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  1. I have to say I'm a little surprised by the reaction to the increase. Yes, it was a pretty substantial jump, but then compared to what we have invested in RV's and the associated maintenance, upkeep, etc....it's surprising the reaction. Guys with $400K rigs whining about what amounts to $13.25/mo? Seriously? There are complaints like that all over various forums.
  2. Recently had a problem with mine tripping the reset button on the furnace motor and that would kill the thermostat and all control. Had a tech trace it out and found the problem was with a resistance issue because of the location they tapped into for the 12v supply. This supply feeds the thermostat, furnace control and A/C control unit too. The small gauge wire wasn't up to the task and the resistance tripped the switch. The tech ran a dedicated wire from a fuse location on the 12v panel and all is well now. It seems they tapped into whatever wire was easy to get to on both the front and rear units. One came off a roof fan line and the other was a wire feeding four lights. Each has its own circuit now. Take care, Greg 2007 Greyhawk 32SS Super C 2008 Saturn Vue toad
  3. Just curious as to how your purchase decision worked out. I just looked at that same model and we might be moving in that direction. Currently have a Jayco Greyhawk 32SS on a Kodiak chassis and are looking for more room. Would like a big DP, but must face reality and the 378TS sure looks like a nice coach for the money. The one thing it doesn't have that I would like is a king bed. I can probably make that happen, but it would end up being the short king and that's an inch shorter than I am. I've had short beds in coaches forever and would love the full length version Take care, Greg 2007 Greyhawk 32SS "Super" C 2008 Saturn Vue toad
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