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  1. rossboyer

    Dead Battery

    On some RVs the transmission presents a parasitic load.
  2. rossboyer

    Road Atlas

    They should be available at FMCA Conventions. At some conventions if you volunteer, you may earn a coupon that you can use in the FMCA Store to apply to the purchase of the atlas.
  3. rossboyer

    Sight & Sound

    For the radio, I had mine replaced at Fry’s Electronics. There are other providers such as Best Buy. For the backup system, contact RVCAMS. They are located in Louisiana. A web search will find them. I have purchased 3 systems from them and am pleased with there service and helpfulness.
  4. rossboyer

    Spare Tire yes or no

    Three motor homes, 24 years, almost 400,000 miles, always carried spare, but used once and changed by roadside service.
  5. rossboyer

    Arizona Trip in March

    Two years ago the first week in April, we hit a white out of snow for about 10 miles through Flagstaff and to the east on I-40.
  6. rossboyer

    What gives?

    Your membership and Roadside Assistance must match or membership exceed the RA term. I would sign up for the max term and get a free year Then you can get 3 years of RA. Should you decide that you want to cancel your FMCA membership, FMCA will return any whole unused years, but again if less than RA, the RA would be shortened.
  7. rossboyer

    Ditched my Towing and Roadside Assistance

    New Years eve in the afternoon, my lock failed on the door into our motor home. FMCA Roadside Rescue sent a locksmith. Took about 90 minutes to get to me and less than 20 minutes to get in. More than a year of cost was recovered by the cost of this one service.
  8. rossboyer

    Coach Net Electric Step

    If I remember correctly, there isn’t a limit switch, but depends on current load to stop the motor from running. I don’t know if there is any adjustment available.
  9. rossboyer

    Michelin vs Michelin

    I posted this previously. “ I went to my local dealer which is not in the FMCA Advantage program. The dealer suggested that I use the new Michelin tire, 275/70R22.5 load range J tread X MULTIZ. He checked Michelin warehouse and stated they have many in stock. He gave me a price of $650 w/tax+$35 install with new stems. I tried the FMCA system for the size and this new tire isn’t listed. The email says to call Michelin Customer Service which I did. They confirmed that the warehouse had a great number if this tire. I asked price, but they couldn’t give it to me. I had to call FMCA. So I did and they said to call Michelin, but they gave me a different number 888-532/6435. So I called that number. Michelin wanted the item code which I didn’t have, but they looked it up based on the description above. The item code is 31513. Also, yes the warehouse has a lot of them. They gave me a price of $517.05+$32.51 fet. I would probably need to add 7% for Indiana sales tax of $36.19 to match my dealer. The tire would then be $585.75. If I add $35 for install and new stems, which is a guess, the total would be $620.75. Or about $64.24 less than my local dealer. For six tires I would save $385.50. I would like to support my local dealer, for that amount I can drive to Indianapolis to an Advantage dealer. “ Would this be the tire that Michelin is now recommend for motor home use?
  10. They will not “recover” which means if not close to a road or if down in a ravine, they do not tow it out. Many others have this same limit. New Years eve, my door lock failed, called, stated it would be 75 minutes before the locksmith could be here. At 70 minutes locksmith called. Stated he was at a service station filling up with fuel and it would be another 20 minutes. Took about 15 minutes to get in. No charge to me.
  11. rossboyer

    New to FMCA Forums

    Welcome. Glad you are here.
  12. rossboyer

    Single Phase Electrical in Coaches, Why?

    Try rv electric newsletter written by Mike Sokol. Read back issues. You can get to his web site via rv travel web site also.
  13. rossboyer

    Single Phase Electrical in Coaches, Why?

    We need more information about your motorhome. Is it a 30 amp or 50 amp service? If you are unsure, 30 amp has a 3 prong power plug and 50 amp has 4 prong.
  14. rossboyer

    Residential Refrigerator

    You will frequently need shore power. I have dry camped overnight while on a long trip, but never have we done more than that.
  15. rossboyer

    Newby Again

    We were getting comments from non-members touting how bad FMCA is vs another organization with opinions treated as fact that were totally erroneous. I am very much in favor of non-members not being able to post, but I am also very much in favor of them being able to read the technical information that is much better here than on some other sites.