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  1. rossboyer

    RV storage doors

    3M makes an adhesive (glue) that will withstand 550+ degrees that many rv manufacturers use to adhere panels to the frames. Sure beats the steel screws that were use in the aluminum frames for all my bin doors. Had to replace all due to galvanic action. That is why I know about the 3M glue.
  2. rossboyer

    Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    We will return to Indiana the first week in April. No, benefit for Melanie, but she does get out some to enjoy quilting and friends.
  3. rossboyer

    Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    I enjoyed the joke. We are getting everything checked and loaded to head to Happy Trails RV Resort in Surprise, AZ next Monday, October 29th. If anyone will be in that area, please look us up. Would love to visit.
  4. rossboyer

    Cell Boosters

    They vary somewhat based on installation. Most are an outdoor antenna, coax to a two way repeating amplifier, and coax to an indoor antenna. There does need to be some distance between the two antennas for good reception.
  5. rossboyer

    Cell Boosters

    I bought a complete Wilson system with outdoor antenna that I mounted 25 feet above ground. No improvement. Checked around all sides of our home and the best signal I had was -110db. Wilson told me if I didn’t have -87db or better(lower the number, the better) to return the system. I did but was charged 10% restocking fee by the supplier.
  6. rossboyer

    FMCA Cincinnati camp

    Suggest you look at the site via Google Earth. You will see the layout. Yes, 48 foot mh can park there, but trying to park a mh with that size trailer would be very difficult. If the campground isn’t busy, you might be able to drive to the end and use the turn around circle then park parallel across the lower level sites which are all 50amp.
  7. rossboyer

    FMCA Cincinnati camp

    All sites are back in. I have a 38 foot mh and there isn’t enough room to park my auto in front of the mh. . I think you could disconnect the trailer and park it in the parking lot, but you would need to ask about that. There is toom to park auto next to mh, but I don’t think your trailer will fit there There is no parking on the grass Regarding winter use. The water connections are all the lever operated freeze proof. 50amp at all sites. The upper level has concrete pads, and lower lever is asphalt where you cannot use levelers/jacks. The lot is very level though.
  8. rossboyer

    Piece Of FMCA History Found In Our Bus Conversion

    Appreciate the details of the classics. Thank you.
  9. rossboyer

    Piece Of FMCA History Found In Our Bus Conversion

    Looks more like a GMC Scenic Cruiser to me, but I am not an expert on classic buses or conversions. The Flexible is like the one on the FMCA logo plate.
  10. rossboyer

    New ATS

    Terminal strip is a good idea as long as it is enclosed in a connection box with cover to prevent accidental short.
  11. rossboyer

    New ATS

    I would think that a permanent junction box would be better than plug and receptacle.
  12. rossboyer

    Windshield replacement

    Call Duncan Systems in Elkhart, Indiana. They have recommended sites all over the nation.
  13. rossboyer

    Tow Dolly Spare Tire

    I have seen them mounted on the dolly tongue, but your dolly may not be capable to allow this mount.
  14. rossboyer

    Toyo Equivalent Tires

    Probably that is the reason I cannot find them on Toyo’s web site.
  15. rossboyer

    Toyo Equivalent Tires

    Good site that you reference, but that does not answer my question because even on Toyo web site I have not been able to find a match. I was hoping that someone that has Toyo tires that replaced Michelins would respond. I would like to know rating weights that the tires will support.