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  1. Big Bands of the 40’s, 50’s, and Western
  2. We stay was similar to elkhartjim’s above. We had a 30amp site with sewer. We probably had water, but I don’t remember for sure. We had about 150 yard walk to their restaurant which was good. We really liked being able to go into either park. Also, if you can take the float trip on the Snake River in the Tetons. You have a guide to pilot. They are rubber rafts that have about 2 foot high sides to sit on to enjoy the trip. The last one in the day is best for wildlife viewing. I like the north end trip best, but both are good. We have done both twice.
  3. I used these diodes on three previous towed’s, but for my 2019 Chevrolet Equinox I installed the LED lights as recommended and stated above.
  4. While I am not a fan of adding another bulb for each of the functions, our local RV dealer, Roadmaster and Chevrolet dealer state that wiring into the original lighting should not be done. Therefore, I added Roadmaster’s LED lights and their module to provide full voltage to them. All are equally bright. The module mounted in the rear takes the signal from the towing vehicle and uses power from a #12 wire that connects directly to the towed’s battery to operate the LED lights. No drop in voltage. I do have a charge line from RV to towed to maintain the towed’s battery.
  5. I use one a few times a year to clean my radiator from the rear besides my annual from the front cleaning. Be careful too much pressure could bend the radiator core fins. I spray about a 10” fan from about 2 feet away. Mine is electric with pressure if 1,650 pounds. Bought at big box store on sale for $60. Good to clean wheels, too.
  6. You will probably find that the body of the valve for an RV water heater is shorter than the ones for residential use. The residential one usually will not allow the door to close completely.
  7. Make a T handle to push them into position. My trouble was that I was always a foot or so out of position front to rear. so, I added reflectors in line with the Jack positions (right reflector) and with the side marker lights. The reflector cut like a down arrow (left lower reflector), points to the sewer drain location; so a spotter can line up the sewer and dump station.
  8. Perhaps the NVP for your area should be regularly communicating to the ND, AltND and Chapter Presidents about these things.
  9. We have a year with Seven Corners while the Risk Management Committee researchers other providers. May change and may not, but clearly the intent is to keep the benefit.
  10. I think it is a great idea to form an FMCA chapter for Super Cs. We have other types or brands of RVs, so hopefully you can get one started.
  11. Lippert did buy them out. If you have older and I don’t know what year was the division but parts for the older systems are only available from salvage, either RV junk yards or individuals selling parts. I had mine removed and HWH installed.
  12. They should be OK. We traveled to Arizona from Indiana with 6 sensors on the Motor Home and 4 more on our Chevy Equinox. Only problem is that I forgot to turn off the car overnight our 3rd night out. Even though I have a charge line from mh to car, the line isn’t working unless the mh is running. I have long jumper cables so not a problem.
  13. We just made a trip from central Indiana to the Phoenix area. Temps were as low as 23 at night and as high as 83 daytime. We started with 107# in all 6 tires. Starting out in the morning the TPMS indicated as low as 96#. During the day the highest was 122#. Sunny side would about 4 to 6# higher than shady side.
  14. I don’t understand why the towed vehicle would make a difference to need to adjust air pressure in the tires on the motor home. Surely the tongue weight would not be that much difference between towed vehicles. The weight of the towed vehicle does need to be considered in gross vehicle weight and the weight you are licensed.
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