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  1. Really the bat wing is still the best. There is an attachment that can be added. While it will aid in bringing in distant stations, it is more directional. If you add it, you may need to aim again to receive a station that is a little off the location of your previous station. I have added it to ours and did not find it to be a problem.
  2. I think it is free for 45 minutes, but you can purchase various plans for additional time. I don’t know the cost.
  3. I would take I-65 to Nashville then I-24 to Chattanooga and then I-75. Monteagle will be down hill. Use lower gears to save brakes. Some up and downs north of Dalton. If you really want to avoid grades, take I-65 south until you can take I-10 to I-75. If I remember correctly, there is a long grade near Franklin, TN. I have done both routes in a motor home, with a travel trailer and in auto towing a utility trailer. I try to avoid I-75 in Kentucky and upper Tennessee due to all the accidents that delay traffic for hours.
  4. I don’t think you need to disconnect. They have large parking lots. One is on the the training center side of the road, and the other is on the other side where crews start out on their treks.
  5. If you were registered for Tucson, you get a certificate to use to register for another convention with the same amenities. If you were registered for Lincoln then you get a full refund credited to your charge card or a check if that was your method of payment. I have received my certificate which I will use for Gillette, and a refund has been credited to my charge card on April 21st. The certificate came via email before that, but I don’t have record of the date.
  6. We have had the Air Force One for about 9 years. I moved it from first auto to second without any issue. I think it now called SMI and sold by Demco.
  7. You can get a refund of any whole unused years of dues that you have paid ahead.
  8. That is what I was trying to describe. What I used was white, but it was available in white, black and beige and various widths.
  9. Please explain more about what trim insert you are wanting. If it is a strip of plastic that fits in the horizontal metal trim, then measure a piece of the old plastic. Usually, the plastic is squeezed to fit in the groove top and bottom. I replaced mine with trim I found at a salvage RV supply which was sold by the foot. You might try Ickes RV Surplus Supplies, 765-728-5668.
  10. We bought our current 2006 motor home in 2008 from Camping World in Indianapolis. It had 3,000 miles on it and many after market add ons. We asked why the first owner had sold. CW called their buyer to find out. The story was that the owner wasn’t retired and wasn’t getting good use. It was bought from a bank in Ohio. We figured it was a repossession.
  11. Dan & Herman. I cannot answer Dan’s question, because I live near Indianapolis, Indiana not New York or LA. I think that DirecTV’s web site has a map that shows the areas covered by the different spot beams. I receive the local channels from Indianapolis. They are received south in Kentucky and north as far as Amana, Iowa. It is an ellipse shaped beam just like you would see from a flashlight held at a steep angle on the floor.
  12. Rather than give incorrect information, contact Doug Uhlenbrock at FMCA for the exact answer. I have seen the map of the red, blue and green states, but I searched for it and didn’t find it. Contrary to what many members believe, I know that Georgia is not one of them. There is a threshold limit that must be in attendance before out of state dealers are allowed. Texas and Tennessee are not either. I think Wyoming, North Dakota are two of the friendly states. Wisconsin is if you haven’t been there previously within some limit of years.
  13. There are only 5 states that are friendly to having FMCA Conventions.
  14. Just so all are aware, it is very expensive to obtain the DMV information from all the states and provinces. Selectively, that has been done in the past, but the return on the investment wasn’t very good. I don’t remember the percentages.
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