-14,000 which is still above what many motor homes are used. Our travels are a round trip to Arizona, the FMCA summer convention, and monthly summer chapter rallies. I have always thought that frequent use is better for tires then just sitting in one place, but for 5 months the motor home just sits in Arizona.
  7. I had them install 10 inch long valve stems on the inside duals, so I can easily fill and put on my TPMS sensers. Also, replaced all the other valve stems with aluminum for the four aluminum wheels. All these increased the cost a little.
  8. I just bought 6 Firestone FS561, 275/70R22.5 Load range J. $522 each. Total $3132.
  9. I do it in our Apple Club meetings. The adapter I use is lighting to hdmi. There are two different ones on the market. I bought the one that also has another lighting female connection to insert power to keep my iPhone or iPad charged while connected to the TV.
  10. I think you will find that you cannot air lever this RV. Mine had a manual air dump. If I didn’t wait long enough for a full dump I could get similar action the OP had. Don’t know if his RV has a manual air dump or not, but if it does I suggest using it before leveling. PS: I extend slides after leveling and retract them before retracting jacks.
  11. The hoses and the fittings look like standard adapter hoses used to install faucets or the tank on a toilet. The male male fitting between probably could be replaced with a brass nipple. You may need to put seals inside, but I the adapter hoses have a seals.
  12. The VAS representative making the FMCA Roadside Assist presentation at convention was if you get a response like those mentioned above. HANG UP AND CALL AGAIN. There are 3,000 different services that answer your call. Not all of those know or can see your plan. I have used FMCA Roadside Assist snd am very satisfied.
  13. On some RVs the transmission presents a parasitic load.
  14. rossboyer

    Road Atlas

    They should be available at FMCA Conventions. At some conventions if you volunteer, you may earn a coupon that you can use in the FMCA Store to apply to the purchase of the atlas.
  15. For the radio, I had mine replaced at Fry’s Electronics. There are other providers such as Best Buy. For the backup system, contact RVCAMS. They are located in Louisiana. A web search will find them. I have purchased 3 systems from them and am pleased with there service and helpfulness.
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