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  1. rossboyer

    Awning Lift Handle replacement

    Since A&E is a Dometic company, have you tried to contact them?
  2. rossboyer

    Rotor Needed

    Suggest you try the various Salvage yards. I think your coach reference is a Renegade made by Harney Coach a division of SMC. They were bought out by Monaco who stopped production of the Renagade immediately. A salvage yard may not want to tear down a generator. Being a LPG generator the parts have to be certified. I had one that the exhaust manifold cracked, cost $700+. Might be less cost to buy a diesel unit used or new. If I remember correctly, ours used 1 gallon of lp gas per hour. We ran out a couple of time when running roof air to keep cool while driving through Kansas.
  3. Very specific instructions are provided. It is easier if you use ramps to raise the front wheels, but I didn’t even have to do that on my Equinox.
  4. Our trip to Gillette and back we stopped at several FlyingJ’s. Found that they were competitive and with life Good Sam card, we got $0.08 off. The fuel was non-bio and #2. Many of the local ‘stores’ were 10-20% bio. We found that FlyingJ was higher on our trip back from Arizona last spring. All were bio fuel. We have found a couple of local stores near our overnight stops that sell non-bio #2.
  5. rossboyer

    Not Happy With Lack of Service

    Contact [email protected] to ask him to see if a better resolution may be obtained.
  6. rossboyer

    Slide-Out Controller Failer

    My experience with Lippert/Atwood is that at some point they will discontinue an item and you will not find any replacement. If you are going to keep your motor home for some time, I would buy a spare.
  7. rossboyer

    Sam's Club membership discount

    But eye glasses and hearing aids are lower cost. Also, when hosting a rally or group, large sizes and quantities work, too.
  8. rossboyer

    Interior lights

    Was the light 12vdc or 120vac? If ac, look for a tripped breaker. Don’t forget breakers on the inverter.
  9. rossboyer

    Confused and scared newbie

    I think you would find the information on a sticker on the wall at the drivers left shoulder. Also, I have seen them on the back wall of the closet or on tbe inside of a cabinet door. I had a Renegade 1999 on the same chassis, and I think towing capacity was 5,000 lbs. Wish I had my 3126E back. I was getting 10.6-11mpg. On my current C-7, only 6.7mpg.
  10. rossboyer

    Confused and scared newbie

    And because it is heavier, the cost to insurer in Indiana is lower than our other vehicles due to the Equinox’s history of lower claims and better safety records. We are considering replacement of our 2011 with a new one, but probably will not as long as it continues to serve us well.
  11. rossboyer

    Confused and scared newbie

    We have towed a Chevy Equinox for over 70,000 miles without issue. It has an automatic transmission, and I use a Roadmaster tow bar. I have wired the lights using Roadmaster’s module to add power. Yes, you will need an auxiliary braking system. The one I have depends on the air system of our coach; therefore, I cannot recommend a system for you. If you follow the manufacturer’s directions, you should not have problems towing an Equinox. Flat towing is so much easier than dolly towing, plus you have to find a place to store the dolly.
  12. rossboyer

    Wire to battery

    Temperature sensor for your charger. Probably built into inverter.
  13. Look at www.monnit.com uses cellular temperature control/monitor.
  14. rossboyer

    GFCI Outlet No Power

    I had to replace the little switch that controls the bedroom slide. I might have had one in my spare electronics stock. But I think Lowe’s had them also. Found it in the fan and lighting section.
  15. rossboyer

    GFCI Outlet No Power

    I cannot get to Manual right now, but as I remember it is under the bed. Not much to it. Just takes a ratchet and socket. The hard part is to remove mattress. There are several screws to remove the wood plywood platform. Set it aside. You should be able to get to the works.