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  1. For years we had travel trailers and a 5th wheel prior to getting a motor home. We had always had Good Sam but when we purchased our motor home (8-2010) we went with Coach Net Premimum. While we had Good Sam I can only remember of 2 times we needed their service and it was provided. Since we have had Coach Net we have tried to use them twice. Once for a flat tire in 2011. At that time they couldn't understand where we were on a major US route in Florida, even after giving them our GPS coordinates. We were on the roadside for over 3 hours, they said they couldn't find anyone with a matching tire, new or used. Finally a wrecker driver that was going by stopped and after looking at the tire called his office and they had a good used spare at the right size. He went and got the tire and returned mounting and installing it at a very reasonable price. Coach Net was still looking for a tire at this point. It should be noted that we had to call them back several times for updates while we waited, next to impossible to get back the the original rep we were talking with, and they don't call you. Now (5/2014) we were actually on the same road when our tow dolly lost the left wheel, tire, hub and all,just the spindle left. Never did find it either. Anyway, again we got the same treatment from the Coach Net rep. They don't call you back. I had told them the tow dolly had to be towed as it could not be fixed along side the road. The rep said we were not covered to have the tow dolly towed and would not check our membership at our request because I was sure we were covered. We were on the side of the road for 3 hours again and finally we just were about to abandon the tow dolly when a good Samaritan stopped with a flat bed truck. He only lived a few miles from where we do and offered to take the tow dolly on his truck back to the town we live in. I should add that he refused any compensation for his trouble. After we got the tow dolly onto his flat bed truck we left to continue onto our destination. We had went about 50 miles or so when the Coach Net rep calls and said she made a mistake and could send a wrecker to get the tow dolly as we were covered. That was a bit late. I asked for a supervisor to call me and was assured one would. The next day I called Coach Net again (twice) and asked for a supervisor to call me. To date no one has called. It appears they hire people that have no clue as to what is going on out on the road. They don't really want you to call in and they don't call back with updates. There is no excuse letting someone sit along side the road for 3 hours or more. I consider myself to be pretty easy going and not excitable, but this company needs to work on their customer service. Will we stay with Coach Net is still debatable at this time. Good Sam seems to have about the same problems from what I have read. Maybe it is the sign of the times, reps working for minimum wage and just want to get their day over with, I don't know. But when one pays for a service, that service should be prompt and courteous. Like the poster above, are there any other options other than Good Sam or Coach Net that provide a good dependable service?
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