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  1. Don’t know how long of a trip you are planning, but Arizona, New Mexico, Texas etc will be very hot during the summer. Therefore I would go southern route first and northern route for your return. Just depends on the length of your trip.
  2. Please let us know because the way I stated was the original intent.
  3. I thought only members can post on the forum, but non-members can view.
  4. I just renewed my FMCA Roadside Assistance for another year. Many different companies provide similar plans, but some of those really don’t understand RV’ers. Just remember when you call and don’t get the response you expect or the person talking to doesn’t seem to know what you really need, hang up and call again. Probably, you will get a different person. There are 2,000 different people answering calls like yours. Many are operating from home and don’t have the speedy resources to handle your issue. Also, download the complete FMCA Roadside Assistance contract/policy so that you can read exactly what is covered and what is not.
  5. Per your suggestion I went and looked at the acronym list in General Discussion and didn’t find HP 4X; so, my thought that we need to spell out terms is still valid. And so what is PC? Or post Turtle? And what does any of this have to do with being political? Maybe a change in attitude would stimulate other opinions vs stifling posters.
  6. We don’t need a dictionary to go to to look up terms that members use. Just use the full words. I wish that there was a spelling checker to use before posting. The popup window does help. I can remember numbers, but don’t expect me to spell correctly.
  7. As a curtsy to the new members or those searching for answers, please don’t use acronyms or abbreviations, such as:HP or even H2O. Take the time to spell our your message.
  8. Yes, but it may take a heavy duty sewing machine. The open hem in the bottom will have 6 layers of fabric on the edges.
  9. Actually, I mounted the twist clips with pop rivets. If I would have used screws, I could have cracked the fiberglass. If clip fails, it is easy to drill out and replace.
  10. Have you totally powered down, waited 30 seconds and powered back up?
  11. While vinegar will clean lime/calcium deposits, I don’t think bleach or hydrogen peroxide will clean out those deposits. But they will sanitize the water system.
  12. Yes, empty and flush several times. Take out the bottom plug and flush out as much of the calcium flakes in the bottom as you can. Flush the water out again.
  13. This what we have. They attach with twist clips which I like better than snaps. I had them made by Mana Shade with a large open hem at the bottom. Filled with sand 3/4” PVC pipe and capped both ends. Takes about 5 minutes to put on or put away
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